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Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
Another close out of state option is Oregon.  I have dealt with Jeff at Metafi audio in Lake Oswego.  He is a straight ahead guy with some interesting and quality options.  He also gets a good selection of used gear that is often in 9/10 or 10/10 ... 
Non-fatiguing speakers in $10K range?
If you can wait until September for the audio show (Pacific Audio Fest), that would be the best opportunity to listen a variety of spakers in your price range.  I am found of the Gershman offerings and the open baffle designs by Spatial Audio and ... 
seeking advice on iso pucks /stands or similair that won't stain speakers?
I would think that any plastic type barrier could interact with the footer.  Perhaps a piece of inert paper would work better.  
It Happens Every Time I Calibrate
It's a tough one to chase.  I am sensitive to string harshness especially violins.  Sometimes I find a live performance a little on the polite or muted side in regards to the strings and it takes a bit of an aural adjustment.  That being said, I h... 
Power filtering – Furutech or Puritan Audio?
I went from the Furutech ref 15i to the Puritan PMS 156.  Enough said.  
Back to the DAC
The LAiV Dac caught my eye even though it's a Dac from China.  I would just have trouble putting major dollars into a Dac with a technology that seems to change a lot with better products.    
Seeking Bookshelf Recommendations
Hmm, perhaps a used pair of Alta Alyssa speakers (32hz to 47khz +/- 3dB).  
Some thoughts on ASR and the reviews
The only valid measurement tool is you ears.    
Listening position/speaker position
Just another suggestion is that you might want to try the Wilson Audio set up guide.  Just relying on mathmatical calculations may not be the best solution since all your furnishings would affect the sound.  Just trust your ears but your friends a... 
Marantz SA10 sacd player
I had a Marantz 8006 that I purchased in 2017 and was running fine when I sold it in December of 2023.  An independent may be able to repair it, but I don't know why the repair center can't do it.  
quest for speaker upgrade
You have some good ones to choose from.  As mentioned I would first decide on the sound profile you desire.  I will call them more resolving / analytical or something less analytical and "musical" in an acoustic insturement sense.  This is probabl... 
Sagging power plugs in wall outlet, diy
For loose power plugs going into components you wrap the connector with a couple wraps of Teflon tape (plumbers tape).  Just the plastic part.  Problem solved.  
Sagging power plugs in wall outlet, diy
See my pictures in my virtual system for the fix I used.  Upgraded the outlet to the Audioquest NRG Edison 20 (big improvement in grasp).  I also went to a foam store to buy some rigit foam and cut it to size to support the cable.  I also have use... 
Anybody have Experience with Alta Audio Alyssa Speaker
I wonder how the new PS audio FR5 bookshelf speakers will stand up to the competition 3 to 4k.    
I am about to embark on my next upgrade journey
I was going to recommend the Alta Alyssa speakers but they are a 4ohm 87db efficient speaker.  They probably wouldn't require a sub based on their low frequency extension.  Good luck.