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Weirdest record defect?
Adding to the spindle hole or spindle itself posts, back in the day and perhaps ongoing there was a range although slight between manufactures actual spindles outside dimensions making certain records a tight fit.  
Breaking news! Jays Audio is moving to Texas and takes interest in McIntosh
BTW: Who's Jay? Started out on Agon as White Camaro and moved up the ladder since.  
A Story about a Defective Signature Platinum
Fairytale ending in a good way.  
Bryston Support
Wonder if which side of the border your on is a determining factor on shipping costs being eaten by the repair facility? @jbuhl ?  
Anyone had a Sony PS-2251 turntable
The 3 red screws secure the isolated hanging transformer to the under side structure once placed in their correct position. Remove plater including the arm's rear weight and secure the arm to its at rest post  with a twist tie or elastic. A side... 
Speaker impedance and sensitivity
Another consideration not always followed from manufactures is phase angle relative to impedance and its effects, interesting to say the least within the impedance, sensitivity, and amplifier selection topic.    
Bass only when I stand up…
Reading just the heading "Bass only when I stand up…" From personnel experience on 2 occasions was room treatment first.  Then move on from there.  
How do you high pass your main speakers?
I tried a Bryston active high-pass between my Ayre preamp Same result with a different pre, just sounded off.  
Could we get a group of all IRS Beta owners?
Several over on the  Audiokarma forum.  
You've run some pretty fancy MC's, but the _______ MM cartridge really impressed me
@fjn04  Modify your heading to MM/MI cartridge and the replies will follow.  
Qobuz Coming to Canada!!!
Does the Qobuz brass have trouble understanding Québécois? Considering they Qobuz has been available for quite some time in Quebec it wasn't our poutine eating Easterners that prevented its service being available across Canada but silly prot... 
Pickering XSV/5000 question
@lewm  Yes it was Joseph who commented that the XSV 5000 stylus was in fact the same as the low output XSV 7500 go figure, likely due to the waning days of Pickering and vinyl. The body characteristics  being the difference.  
Lyra Delos Rebuild
Ball park some costs $450 + for a new stylus and diamond, brand new exchange $1395 doesn't seem to bad with a guaranteed  sound your familiar with.  
Threshold Stasis S/150
Are you referring to room response?  No the specifics of your speaker. And yes most of us realize Threshold manufactured high Current amps but thats not the question.  
Threshold Stasis S/150
Might want to post/link a Phase angle and impedance graph  along with your room size these are the pertinent points better than should work opinions.