Are you a special snowflake?

We all know you're special. But special enough to be the Thought Police? What aspects of audio performance do you grant us the right to discuss? Why is it okay for you to insult, to call us shills, to call the things we value snake oil, ridicule and demean and broadcast your particular and peculiar points of view, but we don't have the right to argue the opposing view? 

Are you really a special snowflake? Or are you just another audiophile with a different point of view? No better, nor worse, than any other.

What is it you feel gives you the right to tell others Shut Up!?

Good one millercarbon!  I think the special snowflakes will melt before they respond to your post.
The cadre of thought police will be goose-stepping into this thread waving Mao's "Little Red Book" in short order. 

Two plus two equals five ...  and don't you dare forget it. 

The cadre of thought police will be goose-stepping into this thread waving Mao's "Little Red Book" in short order.


We call them Mini-Mao's. 

They won't get your reference. Mini-Mao's don't read books. Mini-Mao's read Facebook. Some of the more intellectual ones, Twitter. 

Most of us here have held to the standard of, unless someone has experience with a certain product or, say a better power cable than stock, they can have no valid opinion on that topic. They are just mouthing terms handed down to them by a source they respect. How their source came by their opinion is another question we may be able to unravel--or not. We live in a time of "easy knowledge", information we can read without applying the discipline of referencing sources, and so we question our knowledge base; how do I know what I know, and, what can be known? From Wiki:

Epistemology is the study of the nature of knowledge, justification, and the rationality of belief. Much debate in epistemology centers on four areas: (1) the philosophical analysis of the nature of knowledge and how it relates to such concepts as truth, belief, and justification,[1][2] (2) various problems of skepticism, (3) the sources and scope of knowledge and justified belief, and (4) the criteria for knowledge and justification. Epistemology addresses such questions as: "What makes justified beliefs justified?",[3] "What does it mean to say that we know something?",[4] and fundamentally "How do we know that we know?"[5

Before the censor police show up, let's apply these concepts to audio, please.  

To borrow one of EBM,s phrases.....
I'm going to be up all night thinking about this one.
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Thanks for the laugh, miller.
Are you that oblivious to your own demeanor??
Physician, heal thyself....
  • "Mini-Mao’s.

  • We call them Mini-Mao’s.

  • They won’t get your reference. Mini-Mao’s don’t read books. Mini-Mao’s read Facebook. Some of the more intellectual ones, Twitter."

Now you’ve got to admit, that was funny. Creative too.  :-)

Don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting stir crazy. Haven’t left the house in a month. Just listened to a Cal Tjader, Stan Getz CD. Great music for sure. Dang, these guys were so great.


@millercarbon Has the piano been drinking? Not up to your usual level-headed standard. Surely you can't care about what others say?
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So millercarbon I am curious to know which specific thread got you going? Sounds like it would be an entertaining read so what one was it?
Pretty sure posting a thread asking people if they're special snowflakes makes you a special snowflake. :)
To clarify your position, you would like the people who tell you to “shut up” to also shut up? I’m not entirely sure that your argument is self consistent.
Further I’m not sure something as subjective as audio reproduction can always be argued as opposing points of view. One person’s experience does not dictate another’s best practice, results may vary. The nature of the hobby has multiple redundant paths to satisfaction.
I’m not sure who called you names or hurt your feelings, but it will be ok. I’m sorry not everyone appreciates your specific denomination of audio evangelism. Sometimes people on the internet are wrong. This does not make it your responsibility to correct them.
Enjoy your system tonight. 
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Yeah, none have the right to do that but for some this is an intolerable situation so they do try. Why intolerable ? Well, this could be interesting to discuss, not sure here is the place, though.
Sometimes I tell myself to shut up and then I think - who the hell are you to say that ? That's fun.
Snowflakes should stay out of the kitchen if they know what’s good for them.
But please do educate us on “ mini Mao “. surely such experts have actually BEEN to China ? Worked there ? Built things there ? Exported from there ? Hired there?...and importantly for America, exported to China.

I am expecting crickets from Charlie and Oregon.....
"What is it you feel gives you the right to tell others Shut Up!? "
When that person either posts or answers with an arrogance that the person knows everything and the other person does not.  Or, when every other answer to a post refers him or her to the persons system.  It gives me the feeling like that person is saying that theirs is right VS all the rest of us.  Another thing is when the poster has to post their conspiracy theories or reminds us that they love our President which brings politics into it.  .  

As for myself, I am guilty of getting involved in the Political atmosphere which gets me hyped up and then someone reports my post to a moderator.  Then I get more annoyed and have to keep it all in until the next time at which time I unload on someone.  Not healthy for me or any of us.  I will be the first to admit that I am extra jumpy right now due to the Covid-19 problem, but that is no excuse when I screw up and I should try harder.  I will try harder, how about the rest of us?
Mini mao?
not sure about that but I do see a few mini me’s scurrying about here now and again.
So millercarbon I am curious to know which specific thread got you going? Sounds like it would be an entertaining read so what one was it?

