From the article:

  • " Quantum Science Audio Ultra High-End Fuse ($2,844 ea):  My first reaction to hearing about the benefits of changing to these fuses was incredulity, to say the least. Then, when learning the price, I actually laughed out loud and said ”no way, I don’t give a s**t  what they do.” I now have to admit that I have to eat those words. The sonic improvements these fuses make are simply astonishing and that is an understatement. In my system (Behold BPA768 amp & pre-amp), there were immediate and DRAMATIC improvements in every aspect of sound that you can think of, (bass, midrange purity, sweet highs, immense soundstage, etc.) with the result that everything becomes more like the real thing and listening pleasure is increased to a level that continues to amaze.  Are they worth the money? Let’s just say I, and others, have spent far more for an improvement in sound that falls far short of what these things do.  (Ron Cook)"

Will an amp manufacturer honor a warranty with one of them in their product sent back?

I could tolerate "blue" level. Reality is Littlefuse for $2.00.

In this case my own built in biases would make it hard for me to evaluate.
This is definitely a point of diminishing returns.  I don't think any one of us here would likely spend more than $175-225 for a single fuse.  That being said, if you own a Bugatti Veyron, then this could be an option for you!!
^^^ I've read that Tom Cruise's audio system set him back over a million dollars. So for someone like that, $2844.00 is chicken feed.

At that price, why bother protecting your gear and just install an OFC copper bar in lieu of any fuses.

GUARANTEED to sound better than any fuse.
28.50 yes, 2844.00 NO.
My class ds were a whole 1200.00 each at the time.. Still less than ONE fuse..

2 Amps 2400.00
2 Fuses 5688.00

What happens when the fuse is removed all together and a piece of silver wire for 2 dollars is put in its place, I suppose a fuse will out preform that.. Sorry guys it just doesn’t add up or happen.

Yes there is a direction on my WIRE replacement.. NO KIDDING..

The seller is rubbing their hands together all the way to his own private BANK... SUCKERS...

There are no 2844.00 dollar fuses. the same applies to 10-20k cables. ONLY if you pay for it.. NOT ME..

Wait for the next round, at 5K a fuse.. the review will read "Jaw dropping result" "I couldn’t believe my ears".

28.50 vs 2.00 worth of silver wire. I’ll take the silver wire..

This a true case of TOSS the reviewer and his results right out the window.. Every fuse was better.. LOL Funniest thing I’ve ever READ, because I know he didn’t hear 2.5K difference..

A LOT more expensive than pure GOLD.. Go figure..

Time for a brain scan...
Take a 10 cent BUS fuse and put a nice heat shrink label on it for another 5 cents, spend an hour or two making up a nice marketing story then sell them for $750 to some very gullible individual without any science background like a lawyer or a History professor or better yet an audiophile whose lay instinct has visions of grandeur. Nice profit. Heck, if the pharmaceutical industry can get away with it why not some poor shlub like me. Nah, not smart enough.
Quantum Science Audio Ultra High-End Fuse ($2844 ea):
"I could not believe the effect that took place.....I thought any improvement......would be a small one. Boy, was I wrong! These tiny miracles allowed my.....current significant attributes to expand beyond what I thought possible.
"Looks like the Pfizer folks may be writing their ad copy...
It’s the law of diminishing marginal returns. As more and more audiophiles are getting vaccinated against snake oil bites they’re less likely to get bitten.

The peddlers have to therefore financially compensate by ramping up the prices to comical levels hoping for some sucker to bite. Everyone knows there’s one born every minute. It’s just a question of finding them.

The rest of us know that once you get past 10p a fuse there’s not much more happening.

However if you want to live dangerously, and your circuit breaker is up to the job, you can always try to substitute a 13 amp fuse for a 3/5 amp one. [For extra unnecessary risk you could always add a ghost chilli to your next meal].

Alternatively I will generously offer you some hi-tech hand polished 3amp, 5amp, or 13amp fuses for @$100 each. In the colour of your choice.

That will save you a massive $2844.00 dollars you could put towards a real upgrade.

A win win situation. I get your money and you get the satisfaction of basking in a self induced hypnotic suggestion for a few weeks.

By the time it wears off, as it must, I will have some more serpent grease ready for your consumption.

At a fair price of course.

If you are short of funds and prepared to do some work, then perhaps I can recommend some self hypnosis.

Remove any existing fuse and simply place it under a home made pyramid and chant the following 5 times.

’Son-ic en-lighten-ment be upon thee’
Now replace the fuse and prepare for a few weeks of aural delight.

Otherwise I can do the important work for you or sell you a home suggestion DIY kit with some standard fuses enclosed at the reduced price of $49.00 each.
They should bring back the HiFi Tuning Silver Star fuses at the discount prices they sold for when they were phased out. Great fuses that solved all my problems.

All the best,
Was that supposed to be funny? It’s obviously $28.50

dude, it's $28.50 for the base fuse.  Select the option drop-down and see what the price does for each of the different color fuse options!  lol

Ya gotta love the "90-Day Upgrade Program."  Instead of upgrading my amplifiers, I should of just upgraded my fuses.  I never even knew my gear had "bottle neck distortion" so thank goodness there is a remedy.  I like how they put an arrow on each fuse  - "insuring directionality."  Imagine a new career path in the fuse direction-selection department, right next door to the body shop where they choose colors and paint arrows.  I hope $2,844 is enough to cover costs.

I thought I heard/saw it all until I read “bottle neck distortion.”  PT Barnum would be very proud. 
However if you want to live dangerously, and your circuit breaker is up to the job, you can always try to substitute a 13 amp fuse for a 3/5 amp one.

