Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?

I want to upgrade my digital side … (currently Bluesound Vault 2i feeding the DAC of Oppo 105) … plan to spend around $2k … since I’ve ripped all my CDs to the Vault, thinking of spending it all on a DAC, and retire/sell the Oppo while it still has some value. I do have a few older CDPs I could retain as backup, but not sure why I would ever need.

Alternatively, was considering a better combined CDP/DAC like a newer Marantz or Yamaha … upgrades DAC performance some, and a reliable spinner for quite a few more years … but I have very few SACDs, so feeling like this would be the tail wagging the dog.

In what direction have you been migrating?
I like to have shelves full of LPs and CDs! It gives me pride of ownership and looks impressive! Something that can't be said about a hard-drive! And when your HD crashes what are you going to do then? 
I ditched my CD player.

You should consider a better DAC

My Linn Genki CD player was replaced with an Innuos Server and a Line Magnetic LM 32 DAC. The LM DAC was much better than the DAC in the Innuos Mini, and is likely better than the DAC in your Bluesound
I'm perfectly happy with my Mojo Audio DAC and SimAudio CD transport, they aren’t going anywhere. My head spins every time I read about what folks go through to get top notch streaming sq, from segregating certain equipment in a different room, to multiple components and cables in between before you eventually get to the DAC. Glad that "the process" works for them, it’s just not for me. The one downside for me to not streaming is that there are some artists that only provide there music via a service.

Restore from the two backups 😁

But yeah, I’ve been a physical media hoarder too, and still buying. I’ll at least hang onto one of my lesser players to use as transport if ever needed (Oppo BDP-83 and/or Alex Peychev (APL) modded Pioneer DV563A
No sir. I still love the physical media, reading the liner notes, and having the BIG collection to choose from. Perhaps upgrading the player! NOW were talking.
I would keep one SACD/CD player active in the system, remember to use it occasionally to keep it’s lubrication/moving parts from becoming problematic from disuse.

I did LP’s exclusively for over a year, then I bought an Oppo 105, and re-discovered many great CDs.

Compared prior player to Oppo. It too sounded amazing. Kept it, prefer it’s smaller size, features and remote, sold the Oppo. I don’t stream.

I realized, the CD’s sound amazing, better than ever, because of all the other improvements I made:

new power filtering
new 6 nines copper: speaker connectors/silver solder; speaker cables; spades; interconnects with locking rca connectors
new 16 ohm L-pads in speakers (replacing incorrect 8 ohm pots).
re-coned 15" woofer
new gold rca inputs for vintage preamp

Any CD Player you keep will get the benefit of any future improvements.

I buy LP versions of favorite amazing music, they most often beat the CD, but I’d rather buy ’new to me’ music than churn LP version for CD version.

did I forget to mention, I have a heck of a lot of CDs.

@jperry using the DAC in the Oppo, not the bluesound, and/but wanting to upgrade that too. Eyeing the Audio-Gd R8MkII R2R DAC. It’s that OR if the DAC in a new Marantz or Yamaha CDP is enough improvement. Think that’s doubtful.
My Moon transport + Aqua DAC combo sounds great to me.

I have no desire to spend the time ripping cds.

I like physical media. 

I've read many posts by people saying how much better purely digital playback sounds only to discover their "benchmark" for physical media SQ is an Oppo or something similar.  

I already have enough screens/menus to navigate in my life, thank you-- 
I have 0 interest in adding more. 

Get my drift?  

I apologize for my uneccessary snarkiness re: the Oppo.

My experience with them has been underwhelming. 

However, if it sounds good to you in your system. that's all that matters.

plan to spend around $2k … since I’ve ripped all my CDs to the Vault, thinking of spending it all on a DAC
Excellent idea.  Ditch the spinner/buggy whip.  There are a bunch of great DACs in the $2k range that’ll dramatically improve your overall sound quality from the likes of Denafrips, Soekris, Gustard, Audio gd, Musician, etc.  Best of luck. 

I got a fine transport in case I get motivated enough to play a CD.
Otherwise ripped is plenty good enough for the convenience.
Get a better DAC, you will be surprised.
If you are renting your music from Qubuz, etc @ $20 mo.(for now) then streaming MAY be the better route with a good dac. However, IME playing your own music from a HD is ripe with problem usually due to network and software issues.
I have 200mbps internet connection, top tier router, 3 Ter. HD with at least 1 Ter, of FLAC & WAV files, & new computer. I bought my 1st com,puter in 1991 and my 1st stereo 50 yrs ago. Still, I've had nothing but trouble.. So a $2K streamer/Dac has sat idle for 2 mos. due to frustration.
Thankfully I have a Theta Miles CDP which sounds excellent. Plus vinyl. I'm ready to try some more software for the streamer soon. 

