$3000 stand mounted speakers?

Whats a good contender in the $3000 range for a small monitor speaker to use with an EL34 tube amp w/ 40 wpc? The room is lively w/ hardwood floors and 18' x 22' x  9'H family area.
I'm contemplating the ProAc Tablet 10, but I'm wondering if I can do better by increasing my purchase up to $3k.

(FYI, I don't want floor standing speakers because of WAF, and have no problem from my end on this matter.)
i like the Omega Super Alnico Monitor, particularly if you prefer listening lower to medium levels (60-85db).
Previously, I owned the Nola Boxer, which are great but the single driver sound of the Omega with a smooth tube amp is just so darn musical - it’s intoxicating (:

Thanks for your recommendations. The Nola Boxer3 looks enticing as well as the Omega. Other than musicality what other difference can I expect, like bass, highs/brightness, soundstage and projection of sound into to room?
LSA10 is another option. Boy did I open a can of worms.

How to decide on any of them w/o a place to audition. Wonder what is a safe choice w/good resale if its not right for me.
You do know that small monitors are just that? They are designed to "monitor" the sound and not recreate it. As it’s a relatively large room, you should be aware of this limitation.
ATC SCM11/2. Consider adding a small REL sub in a corner. Don’t tell her it’s there.
The Nola can certainly play louder and achieves bigger bass but not necessarily better, just different. The Omega is much faster, images better, completely disappears, and is so dynamic at lower volumes it’s spooky. Single drivers are not for everyone but if you keep them within their range, you are completely rewarded.
Before I settled on the Omega Speakers, I auditioned in my home, the Harbeth 30.2 and Rosso Fiorentino Firesole. Both these speakers are really wonderful. The Harbeth have a beautiful darker tone and are easy to listen to. I completely understand the appeal. The Rosso, which I preferred, have outstanding bass and an unmatched sparkle up top. What the Omega did better was to keep me listening and wanting more. They really love tube amps and are beautiful! I would certainly give Louis at Omega a buzz, he’s easy to talk to.

Reference 3A de Capos  if you don't like the finish on the newer models look for the de Capo i in wood veneerI have used mine only with tubes  35wpc Primaluna (EL34), Vista Audio 84i 10 wpc (EL84) and a 4 wpc Decware  mini torii with 6V6g st

Clean detailed nice bass for a stand mount ( 8.25 in woofer)
Since you already know that you will be using a 40wpc amp in a decently sized room, you should look for speakers that will allow you to play your music at the levels you want with that amount of power.  Generally, this means you will be looking at a speaker that is reasonably efficient.  However, small monitors don't tend to be very efficient due to the laws of physics.  However, there are some exceptions, such as the single driver speakers mentioned above.  

If you can look at slightly larger stand mount speakers, you may be able to find increased efficiency along with deeper bass response that will fill your room.  The Wharfedale Lintons are an example of this (although at a lower price point).  

Good luck and have fun!
Easy. Fritz. He has four models.  Call him and he'll explain the differences.  Any of them would be great.
Thanks Grinnell, I forgot about the Ref 3a. Yes I would like wood veneer.

I'll look into Fritz too. Lots of options too from others.

BTW, I only listen to medium volumes and our lively room projects the sound well.
Strangely enough I just bought a pair of $3,000 monitors 2 days ago.  In my "competition" both the winner and runner-up were fantastic, and I would wholeheartedly recommend either: the Totem Signature One's and the Dynaudio Special 40's. I found the Totem's to be a little more refined up high and in the middle, while the Special 40's were more authoritative down low.  And both were very dynamic.  I ended up going with the Signature One's, but would have been very happy with either.

Good luck in your search!

Tekton Double impact monitors will rock your world for $2000. Detailed but powerful, great specs, sensitive as a 17yr old prom queen
More than $3k new, but I got a demo pair for $2800 and I love them:  Wavetouch Antera.  Next would be Ascend Sierra 2 - the newer version if I were buying now.
Sonus Faber, the already mention Dynaudio or Vandersteen VLR signature with the famous pistonic carbon tweeter derived from flagship model 7. Available in a variety of stock veneers up to wild custom woods.. fun, add a Vandersteen sub later with 11 bands of analog EQ to fix room issues. The VLR plays surprisingly low

have fun ! Enjoy the music
generally, ANY stand mounted speaker will have less bass than ones with large cone drivers which is fine unless they try to do too much, ports, passive radiators, ...

My advice is to avoid rear or side ports, if ports, front only, to avoid rear/side reflections that diffuse directionality.

