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Shouldn’t Do This, but…
Having access to the panel, and changing electrical devices as you see fit are two different things.You have zero rights to do the latter. Contacting the electrical inspector to assert your imaginary right to do electric work in an apartment build... 
Luxman 509x or Simaudio 600iV2 with mágico A3.
I think he meant the Hegel H590.  
Those rare albums that are great on first listen.
Eva Cassidy - Nightbird Counting Crows - August and Everything After  
Ethernet Cables - what are you using and why?
Another vote for DH Labs Reunion.  
Do you live in a rural or smaller area with no Audiophile Support Nearby??
@celtic66  "Audiophile support?  What pray tell is that?" Code for sales staff.  
Have Luxman 509x. Considering Pass Labs INT-250 or Dan D’Agostino Progression Integrated
@denon1 , thanks for the post. As an L-590AX owner, your comments are interesting.  
Dog pissed on speaker
@thecarpathian , the post about not living in a dogs bathroom means train your dog so that it knows better than to piss in your house. For me, people that have pets that are allowed to grow up like a weed are pets I don't want to be around. Not on... 
Handling Heavy Amps
Worst case would be to leave it on the floor until you could arrange to have some help. I wouldn’t let the inconvenience dissuade you.  
How does a preamp die from sitting unused for a few months?
Depends on the storage. Anywhere unheated, or under-heated can be a problem. Things can draw moisture, which leads to corrosion.  
Intermittent audio dropouts when streaming Qobuz Hi Res files on Lumin streamer
I had problems with my Lumin T2 streamer until I changed internet providers and stepped up about 100x in speed. Went from about 3mbs to 300mbs, all my problems disappeared. This was with Tidal.  
for Technics SU-R1000 owners....unit already discontinued? where to service?
Me, too, it can devolve pretty quickly. Take care.  
for Technics SU-R1000 owners....unit already discontinued? where to service?
gkelly, do you believe your comments about a MAGA rally are any different? Or your characterization of the poster as "living under a rock"? Your post is no different than czarivey's, it's just the flip-side of the coin.  
Luxman leaves me wanting
That 590 has 30 wpc in Class A, and about 65 more in AB, into 8 ohms. I can't offer much advice, maybe borrow or try some different cables, to start. I have the Luxman L-590AX, which is the version prior to yours. None of the issues you mention ... 
Best Covers
Adam Levine's cover of The Way You Look Tonight.    
Best Covers
Steve'n'Seagulls cover of Thunderstruck