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Is $2,844 too much to pay for a fuse?
This gang loves to kvetch. 
When did you most enjoy the music?
In the words of BB King, the thrill is gone, but the memories and appreciation are not.  
Is $2,844 too much to pay for a fuse?
Check out The Emperor’s New Fuse. It’s comes with a can of compressed Audiophile Air. 
What is an audiophile? Are you an audiophile?
That group didn’t teach you the secret handshake? 
3 Ingredients to a Healthy Audio Community
As long as flatscreen warriors have no consequences, internet forums of any kind will be like the Wild West. 
When does one know it's time to upgrade?
When you’ve got the itch and the cash it’s time to upgrade  
This forum is antiquated.
Most of the Goners here peaked in the 90’s so the technology is age appropriate  
Cat Scratch Fever?
Where o where is the moderator to cancel this ugly thread? 
Important additions
Mick Taylor the Stones 
Cat Scratch Fever?
Like I suggested previously, these forums need a “ throw down” section. 
The Absurdity of it All
This is a hobby, not a Consumer Reports forum.  
Bluesound Vault & Original CDs
Save your cds for the folks who will buy them in twenty years who will think cds are retro cool. 
What’s your obstacles on the way of listening
Nice weather here and my car hobby kicks in big time. 
Suggestion for Audiogon Forums
To’s in the opinion category, which reminds me to add a special narcissist category for needy types like you😉 
EXTRA! EXTRA!! Millercarbon Proven Wrong!!! Read all about it! EXTRA! EXTRA!!
So much on these forums is deja vu all over again.