Affordable US Made Tube Pre/Power or Integrated Options

I'm considering switching to tube amplification from solid state. I'm fine with separate pre/power or an integrated. I'll be driving Enzo XL's in a smallish room (17x14) and listening levels are almost always <90db so 30-40 watts should be more than enough. My budget is fairly modest, $2-3k all in. I don't need phono or more than 3 inputs but I would like remote for volume at minimum. Quality build and sound is a priority as is ease of support/repairs if needed. The one unique requirement is that my preference would be for US made if at all possible. Obviously, this limits the options quite a bit but I'd like to see if I can make it work. If not, I'm willing to look at other options.

Here's what I've found so far

Mapletree Line 2CRM, $800 (not US but close)
LTA MZ2- $1595

Power Amps:
Tubes4hifi ST70-35w, $1300
Audio by Van Alstine Ultravalve-35w?, $1599
Quicksilver Mid Mono-40w each, $1995/pair

Rogue Cronus- 100w, $2395
Any others?

I'm open to any other options you may know of. Also, if there's any insight or positive experiences with matching pre/power amp please share. I'm new to tubes so I have a lot to learn.

You'll have more options if you buy used.
Take a look through the Audiogon marketplace

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If you are looking for US made, I have only good things to say about Rogue and Raven.  I have a lot of respect for the owners of both companies and like the way their products sound.  I personally still own a Rogue Hydra despite not being a re-seller of the line.  
Dennis Had Inspire Audio. Dennis the Founder and former President of Cary Audio builds tube Amps and Preamps to order. You can contact him on E-Bay his handle is Radioman 731.
Manley Labs.
I have 2 systems. The more expensive one has Cary a SLP-05 preamp and Pass Labs XA 60.5 power amps.
At less than 1/4 the price for amplification, the cheaper system with a Manley Stingray II sounds better.  Of couse there many other variables, including room effects, but both systems are otherwise comparable. It demonstrates that a low-powered all tube integrated can sound great in the right system and setting. 
Really like the Dennis Had recommendation.  Decware and/or Audio Mirror might work for you also.  Rogers is USA made, but beyond the budget.
I’ve owned Rogue. Before that I owned Conrad Johnson Premier. Liked Rogue better. Eventually went to Pass. I don’t miss tubes at all 
I've said it before and will again'
You can't go wrong with any of these.
Van alstine and modwright are two top tier choices!

 Depending where your at, Van alstine is a great company, you can talk directly with the owner.

If you can find them, the Dennis Had designed Cary Audio Six pacs will astound you. They are 50W triode mono blocks that can be had used around $1500-$1700. Absolute tube nirvana.

I also recommend Raven Audio Nighthawk integrated.  And they have a 45-day trial, can return if you don't like it, minus return shipping.  I got one after listening to Primaluna and Rogue at dealers.  All sounded good, just each have different character and I preferred Raven.  Probably also helped that I could listen to Raven in my house with my system.  Upscale Audio sells Primaluna and I believe has a 60 day trial period minus shipping and tubes.  Not sure about Rogue.
Quicksilver’s preamp is $1295 and very hard to beat; sounds great, point to point wiring, American made, comments which helped me toward this unit testified to rugged reliability and great customer service. I also bought the 60wpc amps. That’s above your price point but the 40 watts would fit the bill. At list preamp and monoblocks would be $3290. Quicksilver also makes a nice integrated for $1995 that I heard power some 85db Dynaudios.

You might consider the Erhard's Basie amp, too --
The VTL EL-34 has a remote and used is right in your price range, sweet sonics and great California company. Rogue, Quicksilver are also excellent 
Look at Bob Carver Crimson 275s.  75 wpc stereo tube amp made in USA with point to point wiring and some Carver tweeks that run tubes cool.  They are A/B push/pull with feedback.  They come with a 10 year tube warranty.

A lot of high-enders poo poo Bob Carver, but he's an electrical genius and his current offerings are made here.  I have his Raven 350 monoblocks and they sound great.

If you want to really get the ultimate tube sound and go the SET route, consider Decware, also made in US and a little higher endish, but affordable, and money back trials available, as with Raven audio:

If you are patient you can get a used Pass Labs XA25 for
$3k. Then you still need a preamp and whoops-there goes the
budget. But Wait! If you don't have multiple sources the screw
the preamp. Remote will have to be via your other sources.

