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Is there such a thing as a FOREVER DAC/streamer?
At my age I don’t think there is a forever DAC. However as technological change is rapidly accelerating I would say not. I would not rely on a DAC to rely on to give me the ongoing audio pleasure I would be happy with. Only my opinion, and it ha... 
About users with hidden agendas
Having being thoroughly entertained by this whole thread, I thought at times, Where is Judge Judy? or at other times the hilarious lines from Abbot and Costello,Who’s on first base…… etc. The other peculiarity is (and don’t take this personally T... 
Enigma MCMXC A.D. AG 🇦🇺  
Not sure Rumor or Truth that Max Townshend has passed?
Condolences to the Townshend family. Max’s genius reached around the world including Australia. We all, I’m sure will miss his contributions to audio world. RIP Max. AG 🇦🇺  
Two of the most powerful words ever
or simply “How ?”… AG🇦🇺  
RIP oregonpapa
Oh so sad. Frank and I shared a few emails, and I’m sorry he passed first. As you all have said what I would have, RIP Frank. To Frank’s family, remember and be happy to have enjoyed his life. Adrian 🇦🇺    
Forum Updates 11/24/2021
All wonderful. Well done. Need spellchecker and grammar checking  and that will make 50% legible along with the other 50%. shame we couldn’t have a rudeness checker too. AG 🇦🇺  
Describe the sound of point source loudspeakers?
I’ve not contributed to the forum much any more as I believe I have stereo speakers which give so much air, stage with such balanced treble, mid- range and bass that I need no more. Mk2 of much improved brilliance is being released soon. Shame I c... 
Great song to test bass
Band: NewmusicAlbum : ChurchesHow low can you go with out physically vibrating…🇦🇺 
RE: the question: ":Why do forum interactions become contentious". . .
This forum often reminds me of the behaviour of our parliamentary representatives in question time. It’s very embarrassing when there is a dignitary observing from the visitors seats above.People observing the TV telecast must wonder who actually ... 
Grateful Dead- Sotheby's Auction
I suspect much of what is on offer has been blasted to death. Unless it’s signed by the members of the band most of it is useless and not worth bragging about…AG.  🇦🇺 
RE: the question: ":Why do forum interactions become contentious". . .
Unfortunately that’s human nature on social media where interaction is hidden behind a keyboard.I wonder if the interface was changed to zoom or some such where real people can be seen, behaviour would be more respectful.AG. 🇦🇺 
You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?
Wilson and Luxmanin front storeevery thing else in the back of the store.AG 🇦🇺 
Advice on a streamer
I love reading the submissions posted on AG, but it seems at times it's a competition about what is owned, or a perception of the components performance, a reference to the red book, or very much the geographics of the OP, which means what brands ... 
Advice on a streamer
I have a Audio Cocktail X45 and a Cambridge 851N, in two separate (very good) systems. Each for a different individual purpose but both have excellent streamers. The 851N is slightly more mellow than the X45 but the clarity of both is excellent. I...