If you are renting your music from Qubuz, etc @ $20 mo.(for now) then streaming MAY be the better route with a good dac ...
In the US, I'm paying just $12.49 month with a one-year deal. Otherwise, it's $14.99/monthly if all you want is streaming.
I have ripped my >600 CDs to my music server (Small Green Computer), and my Rega Apollo II CD player sits idle most of the time. It's a great player for the money, and will remain in the rack as a backup in case the server goes down, and to play new CDs I get before I rip them.
Thanks @cleeds 
I assume this is HD FLAC streaming?
Still I have plenty of music on the HD. I'll get the streamer working but its frustrated me to the point that I had to walk away for a while.
I copied all of my Cd's (6000+), Hi-Rez SACD's DVD-A's to my hard drive. Today, I play those files and others from Qobuz through my Lumin X1.

The only spinner left is my Oppo 205.

Thanks @cleeds 
I assume this is HD FLAC streaming?
Yes, it works out to $12.49/month if you choose to pay annually. ($149.95), @artemus_5 . I'm in the US. Details here.
Facten you are misinformed all you need is a good roon core and an endpoint

If you have a server designed to minimize noise that server can function as a core and endpoint

Therfore all you need is a good switch a high end usb and ethernet cable and our server

Our 432evohttps://432evo.be/

has beaten all the usual suspects bluesound innous lumin and roon we sell most of those and the difference is audibile a better server creates a more analog like presentation with a more engaging sound with a biger sound stage

Check them out

Dave and Troy
Okay according to you I'm misinformed; you never respond to a thread without hawking something you sell
I ripped all my CD's to a Bluesound Vault and never use my CD player now. I have several backups just in case and run it through an outboard DAC now, which did improve the sound. I have once in a while though about buying a newer CD player, but can't seem to find a good reason. And now I don't have shelves filled with CD's. More room for books....
@deadhead1000 exactly what I am doing now and planning, although still have the CDs and probably have a harder time parting with them (though I should). For all practical purposes the Vault IS the CDP, and don’t think an upper level CDP’s DAC will be as good as ripped and fed back to a stand-alone DAC at same price point.
We dinosaurs find it hard to break old habits 😁

2748 CD’s ripped to the Naim Unitiserve. NAS drives with mirrored raid and a backup to another NAS…. Aesthetix Pandora Signature DAC…

i have nice cd players gathering dust…
Not me. I'll play my CDs until my player dies and just get another one. Back ups always go bad which is why you need to copy and backup even more. It's a never ending process.

Every day I read of how sound improvements pop up with better this and tbetter hat for all the boxes and cabling needed. Instead of simplify, it's more complicated way to do it with so many variables to go wrong.

I don't mind handling CDs. I don't get why people do mind. If you're not handling a CD, you're handling some app instead on your phone or tablet. Never wanted to be a DJ and scroll thru tons of songs I'll never listen to just to say "look how much I have stored but never listen to".

By the time you're all set and ready to go, along comes a better way to do it but it'll cost you even more and require better cabling or some new software or app. And in the end, lots of pro reviewers talk of how their CD always sound better than their streaming set ups.

I'll take their word for it and save myself the hassle.

All the best,
i think you are confusing serving a ripped ( bit perfect ) cd without error correction.. to streaming…

not the same

the boxes of CDs in the garage are…….just another physical backup….

What can I say? I like to wander over to my CD/SACD rack and ponder what I might want to listen to. The same goes with my LP shelves & boxes of singles. I just find it easier to stroll through physical media than to squint at a website.  By the same token, though, maybe I'll bite the proverbial bullet and cruise Qobuz or Primephonic for something I've never heard before. How 'bout a new performance of a Mozart Symphony, an oddball outtake of an old REM tune, or something mentioned in a record review?
maybe I'll bite the proverbial bullet and cruise Qobuz or Primephonic for something I've never heard before.
Finding new music, a lot of which I’d never have found otherwise, is the best thing about streaming IME.  In fact, I find myself listening more to new music than my own stuff, and frankly I’m enjoying and have more fun listening to music than ever before.  Beats the crap outta wandering over to my CD rack for more of the same old stuff, but that’s me. 

@edcyn +1

The physical media is nice, often, in settling me into a continual experience. It helps one "commit" more often to an extended listen with an album or artist.

The streaming is a discovery tool like no other; a cornucopia of newness. 

I opt for BOTH and think I'll stay with the CDs for a while but would not give up the streaming.
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I did just that ripped all my CDs to the Bluesound Vault and gave away my CDs I'm using Ayre Codex Dac upgraded the Bluesound to Aurended N10 and will upgrade my Dac to Aesthtix Pandora I think with the Pandora I will surpass my analog setup 
you don't have to worry about the drive crashing because you back it up on another drive

Enjoy the Music
The PS Audio memory player keeps my silver discs relevant as they sound better than the streaming versions (at 16/44) or ripped versions. Great player!
I like CDs, but to me, the whole streaming thing seems like a hobby unto itself. Servers, streamers, endpoints, switches. I think if that’s what you like, have at it. It’s something else to do to keep busy. But it doesn’t intrigue me personally.
@chayro   Would you say the same regarding the pursuit of analog? I. E. "It's something else to do to keep busy"?

 the whole streaming thing seems like a hobby unto itself. Servers, streamers, endpoints, switches. I think if that’s what you like, have at it. It’s something else to do to keep busy.

