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Why are Trolls not blocked
i almost don't mind the trolls . My last post . 10-4 .  
Guest suddenly takes it upon herself to move my speakers
I would probably not invite anyone that arrogant or ignorant back.  
$3000 stand mounted speakers?
Jbl L100 classics  
Should I sell my DAC
Nad m51 dac is awesome . If you can find one . I liked mi e so much i bought another for my other system.  
Axe to grind know it alls
There really not much to offer Octogon . Everyone has freakishly good hearing and its more accurate than the next guys, hence all the “upgrading “ spending more and more to one day be happy. Pretty boring .  Its down to non audible nonsense. Nothi... 
New silversmith fidelium cable
The name sounds amazing , i want some so i can say it to my fancy friends.  
Do I need a sub?
Any speaker with 6” woofer can use a subwoofer . Its whether or not you want more . And by taking the time to soul search and realize more of an audio ambition you have likely made the decision already . So do it. Powered 10” powered 12” is more p... 
Recent upgrade to Cronus Magnum
The cronus is known for being non tubey . Its recommended to not adjust bias often. 
Life is too short to buy someone else's favorite stereo gear
very prophetic title ,wont get many hits though. It just further confirms this place must be full of salesmen. A good title would be : To log out ? Or not to log out.  
Recent upgrade to Cronus Magnum
Ps. Wiggle the tubes a little bit but be super careful while off . Make sure they are seated nice . I had a super small crack in a power tube and all hell broke loose, good thing i was standing there to shut it off . Shipped it to rogue . Service ... 
Recent upgrade to Cronus Magnum
I had a mullard in my center position and removed it almost right away . Didnt sound good . The stock tube produced hiss so i ordered a mulllard . I was disappointed . So i put the mullards to the outside position and put one of the better stock t... 
Recent upgrade to Cronus Magnum
Pull the cambridge from the chain and go straight from the node to the cronus. I have the cro mag ii and the node 2 and i would have no problem doing that. Check your underhood leads as mentioned before. Sharp nasty sound can occur and i have foun... 
Signal break up on 7 month old Bluesound Node 2i
You have certainly stumbled upon the greatest minds in audio -not . Are you using your node with the volume turned up all the way in the app ? Or is it fixed. There could possibly be a gain issue. I’ve ran across it before . Perhaps the node is do... 
Wide baffle speakers are better than narrow
I imagine using a bigger baffle puts forward the true image more as opposed to hearing the room youre in. I’ve never been in love with the narrow speakers . That being said i love the sound of L7 so much i have two sets . And L5 . But my current r... 
Wide baffle speakers are better than narrow
In my jbl bibles it shows how to construct and brace 4x8 sheets of plywood beside the speakers for behind screen. I would imagine it has to do some with efficiency . And no in wall speakers  arent a go to. Unless you like the sound of plastic and ...