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Tube Preamp: How many tubes does it take to .................
My current Luxman Cl38u SE has eight tubes five for the preamp and three for the phono. Previously I had a CJ ET3 SE it had only one tube.  
Best Floorstanding Speakers Buyers Guide 2023 !
Aerial speakers are also missing.  
Mark Levinson Repairs
Glad I own Bryston amps. They will fix any amp they built.  
Shindo vs the world
Art Dudley was also a big fan of the Luxman CL 38u SE tube preamp. He compared it very favorably w/his Shindo preamp.  
Fezz Audio Mira Ceti 300b?
My local dealer recently picked up Fezz Audio. The 300B is 8 wpc and matches up nicely w/Klipsch Heritage. speakers. It's also auto bias so it's easy to change tubes. Also comes in a variety of colors.   
Luxman PD 151 mk 1 or Feickert Volare
I was at my Audio Video Therapy this past Friday for their spring audio show Luxman was in attendance with the new 191A. Very impressive. I have a 171A and apparently in about 6 months you will be able to buy the new tonearm for the 171. The new a... 
Forte 4A vs. Belles 350A vs. Belles 350A Reference
 I had a Forte 4A for many years. It's a lot more powerful than the specs indicate. I hooked up the amp w/a pair of Thiel 2.3 floor standing speakers and it smoothed out the top end of the speakers but still had plenty of detail. Only drawback the... 
Pairing Bryston 28b3 with tubes
I have a much smaller Bryston Amp the 3B Cube and I have it hooked up to a Luxman CL38U se all tube preamp. For me an excellent combo.   
What amps are out there that are Class A, 50 wpc into 8 ohms?
For about 15 years I had 3 Class A Amps.Two modified Threshold T-50's that were originally owned by a former Threshold employee. The amps were modified at Threshold to work as 90 wpc mono blocks. Also a classic Forte 4A 50 wpc amp. If you can find... 
LP Cleaning Services
I would check out the Record Genie. I've used his services in the past. He also gives you a new record sleeve w/the cleaning.. Excellent service.  
Considering moving to separates with a tube preamp-appreciate recommendations
A CJ ET3 se w, a Bryston 3B cube.   
NEW turntable from Luxman PD-191a, introduced in Japan.
I have the PD-171a. Cosmetically it looks quite similar to mine. No more Jelco arm so I aaume the new arm is the LTA-309. Also my TT does 33 & 45 rpm. The 191 adds 78rpm. no interest in that function. The PD171a was just under 7K w/dustcover i... 
Preamp for VPI Prime 21 turntable $300-800
Around $1400-$1700. The Sutherland Insight, Parasound JC JR, Eat E-Glo tube phono. Are some phonos to look at. On the used side I saw on Audio Mart a 2K 3 year old LFD phono for $995. The Seller is an LFD dealer. In addition he’ll set it up the ph... 
Preamp for VPI Prime 21 turntable $300-800
A $5500 TT w/a 2K cart. what phono are you currently using?? I agree w/ozzy62 you need something in a higher price range or maybe look at some used phonos where you can get a good deal.   
Used Bryston 7b-SST or Emotive XPA-DR1
Bryston has a Back To The Future program for their amps 20 years older and up. They will bring your amp up to spec. You also get a limited 3 year warranty,. Used Bryston amps are one of the safest buys on the market. They will fix any amp they hav...