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If Steely Dan had a different vocalist
I've binged on Steely Dan and Donald Fagan's solo efforts since the early 70's. Dunno how I missed out on Monkey House! Thanks for the "heads up"!  
Qobuz Connect working Beta demonstration....yay!
Now we wait for streamer support. Years ago when I had Spotify, Spotify Connect worked great. When I moved to Tidal I found that Tidal Connect to be pretty bad. It would glitch out at least once a week forcing me to remove and reinstall the app.... 
What was the most expensive record that you ever bought ?
I paid $110 for this Japanese, Steely Dan compilation. It was in much worse condition than I was expecting. Like the cover art and the obie, but the scratches and popsake this purchase quite meh for me. Steely Dan Japanese Compilation    
Digital LP’s
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All Hail the meek --yet mighty – NODE 2i
I've been using a 2i for 4 years now. I'd been running it with an external DAC and was quite pleased. Last fall I got a open box N130 for under $200. I haven't tried a different PS yet, but I did a an audio quest power cable to the mix. The N13... 
Accuphase or Leben for heavy metal
What speakers do you intend to drive?  
Guess who has new speakers in their lab?
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The Absolute Sound posts a video about a new product development from Magnepan, but...
After seeing the video that OP posted and reading the PDF that I posted a link for, I was under the impression that the "X" upgrade kit would not be terribly expensive.  Therefore this description from Magnapan's site caught me by surprise. $400... 
The Absolute Sound posts a video about a new product development from Magnepan, but...
In case you haven't seen the Magnepan "X" series "premium" option or upgrades, here's a link: X Upgrades  
sending signal wireless from Mac to DAC- whats the best way ?
Pick up a used node 2i. You can pick them up for 200 to $250. A Node 3 can be found for ~$100 more. You can airplay to them and connect to your DAC via coax. While your at it, you can stream Internet radio for free and get trial versions of Tid... 
A listening test of two power amps
Much a do about nothing IMHO...sorry. What an incredible amount of trouble to go to to make a comparison between two amplifiers that does not necessarily align with real world sq and whether or not one sounds better to the listener or not.    
The time mentioned would have been a midnight..Central time. I just got around to checking at 1:20 AM, and Qobuz is running just fine. Outage must have been short-lived.  
Differences in YouTube, Spotify, etc.
Started out with Spotify... Lower res was OK in car or on a Bluetooth speaker, but the low music quality grated on my ears when listening on my stereo. Tidal was OK, in spite of lossy MQA garbage. For me, Tidal connect was erratic and forced me t... 
A quick question on what streamers to consider.......
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Qobuz Issues?
Uptime reported a 31 minute outage today. Uptime report - Feb 8