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Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
Be aware the Pass amps -- even the Class AB ones -- run warm. The X150.8 is specified as emitting 370W at idle. That is heat going into your room. Tough if you're in a warm climate.  
Power cords: does length matter?
Not unless they are so long that there is voltage drop. That would apply only to high-powered amplifiers and terrible cords.  
Need a 4 way electronic crossover
I suggest you see if any of the Marchand models is suitable.  
I need a extension cord with
Depending on the wall construction of your listening environment, an electrician might be able to give you a quad box or added receptacles for not a ton of money. Maybe an hour or two of labor and minimal parts cost, assuming you use hospital-grad... 
ribbons vs domes and sibilance
...and far too often I’ve read or watched a review of gear that sounded promising only to be disappointed at the end by the disclosure that the product is "somewhat forward". This seems to be a very common refrain, these days. Do most people simp... 
ribbons vs domes and sibilance
A lot, IMO, depends on the implementation. I have used speakers with ribbon tweeters and currently use speakers with electrostatic tweeters and feel that ribbons and electrostats typically have very clean treble, which makes them less prone to exa... 
Power cable suggestions for Pioneer turntable
Save your money. Power cable will not do it. Post the rest of your equipment and a bit about your room if you want people to comment on what might be the issue.  
PayPal, Zele, Venmo - Which is preferred For Selling on Audiogon
Zelle and Venmo may be best for the seller, but as a buyer, I would want the protection provided by PayPal. Through the years, I’ve bought used gear that for the most part has been fine. But one integrated amplifier had a defect the seller refused... 
Heavy speakers: How to be able to reposition?
Use of sliders seconded. Herbie's sells similar threaded glides that may fit your speakers, too.  
Giving Advice without recommending your own equipment
Good point. People (and not just with hi-fi) tend to recommend what they own or use. I had a really bad mechanic and a crooked dentist before I learned to take such advice with a grain of salt. Of course, 4 is the advice that tries to be useful. ... 
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
I will miss AHC. His ears seemed very similar to mine, though his budget was larger. I found his email decades ago and we exchanged brief messages every 10 years or so. His advice was always sterling. A favorite comment by AHC, from one of his r... 
What news in 2023 struck you?
The GAN coverage has caught my eye, though I've not had the opportunity to compare a GAN Class D amp to one made with conventional silicon. As a Roon user, I am a bit concerned about the new ownership (Harmon/Samsung), though it's a far better de... 
It's attention, not money, we should budget
More attention to the music, less to the equipment, is my suggestion.  
Processor ADC rate setting 96K versus 192K?
Try both a few times and see if you hear a difference. If so, pick the one that sounds better to you. Any audible differences between ADC at those rates are more likely due to differences in implementation (circuit quality) than due to intrinsic ... 
Adcom pre amp versus Van Alstine
In my experience, AVA makes great gear with excellent service.