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Solar Eclipse Music
Total Eclipse of the Sun  
This weekend, Feb. 16-18th - 2024 Florida International Audio Expo
Will there be any CD, SACD, LP sellers there? If so where will they be stationed?  
Upgrading from a VPI Aries 1- is it worth it?
I am an owner of a VPI Aries Series 1 table and have made numerous "mods"/"upgrades" to it over the years. New belt, VPI reference 40 feet, VPI SS clamp, SME arm with SME internal wiring and tonearm cable. Was going to sell it but talked to the VP... 
Humminguru record cleaner
I just bought one and have not used it yet. Have a VPI 16.5 that I will use for the "dirty" records as a first clean and then run them through the Hummin' Guru. Looking forward to firing it up.  
Help with speaker selection
Someone else mentioned the Usher Speakers, can suggest them also as they are definitley overacheivers and well built. Some of their models are real nice, sound extremely well and are not hard to drive. They tend to have a nice balance to their sou... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Here It Is- The Songs of Leonard Cohen Superb !  
Esoteric DV-50S
Hello Ladycharnet send me the particulars on the Esoteric DV-50s, I may be or have some friends that may be interested in buying.  
XLR cables for a reasonable price?
Just tried the Mogami Neglex 2534 Balanced Cables that you can buy on Amazon for under $100 terminated with nice Neutrik XLR's. They come in various lengths for not much money. They are a very nice cable. I have used both Mogami and Canare Cable... 
Experience with Modwright products?
I can only speak very highly of Modwright, Kristen and Dan. I had a modified Modwright Oppo 105 player and had some minor software issues and called in to Kristen and she spent over an hour with me on the phone helping to diagnois issue, download ... 
Looking for a great set of Wired Headphones
Try some of the Meze Audio 99 Neo and 99 Classic with wood cups they are much less expensive than what you mentioned but punch way above their price points, also try the Meze 109 Pro's they are a little more than your budget but are very very good.  
Long interconnect or speaker cable
You can use the wire from Mogami like the Neglex Quad 2534 or the Canare version of it and put Neutrik XLR's on each end, these cables and the Neutrik ends are great for these types of applications. You can always wrap the cables with a "flex wra... 
Denafrips FPGA Firmware Update
Does/do these firmware upgrades work also on the newest Ares (anniversary) dac or do those come with the updated firmware already?  
Integrated amp recommendation for Maggie .7's
Try the Plinius Hautonga integrated, should be able to drive anything or the BAT VK-3000SE.  
Audiogon site acting weird.
Agree with all above, everything about it has been slooooooow, no matter what you are trying to do and especially when you are sending messages.  
Review of Rogue Audio RP-9 preamp
@gakerty¬† Thanks for your response that gives me an idea if I decide to move forward.