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SET Lovers, what's the one solid state amp you love(d)?
I have Zu Def 4s. My preferred amp is a 300b SET. Although I have not tried many solid state amps, I rather like the Bakoon AMP-12R.   
Warm, Lush Laid-Back Smaller Floor Standers?
I would look for a speaker that is very efficient. My listening space is about half the volume of the that of the OP. I have Zu Def 4s at one end. They are paired with a 300b SET amplifier and nicely fill the entire volume with sound. But they are... 
Harbeth 40.3's. Should I buy them?
I am partial to efficient full range speakers that do not have to be pulled away from the rear wall into the room. My listening tastes are similar to yours although my space is much larger. Currently, I have Zu Def 4s. I also like Living Voice, Au... 
Female vocalist recommendations
Na Youn-sun    
Female vocalist recommendations
Caesaria Evora    
Full range speakers, 40"-44" max height
Audio Note. Living Voice. Volti Razz.  
Female vocalist recommendations
Youn Sun Nah. Check out 'Voyage' and 'Lento.'  
Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?
My nephew and I share and swap new music all the time. Conversely, I rarely add new recordings of "old" music to my library.  
Floorstanding speaker advice needed for long room
Audio Note speakers are designed to be placed against the rear wall. There are others as well.  
Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...
Eva Cassidy Cesaria Evora Sara Tavares Youn Sun Nah Holly Cole  
Speakers need to be placed close to back wall. Help
Any Audio Note speaker. They are designed to be close to the wall behind them.  
Recommendation all-rounded speaker (small room)
I would suggest a couple of vintage speakers: Spica TC50 or Celestial SL700.  
Any tubes currently manufactured in the US, Japan or Germany?
Sophia Electric are made in China KR and EAT are made in the Czech Republic WE are made in the US Takatsuki are made in Japan Elrog are made in Germany  
Please Recommend Highly Efficient Floor Standing Non-Horn Speaker Suggestions
+1 Zu. I have has Zu Def 4s for many years. I drive them with an 300b SET amp.  
This 60 Hz hum is driving me crazy
I have Zu Def 4s with built-in powered subs. One of them started to buzz. I bought a relatively inexpensive hospital grade isolation transformer made by Tripp Lite. No buzz. Obviously YMMV.