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Would you move to a bigger house if you could just to have a better listening room ?
We moved into a newly-built home 3 1/2 years ago and the developer was willing to somewhat "customize" the bonus room above the garage, resulting in the best sounding room I've ever enjoyed!  This house will be an awesome place to grow old in!  So... 
Food: what does the typical audiophile eat?
One of my neighbors, a cardiologist, upon auditioning my audio system made the recommendation that I install a shelf in the listening room and place various sized glass bottles with various colors and amounts of liquids in them, to improve the sou... 
Surge protector
@immatthewj   I don't think it matters where in the main panel the surge protectors go, but I'm not an electrician.  The electrician who wired our new house placed them in the upper left slots on the main panel.  In our previous home, that electri... 
Roon Nucleus Titan Upgrade Offer
@kennyc and @jmeyers The more I investigated the Titan, the less I was interested in making the change.  Somewhere I read that Roon's agreement with Intel (for the NUC that the Nucleus & Nucleus+ are based on) had ended.  The Roon website seem... 
Roon Nucleus Titan Upgrade Offer
@rsf507 Since my server was probably 6-7 years old, I thought starting out "fresh" might be a good option, especially with the $1500 trade in allowance.  But with the additional delay, we won't be home to accept the delivery in two weeks or so. H... 
Roon Nucleus Titan Upgrade Offer
I finally got a response from my emails to Roon, who indicated that it would be another two weeks or so before the Titan server would be shipped, so I cancelled the order.  
Roon Nucleus Titan Upgrade Offer
Nine days ago I ordered the Roon Nucleus Titan upgrade, still shows as "awaiting fulfillment", no response from my emails to them.  
Surge protector
If you have two spare slots in your main panel, I'd recommend you consider having an electrician install a whole house surge protector.  If you don't have two spares, they still can work around that, it's a bit more expensive.  
Solar flares are here, everyone unplug your dryer!
When we moved from MD to WNC and had a new house built, we had the electrician install a whole house surge protector, which occupied two slots in the main panel.  We absolutely needed this sort of thing years ago in MD, when the underground cables... 
Roon Nucleus Titan Upgrade Offer
@kennymacc I'm very much like you, not trading much the last few years.  I have the system I always dreamed of!  If my Nucleus Plus wasn't one of the earliest ones, I'd not done the upgrade, as it sounds awesome!  
New DAC issues
@zlone I agree with all the others who have posted on this stream.  Over the years I've enjoyed my path, upgrading DACs from time to time and when I did a PS Audio P10 PowerPlant to their P15 model, I immediately noticed quite a few improvements t... 
PS Audio Direct Stream Mk2 DAC - How good is it vs Mk1? Weiss, Bricasti?
@meiatflask I was one of the "early adopters" of the MK1 DAC, enjoyed that very much.  When PS Audio offered that great trade in on the MK2, I "took the plunge" and immediately out of the box enjoyed more detail, better soundstage and better "tona... 
As A Youngster, What Unit Puqued Your Interest In All This?
My second system beyond the one with home made speakers: Dynaco PAT4 preamp McIntosh MC225 tube power amp Dual 1219 turntable with a Shure V15 type 2 cartridge Wollensak reel to reel Large Advent speakers  
Anyone else get burned Boltz
@adg101 sorry for your loss.  I ordered a pair of their CD racks about 2 1/2 years ago, they were shipped in a timely fashion.  It sounds like they are heading in the direction of closing the business.  
I Hate Moving
I "feel your pain".  We moved about three years ago, twice.  We sold our house immediately in early 2020 and our new home wasn't ready until around Thanksgiving that year. In my case I kept all the original boxes and with help from my son & f...