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Active Speakers Don't Sound Better
 Wow. Is there really a debate over where to put one's amplifiers? Fascinating.  
Great Interview-
@8th-note  The Grateful Dead have used McIntosh gear for amplification for a long, long time. I believe Bob Weir has all McIntosh gear at home, too.    
So, a receiver and more power=more money. Not exactly pushing the envelope, but at least it sounds good. LOL     Edit: I stand corrected. More money doesn't get you more power.  
My new B Stock speakers
 I didn't read through the whole thread, so if this has been mentioned I apologize for the redundancy. To be fair to the B&W speakers, they would probably benefit from new capacitors, at their age. I think the Revels will still win out, but a ... 
Bob Weir: "George Jones is my favorite musician."
  While I like George Jones, I also remember that Bob Weir has done a LOT of drugs........ LOL  
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
Wow. So, the rules are: If I don't care for a band/musician/singer then they are the worst ever? If their genre is not my favorite then "they" stink on ice? If every piece of music "they" produced wasn't golden, then "they" should have been tarred... 
Marantz SA10 sacd player
 I second the earlier recommendation of George Meyer. I picked up a used PM-KI Pearl from him and it was, and remains, flawless and exactly as advertised.  
Hi end audio equip sounds better today than in decades past due to tech - T/F
 Very good gear from any era still sounds like very good gear. What has improved the most is the availability of good gear. It is much easier to get better gear than it was 20, 30, and 40 years ago. The SQ I have today would have cost the same in ... 
For my $.02, I have a set of DIY 13 gauge, 4 conductor cables from Parts Express, marketed as speaker cable. The gold plated banana connectors are soldered on with silver solder. They're bi-wire, but only to eliminate the bridge connector between ... 
Turntable prices. Is my mind going?
  Wow. What a cluster of a thread. Firstly, no one called anyone here "poor and ignorant". The poster merely drew a parallel between two imaginary people to make the point that perspective alters personal truth. And the number of people who dismis... 
Concert halls from around the world. What have been your favorites.
@middlemass And wake up in the car Sunday morning, down some warm beers and head next door to the race track. Good times.  
Stuff You Tried To Love
Bryston amps. Dry, sterile, flat, then least musical components I have ever suffered through hearing. McIntosh anything. Just don't like the "house sound" of the big M. Obviously this is subjective.  
Seeking Honest Opinions: Your Experience with McIntosh Audio Gear
The three things I know about McIntosh gear: 1 It holds its resale value incredibly well. 2 Their components tend to be built to last a long time. 3 I'm not a fan of the McIntosh "house sound".*  If I wanted to try McIntosh gear, but wasn't su... 
How does bi-wiring work?
Now that multiple people have told the OP bi-wiring doesn't do anything for their setup, I'll kick in my $.02. With my speakers, I get a subtle but definite improvement. Less so with decent quality jumpers replacing the OEM plates, but still a sli... 
Best Covers
Only three come to mind. The Rockets cover of "Oh Well", David Gilmour's "There's No Way Out Of Here" " and Juice Newton's "Angel Of The Morning".