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What gear do you want to demo?
@jond ​An original Kondo Ongaku is something I'd love to hear. No you wouldn't. I've owned 3 and while they are a bit bloated in the lower registers ....are not accurate and are very warm and earthy sounding. Not my cup of coffee. (Dealer disc... 
Furutech 's Project V1 Power Cord.....question.
Yes I use 2 in my system. One feeding my S.I.N. conditioner to wall the other for my Bricasti M25 amp. Love them and yes a bit pricey. (Dealer disclaimer)  
Solar Eclipse Music
Ain't No Sunshine. Bill Withers  
Quite a few Bricasti M21 DACs for sale cheap
@tvad Had this been offered when I updated my M1 SE to M1 Series 2 a year ago, then I would have done it. Bricasti had been working on the dual ports for awhile, I beleive I was one of the very 1st to have it completed, this happened in mid Feb... 
Quite a few Bricasti M21 DACs for sale cheap
@tvad I have the M12 not a M21. Not customized just wanted to have BOTH a LAN & IS2 port available so I can switch back and forth between streaming and the M19. We also had another unit updated for a good customer here as well.   
Quite a few Bricasti M21 DACs for sale cheap
Having both i2S and LAN inputs is not standard spec Going forward I believe this will be "standard" having both the LAN & IS2 connections. I brought my own M12 to the Bricasti factory and had the back panel machined to add the IS2 port hole... 
Quite a few Bricasti M21 DACs for sale cheap
I see 2 FS on Agon and 2 FS on USAM none of them are the latest versions that have both the LAN connection & IS2 connection. I feel it's their best DAC. I use their M12 b/c I listen to 80% vinyl and the M12 has one analog input. (Dealer discl... 
List of most high end analog active crossovers ever made.
CS Port ACN400  
Bricasti Model 1 Series II DAC
Had my Bricasti M12 updated to add the IS2 port in addition to the standard Ethernet port. Can see it here: (Dealer disclaimer)    
My High End Audio Gear As A Long Term Investment!!!
My system is my kids inheritance! I've worked hard over the years now will enjoy my life & most important my friends.  
Does a record player make that much of a difference??
@tomic601 I’ve been using a 4point11" & Safir tonearms without the finger lift and yes it sounds better. A bit nerve racking but worth it IMO. Please explain what you hear with the shrink wrapping on the lift vs no shrink wrapping?  
Do you think driver “break in” is real?
Yes especially large woofers but even crossover parts & wiring at least in my own experience.  
CD Transport
@leog2015 yes it's not there yet but we are also a Bricasti dealer and if you would like more info please PM us. We are located 30 minutes from the Bricasti factory. Steve (Dealer disclaimer)  
Bricasti Model 1 Series II DAC
@docroasty have not had the Benchmark in my own listening studio but have heard it several times. It's a fine DAC maybe a bit on the clinical side and not having the transparency of the Bricasti.. Again without having it in a known system it's har... 
Bricasti Model 1 Series II DAC
@docroasty we have the latest M3 and would be glad to ship it out, just pay for shipping. This way you can understand  the Bricasti sound. You might even love the M3. Let me know if this will work? Steve  (Dealer disclaimer)