Yeah, we've covered why this idea and also the idea of "soldering a straight wire instead of a fuse" is a completely BAD idea in another thread.  The problem here is putting a 13A fuse in a preamp type device that normally has a 1-2A fuse.  The transformer and power supply may never pull 13A of current even if there is a short somewhere in the circuit.  This means that the device will not necessarily pop the main 15A house circuit breaker and will constantly be a current drain that can heat the device internals to a point where it can cause a fire.  That is the primary reason why fuses/circuit breakers need to be sized carefully.
I had a lot more respect for Clement Perry before it turns out he doesn't even know about directionality.

Probably never noticed the little strip of whatever stuck on the outside. We've got some stuff we could stick on there do the same thing, don't we, Frank? 😉
Check out The Emperor’s New Fuse. It’s comes with a can of compressed Audiophile Air.
If you hate the idea of fuses making a difference, then you can start directing that hate at Yamaha and fill up their in-boxes with bile and bad mouth their products online:
Cut to the 38:08 time setting and listen to what they found out.

This, in no way, justifies the ridiculous price of the aforementioned fuse, but that fuses do make a difference.

All the best,
millercarbon >>>

  • "We've got some stuff we could stick on there do the same thing, don't we, Frank?"
Things are sounding mighty fine over here, MC. With the lights out, sometimes it is downright scary. Amazing what lowering the noise floor can do to an audio system. 

Define too expensive.

Do you have $20,000,000 in the bank, love audio, are bored to death and want to try something new? Then no. People with money have a lot of leeway to buy things that seem frivolous to others.

Do you have a $1,000 system, or even a $10,000 system which you had to struggle to afford? Then yes.
One of my Moab crossovers is out on the table. I am taking a break from wrangling it out of there. Then measure, and back in it goes. The new one will incorporate as much of the "lights out" magic as I can manage. Think your speakers, only inside. 😍😂
@oregonpapa The line between "need" and "want" can get blurred more easily the more disposable money someone has.  😄
"Is $2,844 too much to pay for a fuse?"

If you have to ask for it, it is.

I thought I heard/saw it all until I read “bottle neck distortion.”

Same here.

"Great fuses that solved all my problems."

If there are fuses in my amplifier, they must be great. They never give me any problem.

Why even start a thread on this ridiculous "snake oil"
Unless it’s to bring up talk on more affordable "snake oil" fuser talk

Estate/Car/SR, sales manual, page 34 paragraph 4 subsection 3.
Creating a segue
"how to sell "snake oil" to the gullible, and make them believe it.

Now watch the backlash from the snake oil clan of fuser disciples

Cheers George
See what happens when you bang your head against the wall all the time?
You get posts like these.

And don’t forget the fuser disciples leader, Synergistic Research’s Ted Denney had the 3 threads he started removed, as too 10 of his 13 posts he’s did removed.

"See what happens when you" try to con the gullible, it comes back on you.

Cheers George
Do you mean that Ted Denny? The one you griped and complained about not having the guts to show up here and when he did, you ignored him? That Ted Denny?

All the best,

Didn't have to this time, many times previously I’ve asked him to confirm what you fusers say about AC fuses being directional and other snake oil things.
Not once did he back you fusers, NOT ONCE.

Now he’s had most of his posts deleted and all of his threads he started.
He probably on a very short leash, now.

Synergistic Research’s Ted Denney had all 3 threads he started removed, as too 10 of his 13 posts he did removed.

"See what happens when you" try to con the gullible, it comes back on you on the ****.
Personally I know several guys with $$6 figure audio systems ,not one I know 
will dump $2k on a fuse.  The best upgrade I have found is Hifidelity audio cables 
3D Nano contact enhancer that treats a whole system+  including making any fuses better and I have used on the very good Synergistic 🍊 fuses. Speaking for myself,  I just don’t have $1,000s just to blow .
Post removed 
Didn't have to this time, many times previously I’ve asked him to confirm what you fusers say about AC fuses being directional and other snake oil things. 
Not once did he back you fusers, NOT ONCE. 
No. You didn't, Georgie. Do you think that if you type something here, on A'gon, that it goes to Ted's inbox? Really? 

I brought it up to you that Ted was actively here on a couple of threads and you were busy shouting sh*t on another thread. Ted even showed up on that thread and you did your "quiet as a church mouse" routine. Never once did you address Ted directly. Talk about a paper tiger. 

Now, what about Yamaha and what their engineers found out?

All the best,

George what makes you think Mr Denney's forums were removed by AG?  I'll bet you if they were removed He chose to do it.. Why would they remove, what EVERYONE would want to see and judge for themselves.

Makes no sense to me.. Nothing but pure revenue generating propaganda. Isn't AG based on profit.  It's all FUN and games until it's time to pay the bills.. Snake oil or not... Snake oil will shine boots.. and cars and on and on and on.. Read your horoscope today? :-) there is BIG money in terra card reading, too..

You ever see the Crystal Cathedral. I don't see people worried about other peoples giving there with NOTHING guaranteed, but you gave your money away to a big haired preacher..

SEE that bugs me... NON profit organizations, THIEVES, ALL OF THEM...Lock um all up..

Mr Denney offers a money back deal.. PICK your fights a little better George.. How's that water problem.. Ever get it to go down the toilet the right way yet. :-)
Which way does the water flush at the Equator? Just wondering.. I never noticed...

I'll bet you if they were removed He chose to do it..

You can't remove a thread your self (try it)

You can't remove a post after 30mins (try it)