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Class d noise rejection
No, really trying to understand the topology, so brand is irrelevant. As stated, a totally not normal situation that just wanted input from someone far more familiar with the technology.  
Class d noise rejection
To the moderator, please remove this thread. I’m not conveying what I was looking for properly and this is going to cause an irrelevant discussion   
Class d noise rejection
That’s not what I was after! I’ll delete question  
Crutchfield Customer Service
Been dealing with Crutchfield since the beginning! Always on point always most helpful! Very impressive that they are still going strong and have remained committed to their roots! Crutchfield rocks!  
Do you build anything for your high fidelity system? If so, what do you make?
We bought a house on the lake that needed a lot of attention. With that in mind I rebuilt the entire house. Almost 6 inches of closed cell spray foam in the floors. Closed cell foam in the exterior walls. Open cell foam in the attic and layer acou... 
Can a Amp be "timeless" and compete with todays amps?
I always thought that the VAC Renaissance 70/70 was just a bad ass looking amp! VAC is outstanding equipment! Personally I would go for the upgrades and enjoy absolutely timeless equipment! Always lusted over that line! Also talked with the presid... 
Warning for Revel lovers
I personally auditioned Mark Levinson equipment. I absolutely will not touch their new equipment for the same reason that you canceled your Revel speakers for. That Harman group aka Samsung ruins everything they touch. As an authorized servicer fo... 
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
No it doesn’t need a dedicated line, but I did rewire my entire house and the 20 amp line that it is on really does not have much else on it. 😎🎶  
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
I am running a McIntosh c53 preamp, mc452 amp NAD c658 streamer McIntosh mct500 sacd and KEF Blade speakers. The sound is absolutely amazing. The wet blanket analogy is just not right. This system is very musical and very non fatiguing. I have lis... 
Mark Levinson & Others
I was considering Mark Levinson myself as my dealer was just raving about them. I auditioned the 5000 series equipment. I didn’t audition the 500 series. I use to service consumer electronics. IMHO the new Mark Levinson equipment is completely ove... 
Mark Levinson 5000 series vs 500 series
Thank you for the information. Most helpful! Regards Greg858   
KEF Blade Two - Unbelieveable
I started with the blade two. I loved them. There was a blemish in the finish, so I upgraded to the blades. I’m driving them with a McIntosh mc452 and c53 preamp. These speakers just floor me every time that I listen to them. They are in a relativ... 
Best kept secret in AC line filtering conditioning
I have an AQ Niagara. I don’t have any unwanted hums or noise. However, I am getting a 2.2kw double conversion lithium ion ups as we get a lot of power interruptions in central Florida, and the Niagara doesn’t have that capability. 😎 
Sonus Faber vs Wilson
There’s always going to be something bigger and badder than what you have! It comes to a point of being happy with what you have put together and not keep getting caught up in all of the hype and what everyone else thinks! You have a beautiful set... 
Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?
Personally I like cd/ sacds better. Streaming isn’t there yet imho. Plus I just like the equipment and collected music! Everyone has their preference! Happy listening!😎🎶