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Vintage Berning vs. LTA
That seems difficult to believe as I believe he is a paid consultant to LTA. I am curious to the responses this generates as I too am a Berning fan but the new stuff if beyond my budget.  
Need help picking my first tube amp
Decware- 9 month build time USA Wilsenton & Doge- Chinese, cheap, Excellent reviews  
Feel free to talk me off the ledge
Good news is people love Heresy speakers so they sell quickly. I don't know theTylers but they could be the best bang for the $. Wont resell like the Heresy though. I have heard the BRX and was impressed. Not as coherent as I like. ProAc does ... 
Berkeley CA audiophile is desperate need of help
Bandy, I have an Innuos Streamer and have good luck with the very responsive Innuos team. I realize you tried that. Retailers these days are very understaffed so for a dealer to turn down work on something they don’t carry seems logical to me o... 
50 hours on Monitor Gold 200's enough?
All good thoughts. They are good sounding but not getting to the level I want so the trial is over. Thanks for your inputs!  
International Transit Times
Gotta go via air. Reliable carriers. Fed Ex. Two deliverers last year from Singapore, Both came before promised in 7 days. You the Buyer You make shipping choice or do not buy.  
Fascinated By GR Research Channel
Yes the proof is in the pudding. Or in Wichita Falls Texas.  Most reviewers never open up a speaker to show what is inside. For Harbeth Prices I think we deserve both a peak inside and an analysis of it workings. If you believe in keeping thin... 
To Buy or to DIY, here is my question
Okay time for some replies:   OldSchool- I built a dozen Owens Corning 703 2' x 4' panels 3 years ago. Nearly cried when I heard the improvement. Then again if I take my gear outside to the patio and listen, well I just want to move out there... 
Thinking of taking the plunge.
The world has gone Blue so should you. They resell fast if you decide you need more.    
A Suggestion Regarding Removal Of Posts
People make mistakes and should be allowed to delete their own posts within say the 1st 2-3 days.  
Law of Accelerated Returns
I've made it a point to hear everything I can get to.  Highest was the Wham/Thor/Spectral/dCS system in a dedicated music room. I have to say it was intense. I do not care much about the law only the sound.  More money doesn't hurt the cause o... 
Just Curious, Anyone have any experience with Margules?
Mexico is closer than China. How are the prices?  
To Buy or to DIY, here is my question
How much to build mine?  
To Buy or to DIY, here is my question
A lot of deep thought coming to the surface-Thanks! Some excellent experience sharing as well!! I have some skills and I am lazy by nature. I am communicating with Madisound to get some initial advice.  Jonk- Enjoyed your response. Thanks. M... 
USB not working on Denafrips Hermes DDC
Alvin responds quickly and accurately.