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New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
@rodman99999 ....or the hyperbolic pontificators? :) Full disclosure, I make my own power cords using Supra wire and their connectors.  These are relatively inexpensive and they certainly do a fine job whether the component is tube or solid-sta... 
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
Which came first, the rabbit or the hole?  
Accuphase e-280 Review
@audioman58 Do you have a link to an E3000? I cannot find any information.  Perhaps you mean the E4000?  
Accuphase e-280 Review
@choiceaudio  As a very happy owner of the E-280 I enjoyed and appreciated your comments. I think you've described the essence of the amp quite well.  Having also owned a class A Luxman integrated, which had much to recommend it, on balance I pre... 
Qualities Of An End-game System
Thus sayeth the mighty OP. Beware to those who dare to play the End Game.  
Breaking news! Jays Audio is moving to Texas and takes interest in McIntosh
Power cable Advice...
"The Finest In the World. Probably." My goodness. :) Oh, and @jaymarkj  I've got some Grover IC's and have used his speaker cables- fine stuff indeed.  
Equalizer to compensate for hearing loss - Any success stories?
OP: Widex Moment HA's might be worth investigating.  
Power cable Advice...
It is comforting for some, to know, with certainty, in an uncertain, random, and capricious world.  
Power cable Advice...
@pynkfloydd  +1     
Looking for a McIntosh amp that gives a great example of the “McIntosh Sound”
@tomic601  A big +1 for Audio Classics and a special shout out for Derek. :)  
Luxman leaves me wanting
As brother ghdprentice said, and speaking from extensive experience with a Luxman 550AXII, the word "sparkly" is an apt descriptor. The Lux offers a lot for the money, and I enjoyed that amp quite a bit. But ultimately decided to delegate solid st... 
What is meant exactly by the description 'more musical'?
The word "musical" as used by audio buffs is a subjective adjective generally understood to mean "x,y, or z sounds good to me" See "organic." Antonym: "unmusical.  
Conrad Johnson CAV45-S2 8 ohm? 4 ohm? Other?
CJ does indeed use new production Mullard EL34.  
Integrated Amplifier for Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution
Anecdotes and hyperbole.  Caveat emptor.