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Power Cables and Affects on Timing (and speed)?
Analogue-free system
first rate digital like Ayre?  or like Schiit? or ??the great thing is you can listen to vinyl as much as you want - or cassettes...but I find the OP to be correct 
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic
There are ZERO tests vs. cleaned connectorsThere are ZERO tests vs. tweak - just fake claims that it turns to goo 
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic
But now that the snake oil is “out there”, it is most important to provide consumer awareness of it, esp. when the shill army is out in force giving positive fake 'reviews'   
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic
or use it on your unicorn to help with the dander 
Anyone Using Crystals?
crystals work great in your graphene connector goo!!!I use it on my pet unicorn! 
Jazz for aficionados
unknown players are sometimes young and just getting known 
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic
it's a great body rub too! 
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic
Faith-based tweeks is right - and don't forget the high price! 
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic
so you don't understand acoustics either?? 
How important is the rack you use for your components
prof is completely correctSure, "let your ears be your guide."  But ONLY your ears, not your expectation biasso, do blind testing 
Small 1 inch high jack.
"Hey Baby!  I got me a big long lever.  Let's Move!"- Archimedes 
Small 1 inch high jack.
lab jack 
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic
you don't have to use heroin to know what it doesand it is very easy to know what something can NOT do (except for the few antiVAXers and others who deny physics and electronics) 
2018 exactly what is ‘High End’ audio?
alternatively, high end audio is when people think they get very high SQ from spending a lot of money for something