Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?

No opera or rap in the three must haves. Sorry.


Notting Hillbillies - Missing and Presumed Having a Good Time

Eva Cassidy - Live at Blues Alley

Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms

Mark Knopfler - Shangra La

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

(oops...never was much good at math...)

The Koln Concert - Keith Jarrett

Blow by Blow - Jeff Beck

Slow Turning - John Hiatt

Beatles - Abbey Road

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds 

Frank Zappa - The Grand Wazoo

Zappa Apostrophe

Janos Starker - Dvorak: Violincello Concerto/Bruch: Kol Nidrei

Anything by RL Burnside






Why would you need suggestions from others as you may not like what I or other people like?   I would make a list of all your favorite music and go from there.  Your question is like asking others what you should eat for breakfast. 

He may have forgotten. I rediscovered one of my favorite albums after 45 years by accident.

Beatles: Rubber Soul… which is really well recorded as well… the reissue.

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue

The Who: Tommy

The soundtrack to "Black Orpheus".

Antonio Carlos Jobim, Luiz Bonfá - Orfeu Negro



Hope  --  Hugh Masekela

Cafe Blue  --  Patricia Barber

Santana  --  Santana

Killing Joke - What’s This For?

The Clash - S/T

Congos - Heart of the Congos

————- see also —————-

Bad Brains - Rock for Light

Ramones - Rocket to Russia

Stooges - Funhouse

Killing Joke - What’s This For?

The Clash - S/T

Congos - Heart of the Congos

————- see also —————-

Bad Brains - Rock for Light

Ramones - Rocket to Russia

Stooges - Funhouse

There is a lot of good suggestions , some of which I would agree with so I'll give you 3 different ones from 3 different genres  ( plus 1 ) .

Jimi Hendrix  "Electric LadyLand " 

Joni Mitchell   " Ladies of the Canyon "

Solti & CSO  Beethoven's 6th symphony " Pastoral "

plus 1

Julie London  " At Home "


If you can stretch the budget, MFSL One-Step Ultradisc are about as good vinyl records get IMHO:

1. Muddy Waters - Folk Singer

2. Eric Clapton - Unplugged

3. Crosby Stills and Nash

This is what Michael Fremer said about the Santana Abraxas MFSL Ultradisc:

"Halfway through this "one step"’s side one I said to myself "This might be the best record I’ve ever heard". I meant by that the technical quality of the record and how much it resembles tape in four critical parameters: the wide dynamics and low bass response, the unlimited dynamic range, the tape-like sense of flow and especially the enormity of the soundstage presentation. More importantly I got a greater appreciation for the music, the musicianship and the showmanship too."

High praise indeed! You can read the full review here:

Roy Harper - Flashes From the Archives of Oblivion 

Leonard Cohen - Live in London

Tom Waits And Crystal Gayle – One From The Heart


"Why would you need suggestions from others as you may not like what I or other people like? "

So you can discover new ideas and expand your pallet.

How about 

Smart Went Crazy "Now We're Even" or The Caribbean "History's First Know it All"?


Jay McShann – The Big Apple Bash

John Haley Sims, Harry Sweets Edison – Just Friends

Count Basie & Dizzy Gillespie – The Gifted Ones

Allman Brothers - Dreams (box set)

Talking Heads- The Name of this Band is Talking Heads

JJ Johnson- Concepts In Blue

Weather Report I Sing the Body Electric

The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street

King Crimson Larks' Tongues in Aspic

Miles Davis Bitches Brew

Captain Beefheart Doc at the Radar Station

Jeff Beck Truth










Frank Zappa Hot Rats

Jefferson Airplane After Bathing at Baxters

Cream Wheels of Fire


The Moody Blues In Search of the Lost Chord

Blue Oyster Cult Secret Treaties 

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti 

Sir John Barbirolli Mahler Symphony 5

Fritz Reiner Bartok Concerto for Orchestra

Wilhelm Furtwangler Bruckner Symphony 9

Scriabin by Sofronitsky...

Josquin Des Prez Missa pange lingua ..

Carlo Gesualdo books of  MaDRIGALS..

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

Many others I have seen listed in this thread.

Steely Dan-Aja

Eagles-The Long Run

Linda Ronstadt-Simple Dreams


(Some EXCELLENT choices listed above!)

Kind of a silly question since any pressing will sound different than another. Hence get ready to spend some big bucks searching for the best sound of any record.

Example, someone mentioned Electric ladyland. The newest 2010 edition remastered by Eddie Kramer himself, a supposedly top pressing,  absolutely sucks. Instead the original naked ladies cover that was outlawed in the UK still rules. 

Point is there is no quick road to owning the best sounding vinyl, it's a journey. The reward is researching for the better versions usually pays off if you can afford it. 


