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Audioquest or Nordost for speaker cable
As had been said there are just too many variables at play here starting with you the listener. I would borrow some cables and try them out in your system and see what you like. I have used the Cable Company for years and have gotten good advice a... 
Insurance for system
Thanks everyone for the great information which I will follow up on. It is a treat to be able to post about an issue and get educated responses like this.  
Insurance for system
@roxy54  I agree with you. I had an evaluation done by a local hifi dealer which I submitted to her. She is young so maybe it is a case of inexperience or maybe she just isn’t interested either way I would prefer to take my money elsewhere as I do... 
My new review for The Absolute Sound comparing AGD GAN amps with BHK300’s
Very nicely done. I look forward to your future reviews.  
Give Up on Bacch?
Yes I would talk to them . They scheduled the implementation for Monday so they should actually give you at least a week to listen to it. I installed the u-BACCH for Windows on my system and enjoy it immensely. Yes, it is essentially a one person ... 
Adona Equipment Racks
I have two of their Signature Series equipment racks as well as two amp stands. In my opinion they are not only attractive but a good value as well. No they aren’t the best out there in vibration control but to address this I use Voodoo Cables Iso... 
Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
At least Stereophile reviews Tekton speakers as this is the second pair they have evaluated. The Absolute Sound as far as I know hasn’t reviewed any. Yes , the speakers are controversial so one would think a magazine for audiophiles would try at l... 
Suggested Power Cable for Streamer
@bluethinker Yes the majority of my system has Voodoo cables. Some are top of the line such as the front end gear and my amps and some are the next tier down.   
Suggested Power Cable for Streamer
I would look at Voodoo cables. They have digital specific cables that make an audible difference. The Cable Company has some on sale and you can try them before you buy them .  
Tekton speaker comparison thread
@passthedutchie I live in what is referred to as Central Maine even though geographically it really isbsouthern Maine. Our house is on a hillside overlooking Sebago Lake which is 45 minutes northwest of Portland. We love company if you want to vis... 
Easy Come Easy Go…….BOOM!
Wow what a disaster. Sorry for your loss. When we built our house on a hillside 7 years ago I had a whole house surge protector installed .  
What would you do?
I agree with the majority in that a tube preamp is the way to go. Even when I had good solid state amps the first time I tried a good preamp I was hooked.   
Will audio gear be ok in unheated house
I have wrestled with this issue also. It is a pain in the neck bringing gear back and forth. Like you, I am mostly concerned about theft. What you plan to do sounds good and going forward I may try it. I swear my integrated tube amp gains 5 pounds... 
What was the best (most impactful) piece of new equipment to hit the market in 2023?
@deep_333 BACCH has been around for awhile but u- BACCH was introduced this year. I purchased it at the introductory price. @scottwheel thanks for the update. Head tracking for two listeners would be great especially if it would work with Windows.  
What was the best (most impactful) piece of new equipment to hit the market in 2023?
@scottwheel u-BACCH doesn’t have head tracking which is one of the reasons it is a lot less expensive than BACCH. Tell me about side by side seating ?