I recently purchased a wonderful tube pre from 10 Octave, a small company out of Georgia and have paired w an upgraded Carver M 1.0t driving Forte III’s. For my amateur audiophile ears very balanced sound w great base extension. Around $1100. 
Check out Belles Aria integrated----I've only seen great reviews for this piece. Good luck!
+1 on Decware - made in USA - amps, preamp and integrated - all tubes, all pt to pt wiring internally 
PrimaLuma Integrated or HP integrated, Manley Stingray, Rouge Audio used will fit your budget. PL has a great remote.
I strongly second the Raven Audio Nighthawk MK3 recommendation above - I have it, and IMO you can't equal it for the money, much less better it.
I was looking at Prima Luna early on. Is it made in the US as the OP prefers?
Don’t own it but put Line Magnetic on the list along w Sugden signature
i own quicksilver and dealers may have a nice Corona discount off retail (also buy their demos)
If you are newbie to tube amp.

Rogue Cronus will be good for first try since Rogue customer service is first rate.

After tube rolling of input tubes, it sounds pretty nice.

I have Telefuken 12ax7 and Amperex 12au7 with Cronus Magnum II.
Lots of good options on your list. I own the Tubes4hifi st-70, and its a fantastic amp. Bob Latino is quick to answer any questions you may have, and is a great guy to deal with. I could not be happier with it.

Best of luck with your decision.
Used BAT (balanced audio technology)
Built like tanks, sound great, American made.
VK55, 55SE, 60, 75, OR 75SE are all very good to great amps. 
+1 for Quicksilver integrated. American and hand made point to point. Excellent sound and quality.
I’d avoid the Tubes4HiFi/VTA like CoViD-19.

Tubes4HiFi/VTA products are poorly designed to be as cheap as possible.

I bought a factory built pair of the M-125 monoblocks. Factory built, the absolute worst assembly of any tube amp owned in over 50 years. They come nowhere close meeting the claimed specs. see

IMO, the designs suffers from fatal flaws [e.g. un-compensated LM334 causes gain to vary slightly between channels over about 10 minutes after an inordinately long warm up] and poor gain structure choices. They are marginally stable. Most will not have issues, but some... see in for an example.

They can be made to work properly for very little extra work.

Smilin’ Big Bob called me an Audio Zealot, banned my DTAF account and deleted my posts. People from all over the world have contacted me with similar issues with both their amplifiers and lack of support from Messrs. Latino & Mottram.

BTW, ignore all tube rolling advice. Just as amplifiers sound different in different systems, so to with tubes. Tubes vary greatly, not only from brand to brand, but from tube to tube and over time.
The tubes4hifi pieces are all available as kits.  They really aren't that hard to build.  Tubes4hifi also provides excellent support for builders.  For about $2200, you could easily afford their best preamp, the SP14 and the ST120 (60 wpc) power amp.   $3000 would get you both fully assembled and tested.
+1 for Decware, I have a couple of Steve's pieces and they sound awesome. If you are willing to spend some hours on the soldering bench Bottlehead represents amazing value for the dollar (or buy fully assembled, or used). 
ANyone have an all Decware system?  How does it sound?

Seem like very well thought out products that offer very good value.
There's a Rogers EHF-100 listed here on Audiogon. Made in USA. I've heard several of the Rogue integrated amps and the Rogers. The Rogers sounds way better IMHO. 
I have the Decware SE34.5 Rachael and it is amazing. I use it with a Conrad Johnson PF11 preamp. I have also had a Dennis Had Firebottle which sounded just as good and was a lot of fun to try different tube types in. Just be sure to use good tubes either NOS or read reviews on the newer tubes.
New Schiit Freya (original version) into a slightly used Dennis Had Inspire "Firebottle" cost (the Had amp was used for maybe 3 months) under 2 grand...sound? Superb.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I've got some reading to do now.

I'm interested in Decware except I'm wondering if the amps in my range (Torii Jr, Zen Triode primarily) would have enough power. That's really the only thing holding me back from these lower powered amps. We sit ~9ft from the XL's and they have ~90db sensitivity. It looks like for typical listening levels, 80dbs or so, I'd be fine as only a couple watts are needed. It's when the level is higher (mostly peak, not continuous) that I'm wondering about how the lower powered amps will do.

What kind of practical headroom does a well done tube amp have? I see claims that "tube watts are different than solid state watts" but is it really a matter of the power supply?
Check out Whammerdyne Heavy Industries, tube SET amps, out of Portland, Oregon, Pat Hickman says his designs are the best in the world, I have no idea if he is correct or not but I love my integrated DGA1 (Damn Good Amp version 1).
The person who makes and sells these says that they are the best in the world? They may be good but that is one very questionable data point. The fact that you love them carries much more weight.
I have the MicroZOTL MZ2 with the Pass Labs XA25. Might also look at one of the first watts. 
There is a used Cary CADSEI 300 listed on audiogon right now. I'm using one of these 15 watt SET integrated amps to drive Wilson Sasha 2's, and it's wonderful. 3 inputs and a volume only remote. I sold on a more expensive tube preamp and ss amp combo because I loved the SET midrange, particularly on vocals. And personally I don't feel that I sacrificed anything in the bass reproduction.