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Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
Zu Druid + Leben CS-300. 
Affordable alternativ to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC
As usual Audio Doctor promoting its products. In this case he ignores, deliberately, what the OP wants to hear: a comparison between the PS Audio Stream Dac and others Dacs. Poor selling technique. 
New Cu foil caps: Miflex
I´ve replaced the originals coupling caps in the Yamamoto YDA-01 for Miflex Cu and the improvement was dramatic -I would say, night and day. There are two immediate and discernible effects: 1.- A decongested image, and 2.- The soundstage was bigge... 
Zu Druid 6
PM sent.Thanks. 
Eastern Electric out of business?
As an owner of an Eastern Electric BBA, I´m wondering if there´s no technical support for Eastern Electric products since the company is out of business. What do you think? 
It´s Duelund, no Dueland. 
What area or country do you live in ?
Montrove, La Coruña, Spain. 
Duelund internal speaker wire?
It´s Duelund and not Dueland. 
The Best City to audition High end and Vintage Audio
"They say if you haven't been to Tokyo you haven't been to a city.Would anyone confirm this ?"Me. 
If you could just pick one instrument that you think sounds best on your speakers
Fender Rhodes and Hammond B3 with Zu Druid IV. 
For those of us over 60..
Just turned 60. From the past: Steely Dan, The Beatles, Motown sound and the like.Present: Warren Haynes, Marco Tansini, Bruce Katz, Joe Henry... 
What were your humble beginnings on the path to high end audio?
Circa 1977, Montevideo, Uruguay. My first serious job as a young (very young, -19 years old-) clerk in a bank and I could afford...Pioneer SX-650 that a co-worker´s brother brought from the USGarrard TT with Shure cartridgeDIY loudspeakers with Ph... 
Best speaker/system piano concerts
Right now, right here, listening to Cyrus Chestnut playing live an Steinway & Sons piano with First Watt F5 (clones) power amps plus Zu Audio Druid Mk IV loudspeakers. Lovely and lively piano sound. 
Buy Reel Pletinas etc in Japan
"vhalen", who uses the same nick on Audioplanet (spanish audio forum) has serious difficulties expressing himself in spanish, so go figure in english!"pletinas": funny spanish reference for "cassette deck""reel to reel recorder": magnetófono de bo... 
Bettye Lavette
"...her reworking of Elton John's and Bernie Taupin's "Talking Old Soldiers" from her "The Scene of the Crime" album is a wonderment."Amazing and shaking cover.Right now, listening to her latest "Things Have Changed".