Breaking news! Jays Audio is moving to Texas and takes interest in McIntosh

Southwest audio show apparently was a big hit and a great place for audio.

It's nice to see Jay is taking an interest in McIntosh amplifiers. He has a 2 boxes in his lab containing MC 901 dual mono amplifiers that can be used to biamp lots of things including speakers , a tube/solid state amplifier. He promises a review sometime soon.

Additionally he's got brand new speakers and we don't know what they are because they are Hidden behind acoustical panels waiting to be unveiled sometime by Thanksgiving.

Jay predicts his brand will be bigger than southwest audio show.  Jays audio show coming to a Texas town near you. 

Looking forward to all the excitement. 



Are you his publicist? Thanks, I did not know what he was up to since his thread stopped.

I truly don’t agree with Jay on many things ,opinions are like ::::::

it’s just an opinion.

I like him he's got a lot of positive Energy. And he keeps flashing all this wonderful gear what could there be not to love here.

I think he's bringing life to the whole industry so this can't be a bad thing, it needs to be revitalized.  I think in time he will be more critical about all the high prices and the absurdity of sky high valuations for gear that's probably very similar to gear for a lot less.

And he's got an amazing pick up truck I've never seen anything that big.

Plus I'm waiting to see how he likes the mcIntosh 901 and maybe he'll give us a sneak peek of the speakers that he's hiding   .

Didn’t he buy the 901 not realizing it was a biamp design but didnt have biampable speakers?

As I read the headline my first thought was the meant  the "Jay" who makes CD players.

Then I thought, no, he means the Canadian Korean fellow.

Finally I settled on his meaning to be the Big Jay from Florida. 

Now I can move on to something of value.

@jastralfu I’m pretty sure that your correct. He couldn’t audition the 901’s because he didn’t have the right connection(biwire) for his speakers. I think he actually had those amps listed here on Audiogon.

Do you think he checked with his mate Mikey that it was 'ok' to like Mcintosh 😁


Where in Texas?  This is a big place.

And welcome.  We have no income tax, and never wore masks, but do require firearm ownership 

@emergingsoul This thread is a joke with all of your effusive praise. A week or so ago you started a thread questioning Jay's product lines, and commenting about how his videos weren't particularly informative.  That thread eventually was removed. Now you're all gushing like he is your best friend.  



He’s got an addictive channel what can I tell you. Doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything. He’s really into what he’s doing and I respect that.

I think his videos are on the long side and yes I still wish they had more descriptive info about the gear he’s representing. But I have a feeling a lot of people don’t really care about that sort of thing and will get easily bored.

I think he began to see the light about Rockport speakers which I don't think are doing very well.  So much confusion about speakers I don't know what the heck to believe. I remember my epicure speakers from 40 years ago with strange looking dome tweeters and they were awesome.

Before, when he was just White Camaro SS,  I used to read some of his posts and I’d kind of wonder in the back of my mind how all his stuff sounded.  No that he’s on YouTube, I find it hard to get through an entire video. 
But I guess that’s just me.

OMG!!!!!!!!! Jays moving to Texas and now likes Mac! That is awesome!!!!! Watched one of his videos. Just one and not all the way through……. 

Moving to TX.....

I remember what our RE agent said to spouse and self about buying a house in Houston....and I can still hear her Eastern TX accent....

"Darlings; If you can have an excuse to get out of town ’btwn June and September...
DO IT...."

Never managed that....

Took months to get over not sweating  so much.

Interesting. In the video below, Jay relegates McIntsosh to his "Bottom Tier Amplifier List"

From the transcript: “right now let's go first on the list macintosh yes you heard it bottom of the list why company has relied a lot on their name um one of the greatest american brands there's no question about it i don't think anybody will ever dispute that about mcintosh right no doubt uh they are just an incredible company holistically speaking 

um but i am reviewing the actual sound quality of a product and not what their resume is i don't care about what they did yesterday okay if i'm if i'm hiring you i don't give a damn what you did in 1996. if i need you for a position that you need to fill today i want to know what you've done over the last five years where have you been what have you been doing careless 1996 what you did 

that's my view on macintosh i feel like their resume is great when you look back in time as of the last few years i don't feel that sonically speaking they're there now….”'

Funny how these video transcripts come across when you read them as opposed to listen to them. Not quite the same...impact.


I have been privy to many of the presentations done by Jay.

I think they are ideal for somebody attempting to learn about the aesthetic appearance of a Product and getting a gauge on the size of the product as well.

The above is where it stops, Jay is not competent as a auditioner, there is much that can and should be discussed that is not even broached upon, I have seen the Specialist also present in the Video, that does not extend the commentary to the topics that should be discussed.

