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Looking for 5AR4 rectifier tube most like solid state
Different take but you should investigate the Space Tech Labs STR. (super tube rectifier). I’ve heard it and it’s the real deal. The HIFI cave and the Decware forum talk about it with both giving very positive results.  
Opinions about Daniel Hertz
According to his video digital music has negative health causations and his amps have an algorithm that inject a small amount of reverb between the digital steps for a less damaging experience. He also sells the software separately but it isn't as... 
Upgrading to a stand alone DAC
According to ASR you can't tell the difference in DACs and the $80 SMSL is better than many higher priced DACs.  I'll admit it's a good sounding DAC for only $80 but the real deal is PSAudio is selling refurbished DirectStream DACs for $1600  
Review on Linear Tube Audio Aero DAC
If I remember you have an affinity for tube DACs.  It's a different class of DAC but how does it compare to the MHDT Orchid?  What would you say are the similarities?  
If you like Mark Knopfler he kills it on Southern Politician with Willy DeVille  
Recommend me a tube integrated amplifier
Tube amps have a huge variation in presentation.  I would recommend listening to as many as you can before jump into it. I've listened to several types and it's more than just Class A , Push Pull, SET and how much power they provide.  Each tube ha... 
Vibration dampening
I use springs under mine ( a hint from millercarbon)  I also pull them out from the wall about a foot.  I feel the bass is tighter and less boomy.  A set of isolation springs was less than $30  
Streaming question
For windows user RemotePC is included in the OS.  It works really well for me without the addition of a different app  
The criteria for loudspeaker choices.
@8t-note Have you actually listened to the DirectStream DAC? There are a lot of people who have including myself. I’ve compared it to ASR’s excellent measuring DACs. I was very obvious to me that there is a lot more to sound than numbers. I don’t... 
The Good Stuff
Abby Lincoln has a "unique" voice which takes some time to warm up to like Cassandra Wilson, Terez Montcalm, Frazey Ford. To me she has a similar vocal sound as Jimmy Scott https://youtu.be/k7VfzwAfNxQ    
The Good Stuff
Another classic Skylark https://youtu.be/qpOpVuIJv-k Linda Ronstadt - Skylark https://youtu.be/b7oYKSWR2js Cassandra Wilson - Skylark https://youtu.be/SbXvT68yVvk Ella Fitzgerald - Skylark https://youtu.be/Q-80tw1psHw Abbey Lincoln - Skylark ... 
The Good Stuff
@rok2id Have you listened to Ayo - Afro Blue magos herrera afro blue    
The criteria for loudspeaker choices.
Or as an alternative designed to be driven with a 2 Watt OTL amplifier https://www.transcendentsound.com/16-ohm-speaker.html  
Soundtracks and Film scores, your favourites
One from the heart by Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle Life Aquatic. Seu Jorge  
LAIV Harmony
@solarjam  @koestner Thanks.... but ah a $3000 dollar preamp to control the volume of a $2700 DAC seems like a misappropriation of resources to me.  I too am running my PSAudio Directstream directly into m y amp.  I've tried a SS preamp to increa...