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AI-Written Stereophile Articles
I'm going to agree with the OP.   I've read several articles myself and more than half the time, I need to read them over and over again, and even then, nothing makes sense.  This is my opinion:  these guys and gals try to outdo each other in bein... 
Recommend me a tube integrated amplifier
@erikt  ask music direct if the rec outs on the icon will work for you. they'll get back to you in a day. @freediver  and that's why i went in a different direction.  replacing 8 tubes can get costly.   
Recommend me a tube integrated amplifier
check this out. i came very close to getting one, but decided on going in a different direction.  Icon Audio - Stereo 40 MkIV Integrated Tube Amplifier (KT88) - Music Direct  
Good results with tweeter re-doping
@hollowman  never heard of doping in this sense. what is it?  
Don't do anything!
@boxcarman as long as it's cheaper.     
Don't do anything!
@dwcda  it happens to me all the time, from day to day, without changing a thing  and i have no idea why.  sometimes i just turn off my gear cuz nothing sounds right.  and it really is frustrating.  but that's my reality.    
Help me build out my first system
@kdammeyer  looks like you're off to a solid start as far as getting good advice from the above 2 fellers !  and welcome to audiogon.  good luck in your endeavor!   
How cheap can you go and still be happy with the sound?
I threw this together and turned out to be a killer el cheapie system: yamaha a-s501 used $350 dayton audio outdoor IO8XTW speakers new $320/pair pioneer blu-ray play new $350 AQ type 4 speaker cables $150ish i listen to this strictly outside... 
Gee Wally, the Beav needs a lot of practice.  🐿    
1 song you never get sick of?
the same deep water as you - the cure  
Someone had mentioned Christopher Hansen on a thread I read the other day
There was a Christopher Hansen 2 on Wilshire as well.  Were these 2 places related?  Got a pair of Martin Logan Aerius i there before ML got really big.  Staff was nice and helpful.    
What does the gold star mean on this listing for the LSA amp?
I got it, I got it!!! I'm gonna call wally and ask him what the gold star means!  Yeahhhh,  that's it!!! Nyuk nyyuk nyuukkk!  
What does the gold star mean on this listing for the LSA amp?
oh boy...literally scratching my head.   
Great song by the Clash
Vacuum cleaner sucks up Budgie!!!!!!!  -the mag 7.  
What does the gold star mean on this listing for the LSA amp?
Just for the record, this has nothing to do with Wally.  Look at @abnerjack comment above.  The "suspicious" listing was taken down.  I still don't know what the gold star means on a listing.  Does anyone know?