Consider where a STEREO PAIR of self-powered subs would go now or in the future. IF/when you add those subs, hook them up in a way that the tube amp no longer needs to amplify the frequencies the sub will handle. both your amp and mains will be happier, thus you will be happier.
Lots of options recommended here for monitor speakers.
Of the suggestion here for $3k, these are the ones that initially intrigue me as a step up from the ProAc Table 10 I've been considering at $2k.
They would look nice in our place too, w/o taking over (WAF).

Omega Super Alnico Monitor
Dynaudio Special 40
Totem Signature One
Reference 3A de Capos (wood veneer version)

As a purchase w/o hearing, I think I'd have an easier time reselling if it doesn't meet my expectations too.
If you'd be open to purchasing a pre-owned speaker, I'd recommend you look at the Totem Fire monitors.
The Harbeth P3 ESR will sound great with your EL34 tube amp. I have owned both the standard model and the anniversary edition. A perfect fit for that size room!!

Pretty big room for a "a small monitor speaker." My only suggestion is to look for something very efficient; it might help to fill the room. If you want specific recommendations, consider the AudioNote AN-K. 
If placing stand mount speakers on stands I am not sure I understand the 'rub' against small floor standing speakers. There are many that are quite attractive. This coming from a stand mount speaker enthusiast.

Small speaker, 18x 22' room, 40wpc quite an exercise, though doable. Look forward to what you decide. Good luck in your quest.

Mesch, I'm using narrow floor speakers and my wife's not happy with them being so prominent.
Gsm, AudioNote looks good but over my budget unless preowned.

I'm concerned about resale and Watkins speakers may be difficult for me if they don't work so well.
That's a big room for 40 wpc and stand mounts in that price range. I have 2 KEF R3s with a sub, right in your price range, in a smaller room and twice that power and sometimes I think I'm pushing it. 
Silverline Minuet Grands are $2k/pr. new, are attractive, easy to drive, and have considerable output capabilities for their size.  If you can stretch a bit (or find them used), Joseph Audio Prisms at $3700/pr. new offer a lot of the much-loved original Pulsars at less than half the price.  Best of luck in your search. 
My recommendation is the Buchardt Audio S400 SE speakers.  They are  remarkably full-ranged speakers that contend with Dynaudio C-1 Contours or Joseph Audio Pulsars. They cost $2700 with a free audition period.  I am blown away with them in my system and I have had at least a dozen monitor over the years. 
Buchardt’s look quite nice. I was ready to add to my list until I watched Zero Fidelity’s review. His description has my puzzled about it's slightly forward sound, use w/ my tube amp, and for off axis listening too.

Interesting you mention the JA’s Pulsars. My current speakers use the Seas Excel magnesium drivers, but in a DiApollito configuration so I know the sound in part.
“Gsm, AudioNote looks good but over my budget unless preowned.” If you check HiFiShark, previously sold preowned AudioNote ANJ and ANK would have been in your price range. 
I just went though what you're going through and I ended up with B&W 705 S2. $2995 and I could at least listen to them at Best Buy.  They're very well known and I expect I will be able to sell them easily if I tire of them. 

I have two sets of similar speakers and I expect that 40 watts might borderline unless you keep the volume to a very reasonable level.

I read many reviews and recommendations.  They all provide some help but the final decision is still a gamble.....even with the 30 day guarantee.  I just didn't want to fool with it.
I have Watkins Gen 4.  They allow returns.  I bought planning to return them.  Oops.
Compact floorstanders taking up same (or less) amount of real estate are so much more sonically satisfying IMO than stand mount bookshelves (my opinion only, but I demand full, room filling sound (which bookshelves can struggle with) -- personal taste), something like the Spendor A2 at $2.6k, but if you must go stand-mount, lots of great recommendations above ...

Plus I hate wasting money on stands when I could put it into the speakers.

Again, just my opinion. Back to normal programming ...

(that said, I own six pairs of bookshelves across several systems - best of those is Spendor SA1, but you can do better than that with $3k budget I’d imagine)
Check out the Revel 126be....  I owned the 106 and they were great with 40 watts of el34 in my medium room
surprised nobody has mentioned the Audience 1+1 V3, I have the 2+2, 4+4 and 1+1 All v2+, they have a very good WAF factor, i plan upgrading to the new V3, as a single driver with no crossover they have a coherence and tonal detail that belies the price, check out the latest reviews, here is a user review
for more bass a rel sub works very well
Harbeth P3ESR (with or without adding a REL sub) will be the only speaker you ever need to buy again