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Tough one, but here goes

Radiohead- OK computer or The Bends

Talking Heads - Remain in Light

Mikes Davis- Bitches Brew

Mezz Mezzrow, Sydney Bechet, Tommy Ladnier, Sydney De Paris - The Panassie Sessions 

Please - 1968-1969

Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea


TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain

Allegri, Mundy, Palestrina, The Tallis Scholars Directed By Peter Phillips – Miserere / Vox Patris Caelestis / Missa Papae Marcelli

Gary Karr, Harmon Lewis – Adagio D'Albinoni

Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht – Three Penny Opera - Original Cast Recording

more than 3.....

BS&T 2

Joni Mitchell - Court and Spark

Gary Moore - Live from London

George Benson - Breezin' - MoFi version

EC - From the Cradle

Love - Forever Changes

David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust

Steely Dan - Gaucho (any of their first 7 albums would be a great choice)

No opera? Good grief. Ok
Jordi Saval Ibn Battuta
Buena Vista Social Club
Agaetis Byrjun

Another one - Norbu.

I always find these kinds of posts interesting as I, like everyone else I'm sure, looks at so many selections and thinks somewhat incredulously, WTF?  How could anyone feel "that" record is a must have? 🤣  

Sounds like you’ve got lots of pop feedback, and lots of people will steer you to the classics like Barber’s Adagio. And modern serious stuff is mostly pretentious garbage, IMO, but there are a few exceptions, and they are sublime.

Modern serious music:

- Hearing Solar Winds, David Hykes and the New Harmonic Choir, Ocora label, number 558 607. Said to be the best classical album of 1981, Four singers each singing a chord (yes, it’s for real) in a medieval stone church. Must have because it’s meditative, original, and unique.

- Sound track for the French movie ’Police’, which just happens to be no more and no less than Gorecki’s Symphony III (of Sorrowful Songs), and the only vinyl rendition. Erato 9275, S. Woytowicz, soprano. A huge harmonious landmark piece of voice, piano, and orchestra. Just don’t look it up to see what it’s all about - you don’t want to know. Really.

- Tabula Rasa composed by Arvo Part (sometimes spelled Paert). Mainly piano and strings, give ’Fratres’ a few minutes until the piano part comes in - although you may prefer the transcription for the 12 cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic. Must have because it’s fascinating, strange, and haunting, the best of modern Baltic music. ECM Records, New Series, ECM 1275.

Good luck!

Ironically my streamer is what turns me on to great music that I want to own on vinyl.   Problem is when I go to buy an LP it's hard to pick just one 

So @stereo5, what should I have for breakfast?  Good ever heard of asking a question to strike up a conversation?  I find threads like this enjoyable and informative -- if you play along you might discover some "new to you" music.


Difficult but fun question, @hbarrel.  Trying to narrow it down to JUST three albums would lead to many nights tossing and turning going over the pros and cons of each finalist.  But, I did my best -- and number one on the list was a no-brainer for me.


1) Pink Floyd -- "Animals"

2) Led Zep -- "IV" (or Zoso as some Led Heads call it)

3) Opeth -- "Damnation"


Honorable Mention:

Dire Straits -- "Love Over Gold" & "Dire Straits"

Porcupine Tree -- "Fear of a Blank Planet" & "Deadwing"

Led Zep -- "Physical Graffiti" 

Pink Floyd -- "Dark Side of the Moon" & "Wish You Were Here"

Dream Theater -- "Images & Words" & "Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory"

King Crimson -- "Red"

Robin Trower -- "Bridge of Sighs"

Rush -- "2112" & "A Farewell To Kings"

Rainbow -- "Rising" & "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll"

Opeth -- "Still Life", "Blackwater Park", "Pale Communion" & "Watershed"


I could type for the next week.....

Spirit  Willie Nelson

Live in London  Leonard Cohen 

John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman 

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust and Low

The Clash - London Calling

The Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Sessions 

Jeff Buckley - Grace

Tom Waits - Blue Valentine

Prince Far I - Message From The King

Television - Marquee Moon.

Van Morrison - Moondance

Everything But The Girl - Eden

Impossible to limit to three ... The joy is in the exploration and discovery of what you like and love.


The Clash - London Calling

All killer no filler album that covers all from rock, rockabilly, pop etc. Great songwriting, diverse but still so coherent.

Talk Talk - Laughing Stock

A workd to get lost in, great recording too.

+1 for Sinatra at the Sands

A genius at its peak. Tight, swinging orchestra.

Double Record's, for the extra Vinyl...

White Album

Waiting for Columbus

Babylon by Bus


Muddy Waters Folk Singer

The Beatles White Album

Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson