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Room acoustics basics
I called GIK Acoustics for help but  they are selling their products  Couldn't believe how much it help the sound from a big ball of sound to an amazing soundstage with such focus and bass control  you can check out my room pics in systems  
Have you asked yourself this question?
I have been thinking about it because my digital has surpassed my analog  Analog set-up: Clearaudio performance DC table w/ clarify arm AMG cart Musical Surroundings Nova  2 phono and 250+ records  Digital set-up: Aurender N10  PS Audio Mk2 DAC... 
Is Aurender N10 still a good option
Started with Bluesound Vault and Ayre Codex to Aurender N10 with the Codex What a great upgrade the N10 is  now my DAC is PS Audio DAC Mk2  Its not just the DAC its the streamer too  My system is sounding amazing now  Enjoy the Music  
Compatibility with Blusound Vault backup
Changed from the Vault to Aurender N10 move my backup hard drive works fine   
Synergistic element copper good for power amp?
I have an Audioquest Thunder power cable the best improvement in sound was with the DAC and steamer  
CODA amp No.8, Bryston 4B3, or Ayre VX-5 Twenty
  if I didn't have Aesthetix I would have Ayre some of the best sounding solid state  
Room Acoustics
I work with Mike Major from GIK he was great sent him photos of my room told him the problems I had with gave him my budget The room sounds amazing now and it was under budget I post photos in systems its funny sidog 1460 that we both started di... 
Calling all Audiophiles
 Thanks for the cable info but I was just looking if any audiophile lived near me  I guess I live in nowhere land  
Room Acoustics
I have cable lifts and changing cables is not going to do anything to the echo of a 20 foot ceiling and the panels were less then $1000   
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
My keepers are Vandersteen Quatros have them in my new place and sound great here too  I think they are keepers for a lot of Vandersteen owner with any model because you can only find a few for sale   
Advice on Speaker upgrade vs System Component Upgrade
You will get your big upgrade in sound by changing your speakers so  my recommendation is Vandersteen Quatros and here's why your room size  Quatros can be tuned to your room place them for the best image and tune for the bass  just a great sou... 
How good is Aesthetix audio?
I have been hang out at Audio Connection a long time listen to more gear then the average bear but alway go back to Aesthetix  I have Aesthetix Atlas and Pallene in my system and enjoy them all the time Fine a dealer and listen for your self   
I have record racks by Boltz well made and expandable   
Ever Damage A Stylus Using Cleaning Brush?
Snap off the cantilever on my Clearaudio Talisman  putting on the outer record     weight   
Luxman 509x white vs blue meters
What no RED