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Vera-Fi Audio LLC Snubway Shipment
@ miracle 1980    In case you haven't noticed, everything always starts out peachy with this guy and then the bottom falls out. "...where's my..." threads start to pop up and then the litany of hard luck stories and excuses begin to flow. With Sch... 
Vera-Fi Audio LLC Snubway Shipment
With all the threads that have been opened up recently regarding Verafi and its products I was wondering when someone would finally resurrect Mark "Shape" Schifter's past and re expose it to the light of day. I was sorely tempted myself but decide... 
Preamp suggestions for Atma-Sphere Class D Monoblocks
@  srama    I have owned the A-S MP-1 for 20 years and just got it back from being upgraded to 3.3 status. Ralph finally got me to agree to it after 10 years of subtle persuasion. All this time it has been paired with his M60s. A friend of mine ha... 
Repair of Butler Audio Amp
Ralph @ Atma-sphere has worked on many brands of amps. He's in Minn., BTW. Give him a call if all else fails.  
How Long Should a First Watt SIT3 Last ?
Hi Tony. I don't know if you're still undecided as to whom to let service your Quickies but the first guy I'd call lives and has his business in MSPL. Give Ralph @ Atma-sphere a call. He can and has worked on all kinds of tube amps, regardless of ... 
Looking for a tube preamp that has xlr outputs.
I think a preowned Atma-sphere MP-3 would be just the ticket. And it's truly balanced and adheres to the AES48 standard. No opamps are used to convert between single ended and balanced.  
Digital LP’s
Which is why I will not buy any vinyl with a "D" in the recording chain. It's AAA or nothing. Unless I get fooled somehow and it has happened a few times.  
Mojo Audio - Mystique Y NC DAC
It sounds so much better than....what?  
Gallium Nitride GaN Class D Amplifiers
Atma-sphere are exclusively mono and run about $6000 the pair. The other two vendors offer both stereo and mono as far as I can tell.  
Virtual Systems
Thanks @toro3...a piece of cake.  
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
There is a pair of Avantgarde Duos for sale here right now. $10800 and the dealer claims they are like new.  
Best Covers
The Cures' cover of "Purple Haze". Heavy "stuff" (is that acceptable enough for you, AI Bot?).  
MICHI 8 Amp(s)
@shkong78 109db sensitive AG Trios and Class AB SS 1000 watt Michis. Could there be a more ridiculous counter intuitive pairing?  
Resolving CD Transports Crowd Sourcing
@lalitk    My point in referencing the refurbed CD Pro 2 was that for less than $500 I could buy it and have it replace the current drive in my AA Drive 1 if the original drive were to crap out. Therefore, unless the Aqua smokes the fully function... 
Dream Amps I Could Not Afford 20 Years Ago Now Undesirable
@koh_i_noor   If you're a fan of class D and balanced I'd say Atma-sphere is right up your alley. I don't see how you could go wrong.