I have no intention of trolling through Audio Equipment the way that is being seen, additionally, I am not overly impressed with uber expensive Audio Equipment, even if it has got the capability to show up a deficiency in my own equipment.

I know from my own experiences of standing in rooms with uber expensive equipment in use. That the notion of spending an extra £200K to get a 10%-20% if as the improvement, is a stupidity as a plan. Much better to throw in the towel than give somebody a 400% mark up on their low turnover products.

That luxury can be left to the others who join up in force with Jay in the long drawn Venture of the ’Lost leading the Lost’

Emerging soul. What? If you bothered to listen to the 90 minute explanation of why Jay sold his Lyras you would know that they " allowed him to hear things he had never heard" before and that the bass, fit and finish were first rate. He sold them because he got an immediate offer for them after it took months to unload his XVXs. This should tell you something about Rockport speakers. A used pair of Lyras had never come up for sale before. Owners keep them. I posted a thread here on the subject and Jay himself replied that what I said was spot on. Look it up. Everything is there about the Lyra and Jays opinion. Jay and I have spoken a few times about Rockport and have bought and sold a few things. Rockport has never been doing better than they are right now. All time sales record. They are looking for land to build a new complex. If you bothered to look Lyra and Orion have won multiple "bests" this year from reviewers all around the world. Orion and Lyra are two of Robert Harleys 5 best speakers of all time. The only negative is the 3Ma paint issue which wasn't actually an issue which occurred when they became a dealer for Magico. Everyone can have an opinion but mischaracterizing Jays comments (or not understanding them) and making baseless uneducated statements about a company is a problem. I am not a Jay basher. We have very very different tastes and goals but like you I think he has something to add to this hobby. I'm all for your enthusiasm but do try to put in the work yourself and to think critically about what he or anyone else says before you post.

I really cannot get through his videos. A little too “ used car salesman “ for me. Same thing that Hilde45 said but it was about the Wilson’s. At first they are the best ever. Then he goes to Munich and poo poos them. It’s no wonder Michael Fremer ignored him. 
here is the thing I don’t get. At the Next Level Hifi event in Illinois/ Chicagoland he was down to earth. Like I would go and have a meal with him. When he is not trying to sell you something he is great. 
Jay, I know this is going to be tough to read all of these posts. Real selling is about educating the customer. Asking questions and getting the customer to what they need. Plus, your audio recording equipment is really good. If this is about making money on YouTube then give us audio comparisons between equipment and media. Like digital to analog. You have a killer turntable and streamer. Use it. My library even has all different types of records. No need to buy. Plus Greg Weaver has to have some stuff you can borrow. 
it’s there. Your just not doing it correctly. 
If you do move please do not put your home theater and million dollar two channel in the same room unless done correctly. They are not the same room treatments. 
Sorry for the rant but the real Jay is in there, can he please stand up. 

I'm all for your enthusiasm but do try to put in the work yourself and to think critically about what he or anyone else says before you post.

That is not in this OP’s DNA. 

I like him he’s got a lot of positive Energy. And he keeps flashing all this wonderful gear what could there be not to love here.

I think he’s bringing life to the whole industry so this can’t be a bad thing, it needs to be revitalized. I think in time he will be more critical about all the high prices and the absurdity of sky high valuations for gear that’s probably very similar to gear for a lot less.

And he’s got an amazing pick up truck I’ve never seen anything that big.

Are you Jay himself on a hidey account? This sounds like Jay’s promo mind talking (Only Jay can think as highly of himself...It's not possible for any other emerging soul).

Hardly, I just spend all my time watching audio related videos on YouTube. There are so many audio things on YouTube it's remarkable. All the time everyone spending for views that only yield pennies a month . I'm not sure how much marketing support they're getting and that can't be very much so it's a big mystery to me why they keep doing them and they take a lot of time.  You have audio file junkie who does the best videos for all the shows and so many. It's kind of remarkable. And this guy is not selling/ marketing gear in a manner that yields a lot. So he's a dedicated soul and likes what he's doing. I could never do a video like these guys. There are so many people in this website who are so smart and technically familiar with audio stuff and many of them should be doing a YouTube video.

Youtube fortunes are built on attracting sycophants living vicariously through access savvy individuals parading temporary ownership of ulta high end goods. 

BTW: Who's Jay?

Started out on Agon as White Camaro and moved up the ladder since.

Post removed 

Out of morbid curiosity I watched a video, and in a five minute span he said Bryston amps were more for home theater and that Joseph Audio speakers are overly bright and extremely hard to set up. You gotta be friggin’ kidding me. Bye bye.

