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Whats playing on your system today?
Leon Redbone On The Tracks doing a comparison with el cheapo iso devices vs Veri-Fi VBHs. So far under Audiolab 6000 and EVS 1200 class D amp very high marks  
Raysonic SP-100
THIS is one, not sure it was the last to distribute Raysonic Maybe they can help/direct you USA Distributor Nat Distribution 2307-R Bristol Pike Bensalem, PA 19020 Voice: (215) 953-9099  E-mail: Website: www.natdistribu... 
Not sure what to think
+1 to all you correctly mentioned the 105. When it first came out I bought one primarily to play and add to my SACD collection. I played redbook through my then Pioneer PD 65 with upgraded chips. The 105 simply did not compare. Years later I upgr... 
Looking for comparisons between CD transports
I have owned many transports over the decades (from hundred$ to thousand$). My current one (for ~ 3 years) is the CDT 6000, which responds quite well to quality iso devices, power cords and coax cable choices that I picked it up used no-issues! ot... 
Whats playing on your system today?
@stringreen    One of laugh out louds by GB is Inabelle is dead  
What are the best GaN Amplifiers available today?
If you're patient you can pick up a LSA Voyager GaN 350 (dual mono in single chassis) and send it to Tweak Audio for mods, which would be serious bang for < $3000  
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
+1 Ric  
Requesting opinions about 4 specific amplifiers
The PS Audio M1200s would be killer- they come up periodically ~ @ $3500-4K, or LSA Voyager GaN 350 (dual mono single chassis) ~ $1500 Both have excellent reviews  
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Bettye LaVette Verve- Things Have Changed excellent recording  
Whats playing on your system today?
Bettye LaVette Verve- Things Have Changed excellent recording  
joule la150mkII- preamp
Either 3% vinegar or h2o2. Apply then let soak a minute or so then clear with clean water/distilled or RO  
Modding the PS Audio Directstream DAC MK1 and MK2
@richardselectronics  Following on that, about 2 years ago I had the then new PSA Gain Cell preamp which I found lacking a quality PS. I think the internal PS could be bypassed and a outboard LPS added. Seems right up your alley  
What is preferred/best contact cleaner these days?
I have tried many cleaner/enhancers over the DECADES. Everyone I tried eventually oxidized (much like CD treatments). By far the very best which I do not expect to oxidize is a combination of precleaning with 99% isopropol immediately followed by ... 
Why all or most audiophiles are men?
Most women spend their disposable income on feminine things like; shoes, clothes, makeup, hair extensions, makeup, jewelry...  
Whats playing on your system today?
Don Henley Cass County