Solar Eclipse Music

So what is your best pic for Solar Eclipse Music?? 

So many good choices I'm sure.  I will lead with Alan Parsons Eye in the Sky.



I second larryi Pink Floyd (that is a classic) but will add Manfred Mann’s Earth Band "Solar Fire"


"There Goes the Sun," the track overshadowed by the more popular "Here Comes the Sun."

A masterpiece evoking the life and death of Aknaten... Philip Glass genius in this opera is unforgettable ...

The monotheism creator before Moses who use the Sun as the body of the only God ...

After reading the life of the reincarnated Priestess of Isis, Omm Seti ,( Dorothy Eady in his english life ) the lover of Pharaoh Seti who was executed because she throw his virginity for the love of Seti , she hated in the past and hates today Akhnaten because he throw off all other gods temple as well as Isis cult and closed them ...If you want to read the best love story ever written about the most self made self taught astonishing Egyptologist , Dorothy Eady or Omm Seti , a legend among egyptologists, going back after more than 2000 thousand years to his past service as priestress of Isis in Seti temple in the same temple for 40 years and discovering undisclosed unknown parts by his own vivid souvenir and unforgettable memory , read this astonishing book :

The Search for Omm Sety, Jonathan Cott in collaboration with Dr. Hanny El Zeini

From Wikipedia :

«Egyptologists who knew Omm Sety were impressed by her knowledge of ancient Egypt.[7] Klaus Baer of the Oriental Institute commented that "she had visions and worshipped the ancient Egyptian gods. But she understood the methods and standards of scholarship, which is usually not the case with nuts",... »

And you will learn how reincarnation is a fact not a theory ... 😁

A movie about this life as an english child of few years old refusing the Bible account about Egypt, learning herself hieroglyphs in the British Museum , refusing any other identity already as a child that Isis priestess , making love each night again with Seti , writing his love messages from the spiritual realms ...Remembering where was the trees and the water under the sand and stones , going back barefoot for 40 years as priestess, receiving tourists in a spiritual respect for ancient gods is astonishing feat nobody can fake ...She even treat the poors villagers around the temple as done by the Isis priestess using the same remedy ... Astonishing lady ...


Philip glass piece is mesmerizing...

And if you want to test your bass impact system room go for it ... 😉


Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden.

It’s weird that after posting the one above, every other video I try to cut ’n paste from YouTube no longer takes.

All the best,

It's such a primal thing to experience, it's all you can do to take it all it but know you'll miss Something.....

Heading out to S/E MO tomorrow....meeting with a cousin, her spouse, and their son on the centerline...

One thing I read was an effect to watch for, when the shadow moves N/E from our IK mph.....+/-.....can't rush the moon, only spank 'stroids..... ;)

I'll report back what comes to mind.....

<<"There Goes the Sun," the track overshadowed by the more popular "Here Comes the Sun.">>


@bojack if you're talking about the Pernice Brothers song, that's a great tune!


"...please don't take my sunshine away."

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“Serpentine Fire”

Earth, Wind & Fire

””Also Sprach Zarathustra”

Richard Strauss

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The song I did play today is nonoise’s suggestion-“Black Hole Sun.”  

When Pink Floyd first performed Dark Side of the Moon when touring in Spring of '73, they had to rename it as 'Eclipse: A Piece for Assorted Lunatics" as there was some legal issue with "Dark Side of the Moon" that had to be ironed out.

Paint It Black/Rolling Stones

"I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky"


We drove to Del Rio, TX to view the eclipse and stayed at the $529 Ramada which was the cheapest motel room we could find, lol.  For that price we received a goodie bag with Starburst, Milky Way, Moon Pie, Sun Chips, and other such celestial-themed junk food.  During the eclipse the motel played Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd and Moonshadow by Cat Stevens.  A once-in-a-lifetime event.