Wine, audio, and music. How many of us Aphiles enjoy wine when listening to music?

Along with that, are you a member of a wine club and if so, which one? 
Q: "Do you enjoy wine while listening to music"? A: Often

Q: "Are you a member of a wine club?" A: No, but I m a member of a Wino club.....
I'm a wine nut and belong to a tasting group in NYC focused on Nebbiolo-based wines.  But I find that alcohol impairs my ability to fully appreciate my system, so I tend to keep these interests separate.  This sounds strange, but I am pretty confident that alcohol changes my hearing.   

I do not drink wine but I am a member in excellent standing in the 420 club.  I always indulge while listening.
Count me in. Not a wine club member though, any club that would have me as a member....
I love good wine and good music but not enough to overdo the former and end up sleeping through the latter. 🍷﹢🎻 =😌
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The only time I drink wine (or anything else) while the system is playing is during non-critical listening from an adjacent room, mainly while my wife and I are having dinner. I would find doing so during critical listening to be too much of a distraction, and also I wouldn’t want to risk spilling it on the Persian rug that is in my living room/listening room.

I don’t belong to any wine clubs, but my wife and I are fans of French Bordeaux, and we’ve been to a couple of tastings over the years. We have a modest sized collection of some of the well known first and second growths, including many 1982s which we purchased at reasonable prices shortly after they reached these shores in the mid-1980s. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, some of them have increased in value 50x or more since then, and in some cases are too valuable to drink :-)

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-- Al

I definitely enjoy a good glass of wine while listening wherever possible. It enhances my enjoyment of the entire experience.  A good book, great music and a good glass of wine and maybe, good company and I'm really there.

And yes, I a member of several wine clubs.  Some I switch depending on where I visit (can't be a member of too many) and some I stay as a permanent member.  I'm from Southern California and there are many wineries and wine areas that provide outstanding wine here.

Some great areas and wineries to consider.

1. Napa/Sonoma (obviously).  Bennett Lane, Joseph Phelps, Chateau St. Jean, St. Supery, Rombauer, Jessup Cellars.  To name a few.  The secret is to go when they are not busy so that they can spend quality time with you and not be in a hurry due to many customers.

2.  Paso Robles;  outstanding wineries here and many on par with Napa/Sonoma.  Paolillo.  (good wine and simply fun), Talley, Nadeau, Zin Alley (outstanding), Stanger (outstanding), Halter Ranch.  Many are still very small yet produce some outstanding wines that costs much less than Napa.

3.  Los Olivos.  Some very good to outstanding wines here.  Langer, Tercero to name a few. 

4.  Livermore.  Some of the oldest wineries in California. 

Anyway, I can go on, but my point is Good music, good company, a good to excellent glass of wine, maybe a good book and the listening experience is even better.

Life is too short to drink cheap wine and if the music and music experience doesn't take me there and sound "real" it will drive me out of the room.


I am in the wine wholesale business so drink plenty sometimes when listening as I listen a lot. My tastes run to Champagne, German Riesling, Burgundy, and the wines of Tuscany and Piedmont. Or whatever happens to be open.
Like Jond, I'm primarily a Champagne, German Riesling (dry), Burgundy and Piemonte drinker.  My wife is a major Bordeaux fan,  so we drink a fair bit of that, too.  In each of those areas there are maybe a half-dozen (generally old school) producers of interest to me, but we do go much broader when entertaining (which is fairly often), so Spanish, Austrian, and New World wines also get consumed at my place on a pretty regular basis.

I'll carry the last glass of my dinner wine up to listen, now and again - but I'll rarely (if ever) pop a cork for that purpose.

Even tho I focus less on California wines, the only clubs I belong to are Littorai, Copain, and Red Car - all for Sonoma/Mendocino sourced Pinot Noir and/or Chardonnay.   I don't know of any clubs that offer price or access advantages for the specific European producers that interest me, so no clubs for my favorites.
Sipping a good 20 yr tawny while enjoying music in my listening room erases much of the stress of my day. Not in a wine club,i wouldn't want to join a club that would  let someone like me join.  G.M.
Pinot Noir for me......I've also been known to listen to music on cold days with a bit of scotch.
Wine is fine, But a snifter of Hennessey XO & a Trinidad Fundador floats my boat!
I do love a glass or two of Amarone.
Ooooh - '82 First Growths  -  can I come over and play?

Wine is wonderful, serious listening is better, but I think they are mutually exclusive. For non-serious listening, as at a party, though - Burgundy and North Rhone by preference.
Like Cedargrover, I find that more than a glass of wine affects my hearing. I end up turning the volume up more and more as I imbibe until I'm deep into a Party of One and not really listening to the music anymore! So I limit myself to one glass unless I just playing background music with company present. 
Like jond, I'm in the wine business. Have been for the last 35 years. 

Does wine complement music?  Yup. 

I spend way more on audio than I do on wine simply because I get my vino cheap. 

JJ Prum Kabinett with Joni Mitchell. 

Any Port with Tom Waits. Or a good rye whiskey. 

Music doesn't require alcohol to be enjoyed, but it doesn't hurt, either. 

I like the smell of marijuana at concerts even though I haven't partaken in 40 years. It just seems right. 

Last week I listened to Weather Report's "Heavy Weather" whilst absent-mindedly sipping on a domestic Sauvignon Blanc and was thrown back decades when I remembered that the first time I heard the record I was listening to it with a now departed friend, drinking a domestic Sauvignon Blanc. In August. In his backyard. I probably would have had a somewhat similar flashback with just the record alone, but the wine galvanized, and improved the recollection by adding another dimension to it. 