Right. Like it was one. We don't call them Mini-Mao's when its just one. They're all over the place.

There is one though, pages and pages of posts, one NPC after another. Not that they realize it. That's the thing about being NPC: no self-awareness. Literally zero. All they do is snark back and forth. Because, NPC, what they do. 

Years ago the great Peggy Noonan wrote a beautiful article. I'll never be able to do her justice. What she said was, Movies, television, news shows, radio, newspapers, magazines, and books. Today she would add YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. These are the waters we swim in. The water may once have been clean and clear. Today it is a cesspool. But its the whole ocean, and having been born into it and swimming in it our whole lives it seems fine. We don't notice. Aren't even aware we're swimming. Not really.

One day you go a little close to shore, stick your head up, and man the lights bright. Waves thrash you around but you drag yourself ashore somehow. 

Exhausted, you look around. Man, the colors! The air! Its so clear! You can see forever! You go back, try and tell someone. What're you crazy? Swimming? We're not swimming? You're nuts. You go back up, now there's a few more on the beach. You start to make some new friends.

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hmmm....I got here recently...there are above average amount of village idiots did I ended up here...oh...took  a wrong turn at the intersection....gosh
Ironic how a foul water analogy is cited when Lord Dumpsterfire Vader made Mercury and Arsenic pollution standards lower just this week.... but then irony was a Maoist strongman point....
Does anybody here remember the episode of Happy Days where Fonz “ jumped the shark” .

This just might be Chuckles very own “ jumping the shark” episode.
@jafreeman I appreciate your post, neglected as it was. I keep having this fantasy that COVID19 will wake people to the reality of science, facts, and the utility of institutions that act based on those understandings. But it apparently hasn’t yet done so. 
In similar fashion, I doubt that audio discussions should fare any better in developing a rigorous epistemology—and not merely because music reproduction has an aesthetic component to it (de gustibus non disputandum est). 

Our entire system of education has largely failed to train people how to think—and that spills out everywhere. Fora such as this one are not spared from this. Especially when debate is encouraged, such as here, winning will become more important than clearly stating a position and providing support for said position. 
In the meantime, I spent some enjoyable hours listening to internet radio-and am continually surprised at how musical 320kbs can be rendered. 
...I think I'm going to watch all the Davids' slingshot Goliath....*s*

Popcorn, anyone? ;)
As I see it, 75%+ posts written here are garbage. Is it constructive information required in this forum, or do the most common authors think that more posts attributed to you, apparently gives you some unfounded credibility, more so than lesser but more credible posters?
”Empty vessels make most noise”?
I came back after several years away (had to reregister) and it's worse now than it was. Too many people who never got smacked as a kid for running their mouths and it seems most threads have some representative of the political dregs who think every audio topic is appropriate for their deranged prattle. Must have too many members and are trying to thin the herd. Good news, you're succeeding.
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God save us, is nothing safe from such prattle. Soon the kindergartens will only espouse tracing American flags and fingerprinting orange comb overs. 
I dont know what to think about all this bubbles and heat....Friendship is more important than Information here or everywhere....Even in audio…. And Sorry for those who takes audio so seriously, but when you know how to distinguish your ass and head, you dont feel the need to harass, be it the OP or the posters in a thread that is only that, politics apart; but who gives a dam about politics if no one can opposes others in a hard but relatively friendship way....It seems so here for the time being.... :)

Audio is simple, some technical informations any technician can give, impressions and advices from many users, and general fundamental basis: never mind your components, learn how to controls the 4 embeddings of any system... The day all that is said, we can enjoy each other disagreeing in a friendly way.... That is my salt and pepper...

Those who cannot be friend with their opponent can go to hell... Humor and sarcasm are welcome in a polite way...

Apologizing is the more subtle form of disagreement....

I was a Chinese in an another life and I enjoy the Tao....

« Those who say it dont know it, and those who knows dont say it» Lao Tse
What is it you feel gives you the right to tell others Shut Up!?
The moderators here don’t tell anyone to "shut up." They delete posts and threads that are off-topic, attack other members, profane or racist. And that’s about it. For, sure, the OP has had his share of content deleted, but the same rules that apply to him apply to everyone here. So, in a way, it is the OP who is the "special snowflake," angry that he can’t fully express his "feelings" about many things on this site, which is supposed to be about audio and music.

What gives the moderators the right to delete content here? This is a privately-owned site, so administrators set the rules. Those who object can start their own site, or they can continue to play the victim of those they characterize as "special snowflakes."

One thing this thread proves: There are some people here with real anger, disappointment, and resentment issues. I feel sorry for them.