Emerging soul, as far as I know the Audiophile Junkie is an accountant by trade and while he may not be directly marketing gear he has, for me, an unhealthy relationship with 3Ma in Houston which for me is disqualifying. I'm begining to think that you might just be quite young as big trucks are cool and you naively accept video reviewers proclamations unquestioningly. Maybe 18 years old? For the record Jay quit his full-time job and he makes his living/money through advertising and subscriptions on/to his site. Both of the people you site as "remarkable" are trying to make money on people listening to them. There is nothing wrong with that. Hats off to them. My point to you is when you get deep into this crazy world of audio you will find that everyone has an angle and that you will have to do the work for yourself.

Joseph Audio speakers are overly bright and extremely hard to set up. You gotta be friggin’ kidding me. Bye bye.

I've listened to the Joseph Audio speakers at a local dealer 3 times now and at Axpona and they are the antithesis of being bright! 

I can't help but contribute here, although it smacks of piling on. I watch his videos regularly...but not to learn about audio. It's more like a "Housewives of (fill in the blank, I've never actually watched an episode but see the drama on the ads)". The shows are really more drama than content or expertise in describing sound. I have enjoyed this hobby for decades, and have a system in the 6 figure range, but I really have never been able to glean much helpful from his content. Jay strikes me as someone who has been successful in some avenue in his life, but strongly needs external validation, and audio gear is now the vehicle. He appears to be a good dealmaker, and he certainly has leveraged himself into a position where he is being acknowledged by the industry. This might be a bit of a statement about the industry itself, along with the current post covid state of it. (Anybody see the Boulder Amp video? Jeff the founder looks like he can't wait for it to be over). Jay appears to really need followers....the term "syncophant" in an above post is pretty right on when you look at the comments below his videos. There is more of a fandom than critical analysis. In any case, hats off to him as he is succeeding in his goals. We may be soon seeing Suncoast Audio Texas division, and Audio Rallies (Make Audio Great Again!)

“We may be soon seeing Suncoast Audio Texas division.”

No you won’t.


If I had the time to actually respond to all comments in here…

Oh wait - someone once said “ if you always tell the truth , you don’t have to remember anything “

Was that Mark Twain ?
There is a reason WHY I had the longest running thread in the history of Audiogon removed… It is still the best decision I’ve ever made because it has allowed me to focus on those things that actually contribute to my family and I.
We all have a passion for something (I hope you all do too) but if don’t follow it, you are cheating YOURSELF.
I’m thankful for what this forum did for me as well as those of you who have been supportive of me throughout the years (you know who you are).
I don’t seek validation or to make the masses happy. We all know when you try to make everyone happy you end up making NO ONE happy.
Over the next 12-24 months I hope to bring a version 2.0 or “mk2” as we call it when it comes to audio components. If people are mentioning you (in good or bad ways) it simply means you have reach and they are either following you, watching you, hearing you or listening to you.

I have always been kind to anyone who’s met me in person. I’ve never ripped anyone off or taken advantage of anyone. It’s not in my DNA to do that to anyone because that will come back to you.
Growth comes from hard work and dedication and not by sitting on your butt watching TV. Those who are close to me know how hard I work day in day out.
Lastly, what I’ve accomplished so far was started IN HERE in THIS forum. I just stayed the course posting in here on a daily basis for roughly 8 years. If I didn’t want more for my time and effort, I’d still be here posting without a YouTube channel or a presence  in this audio industry.
Remember, I came from nothing, no rich parents or inheritance… if I did this, SO CAN YOU !


Nicely worded, positive, and non defensive response to the highly critical posts in this thread. As I look at my post, it was inappropriately negative. Kudos to your success.

Nice response Jay. Clear and factual. I’m not sure why you get such a visceral response from people. You have always been professional in my experience and you have a ton of passion for what you do. I wish you good luck as you have put your money where your mouth is. We don’t agree on much when it comes to audio but we don’t have to agree about sound or “rankings” for me to respect your journey . I’m not a subscriber but I hope you continue to follow your passion wherever it takes you.

I love the radical spirit. Stick it to the man. I think the spirit of audio shows needs adjustment.  The last audio show in Texas brought together hundreds of individualized components that were all assembled in individual rooms where elderly men were shepherded in and out of these rooms, why they don't allow women to these events is beyond me, it's just remarkable.

How does anybody discern anything of sonic quality with these horribly set up rooms with all the mismatched components.

My gosh leave the beds in the room so people can relax while they listen to the music. 

I am still stuck at "moving to Texas". 


What's wrong with the Free State of Texas? You'd rather Kalifornia?




Vendors would give anything to have women more involved. They are not only allowed they are coveted. How many discussions have there been on this very subject? Rather than be amazed why don’t you figure out how to get women more interested in the hobby so we can all be happier and the manufacturers richer. Do you think that there is a screener at the saying “ sorry lady men only” ? Again, I’m beginning to think you are just pulling our legs and not really serious. I will not take the bait again.