Mateus Rosè, anyone?
I was also in the wine and spirits business for many years, now retired- ye haa!  It is not overrated!

I enjoy a nice glass of wine while enjoying some tunes.  I also like an excellent bourbon on occasion.  

It is curious how my mood changes with my choice of drink - beer for The Allman Bros or Govt. Mule, Wine for Cowboy Junkies or Natalie Merchant, preferably a nice Italian blend, and bourbon for well, everything!

Very interesting how the type music and wine or other drink choice have synergy.  

Not fan of wine except

Wine is always preferred as chase-up with cannabis vape.

A glass of J.M. Gobillard & Fils champagne -w- Mozart.

A glass of Diamond Red -w- The Ramones.

Mateus Rosè, anyone?
Wow, that brought me back to the 60s...the decade, not my age ;-)
And made me think of my friend, Ron Matous, who I have not thought of in years. 

None of that (or it's slightly more economical sibling, Almaden), for me, tho.  My wife's mantra, as a 12 year cancer survivor is "Life is too short for cheap wine",  To which can only say "Amen!"

I've been known to have a glass or two of wine while listening to my system.
I don't belong to a wine club any longer because I select a variety of wines that are better than what the wine club supplied.
I have about equal numbers of LPs and bottles of wine.

Problem is that if I am drinking wine I only play digital - not willing to risk a multi thousand buck stylus disaster.
Wine and music you say......yes I can do that. Wine warms the heart and relaxes the senses...humbly I protest the " critical listeners " of music , I get those who need to make sure the playback equipment they own is up to their critical ears....poopshite. 
Wine and music need not be criticized....I only drink wine when I'm with people or when I'm alone and always when I listen to music..
You don't always need to be a critical listener. Sometimes just zoning out with a favorite wine listening to some favorite music and sinking into it is a pure sensual comforting pleasure.
I don't belong to any clubs but subscribe to the Spec and Absolute Sound. These pastimes are both examples of connoisseurship . In both there have been examples of the connoisseurs telling the scientific experts of a problem and being discounted. In both, the experts later changed their minds. Having an extensive psychological background, I find that intensely interesting.
Yes I drink while listening to music but keep it moderate, if at all, during live music events.
Interesting.  I find a glass of wine increases my focus on the music.  Nor have I ever had the urge to doze off.
I prefer beer. Local Maine IPA. Sometimes a neat bourbon. Always good sounding music.
what music goes best which alcohol?

no need to specify individual climats 
Wine with woman vocals. Whiskey with rock. Gin or vodka with everything else. 
Is coffee okay? To me it is the biggest drug, coffeine is my number 1 addiction. I also tolerate wine, but love to share it with a company, don't like drinking alone. Someone mentioned vaping here, and I must confess I vape every day since I gave up smoking, Airis Mystica II V2  is my everything. I prefer oil concentrates for vaping, meanwhile most of friends of mine enjoy vaping weed huh. The effect must be really excellent, but I guess these practices require special herbal vaporizers in any case. Honestly I'd better smoked a usual blunt, vaping is great precisely with oil and juices.

Oh, music and wine are my two greatest passions. I like to sit by the fireplace in the evening, after a hard day's work, listening to jazz and quietly drinking white wine. I prefer white, and I just have a bottle that I brought from Cyprus last year, so I think I'll drink it today.

Ah, yes....the classic combination: "Wine, women, and song." Therefore I'd expect the next question being about female companionship while tweaking my turntable. But seriously folks....We are members of Winc wine club. After trying others this club consistently sends wine that never falls to impress. A bit pricey but life's too short to drink cheap wine. A little wine for your stomach's sake and your frequent infirmities advices the Holy Bible.(1st Timothy) I like to obey the Bible as much as I can!  I discovered the problem with the harder stuff I occasionally will doze off. Very disappointing since my wife catches me and makes unpleasant observations. Even better when fellow music lover visits and the adult beverages help facilitate a pleasant receptive environment. Good times are had by all.  

'Wine, women, and song' evolved into 'sex and drugs and rock and roll', as Ian Dury's song goes, and I am totally down with that! I don't drink wine, but cannabis sure goes well with music! 

I make my own wine from stuff I grow or stuff I can scrounge from the neighbors. I’d an overwhelming tomato crop last season so I made a 3 gallon batch of tomato wine. It’s just starting to approach maturity and tastes like a dry sherry.

I made 6 gallons of peach wine with peaches from a neighbor’s tree and that’s also close to maturity, though I’ve already drunk 2 gallons of it.

 I suppose I should be into DIY audio, but I’m not.



@rooze did you really make tomato wine? The mind truly boggles man. 😋

LOL!  That reminds of of this guy I worked with for a couple of years in Saudi Arabia.  There was a lot of homemade booze and almost everyone made their own wine . . . this guy I am talking about was a true heavy weight drinker (I am almost certain he must have drank himself to death a long time ago) and he told me that he had made a batch of wine and added some mint julep flavoring to it and he said that it blew his mind that no one wanted to drink it.  So, he then told me, one morning he woke up early and vacuumed his apartment and then he drank all of it that he had left.

For some reason that really cracked me up.


@jond of course, it’s delicious. 

Here’s the tomato (darker) and peach after being transferred from the primary fermenter into the 3 gallon carboys.

 Then here’s a pull from before Christmas, about 6 months in…

And now from about a week ago… it’s much lighter and crisper….


I remember a long time ago tomato juice and beer was sort of popular; I remember it being referred to as a "Montana Mary."  I don't think it tasted anything like a dry sherry, though.

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