I would never give up any of my disc spinners because i have a vintage system and streamers do not sound good enough on vintage speakers, disc  spinners are the only way to go when you have the speakers capable of playing what is on the disc.
I have a ridiculous number of CDs. One of my few addictions, My CDP is a work of art. It also has a built-in pre-amp.
@david_ten - funny you should say that because as I was writing I was thinking that exact thing. People who never experienced analog probably think that the vinyl thing is a separate hobby unto itself. Look - everything we do is far beyond what the average person does in bringing music into their home. If they do it at all. And all of us take it to the degree we find interesting. I have a very nice analog setup, but I could never spend 30 minutes cleaning a record on a Kirmuss, but some people live for it. Enjoy yourself how you like while you can.
Streaming is great to find new music. I reward those artists I discover by purchasing their CD and truly enjoying on my Oppo 205. I only listen seriously to music when the mood strikes me and only the Oppo can satisfy me.
I have a huge collection of vinyl & discs and just keep spinning them. I'm old (too :-)) & just haven't had the desire to dig into the streamer &/or hard drive rabbit hole (yet).  
This is an interesting discussion…I have been focusing on my vinyl collection and had planned on completely ditching my CD collection and rely on a streaming solution…then I had a conversation with someone about how much they enjoy their SACD recordings and I had the opportunity to acquire a Modwright modified Sony SACD player. The player arrived a couple of weeks ago and I am stunned by the sound quality. I have reversed my stance completely (in fact I have ordered about a half dozen SACDs this week) and have been playing CD after CD. 
As others have said, I really do like the physical media and the liner notes and, maybe, a bit of the nostalgia as I harken back to when I got into higher end audio as the CD was making its emergence. For me, the CDP is here to stay.
I just got the new SACD of Dark Side of the Moon today in the mail. Can't wait to see how it stacks up to the other various versions I have of this album.

Digital to me is just another method of getting what I really want more of...music.
Not falling for a server nor streamer, thus, losing ownership of the physical product. Beware of the Smoke-Screen.

Happy Listening!
Personally I like cd/ sacds better. Streaming isn’t there yet imho. Plus I just like the equipment and collected music! Everyone has their preference! Happy listening!😎🎶
I'm still staying with CDs cuz I think they sound better than streaming and I have an esoteric P10 transport with a Wyred for sound 10th anniversary dac.
I have an esoteric P10 transport and a Wyred for sound. Extremely analog sounding never going to give up CDs much better than streaming.
I’ve got 2 Marantz sacd 30n’s that can also be used for streaming that I purchased within the last year. I love having physical media and have collected a lot of cds over the years. Before that, it was cassettes and before that was vinyl. The cds have survived my youth and subsequent moves much better than either (though I am discovering the joys of vinyl again).
Who, knows perhaps I’ll refurbish my old Nakamichi cr-2a and revisit cassettes? My old Nakamichi om-s1 is still kicking, though the new Marantz units sound much better to me.
I realize that there are superior options for streaming and the convenience of having a digital juke box has its appeal.
Though I’m too set I’m my ways and quite satisfied with my gear.

I like the streaming aspect of the sacd 30n best for sampling new music before making a purchase.


troutki5040, please let us know how it sounds.
I've got the 1st pressing, 2 different mofi LPs and a mofi CD, so I tried to resist buying the new DSOTM SACD.... but I'm sure I only succeeded in putting it off for a day or two.
Many are migrating to all digital streaming and hard drive, and there is no doubt a good DAC can extract a lot of detail and make a great system. But the problem I see is that, because everything is at hand, your listening changes too and you just jump around rather than listening to a CD/LP that often the artist put a ton of time into to create a musical arc. It’s instant gratification time. So I still prefer to keep my CDs and Vinyl as physical music I put on and play through. 
So, like some other posts have mentioned I’d keep both the ‘shiny spinner’ and digital hard drive. Like you too I have a few SACDs but given there all but one playable as CDs too, opting for a new SACD is probably not the ‘best’ option. So it all comes down how you listen and interact with your music collection, but I’d buy the DAC and see how it all sounds before ditching anything!

I have ripped more than 1100 CDs with my Cocktailaudio X45Pro.  Just stick the CD into the slot and it rip's away to the HD.  The X45 automatically downloads meta data from web.  I have ripped to FLAC with no issues.  Occasionally the X45 finds the wrong meta data.  This can be easily corrected manually from several sources on the web.

I no longer use a preamp.  The X45 has all the features needed included digital balance, a feature that I find useful.  I just connect it to my Classe amp with balanced cables and my audiophile friends are amazed.