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What’s your opinion about Dali speakers?
Dali speakers - they sound surreal :))  
Where to buy Linn LP12 Replacement parts?
At the risk of stating the obvious, the two parts sites which have been referenced are UK based, so the cost of currency conversion, transatlantic shipping, and taxes and duties needs to be taken into account - which will more than likely make the... 
Where to buy Linn LP12 Replacement parts?
@OP. LP12s are straightforward to strip down and rebuild. However, contrary to Jason Bourne's view, they are finicky to set up - and I've set up a lot of them. Some of the issues are - spring bolt perpendicularity, spring consistency and arm cable... 
Tone arm length
@OP There is a 24 volt version of the Professional PSU for use with the Innovation series of turntables. Hi Fi news found that the Professional PSU significantly (measurably) reduced rumble - so it's not just about speed stability. However, the mo... 
Experience purchasing a used high-end cartridge
Personally I don't do it. But if I was, I'd look for dated proof of purchase and I would only buy a relatively recent cartridge whose supposed hours tallied with its age.  
Tone arm length
@OP. One logistical issue to consider is that the 12inch arm has a bigger footprint due to the longer cantilever mounting plate As regards sound quality, be sure to consider the Professional PSU. Versus the standard wall wart PSU, this will make ... 
Are Pass Labs XA60.8 mono amps enough?
The references above to the X260's is somewhat misleading as the X amps are a Class AB design but biased into Class A at low powers, as opposed to the XA amps which are Class A designs. However, it is worth noting that the maximum power output of ... 
Power Cord for Accuphase Amplifier
Shunyata Gamma and Theta are excellent and relatively affordable for their performance.  
Swap out b&w 802 d3 for Sonus faber amati g5?
The Amati's are easier to drive than the 802s and much more natural sounding with excellent sound-staging and scale. A used pair of Sasha DAWs is an interesting alternative, but they are more difficult to set up and less tolerant of less well engi... 
That Transformational piece of Gear We All Wish For
+1 for room treatment. But if I go back many decades, junking a Linn LP12 in favour of a Roksan Xerxes was pretty transformational.  
Elvis Costello's favorite album of his own.
Personally, apart from Painted From Memory, which is a different kettle of fish anyway, Elvis never sounded as good after he parted ways with Bruce Thomas.  
Looking for a CD / SACD player. Also, tell me about Esoteric
Regarding Esoteric's packaging, current models are shipped double boxed in extremely strong cardboard boxes. However, they are heavy machines and ultimately, if shippers want to destroy something, they will.  
Looking for a CD / SACD player. Also, tell me about Esoteric
Esoteric players are superb and have gotten better with every generation. They deliver natural, unforced sound, and are extremely reliable. The are also one of the few companies who TEAC/Esoteric, build their own mechanisms. There are also changes... 
Digital Path to Complete my System
@OP - An Esoteric N-05XD may be within your budget, or even a pre-owned N-01 as some people will be trading up to the recently released SE version. It can be used directly as a streamer and is properly certified for use with Roon.  
Vibration Control
@OP "Solid State" devices are full of moving parts - capacitors and transformers in particular. But in any event just because something is solid doesn't mean it doesn't resonate.