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Full range stand mounted speakers
Thank you all for your suggestions. I’ll see how the kittens treat the one.r’s. Grills are not removeable.  
Full range stand mounted speakers
Recommendations please.  
Storage boxes. Can I discard high end shipping boxes, and still sell in the future?
Does anyone know the dimensions of the Goldenear Triton One.R speaker shipping boxes?  
Storage boxes. Can I discard high end shipping boxes, and still sell in the future?
If I flatten the boxes and discard the original foam, will the resailability be as adversely affected? In thebfuture I can ship the equipment in the original boxes, but with new bubble wrap or other internal material.  
Let me end the Premp/Amplifier sound debate ...
@larry5721 Perhaps @willgolf is the wife. Or perhaps he has an understanding husband. Or perhaps he (she) is unattached. Or perhaps it was the partner that urged the $50k purchase. Most likely to me: $$$ in this range are largely insignificant i... 
Hearing aids
I put off getting a hearing aid for a long time because I thought it would distort the fidelity of my high quality music listening. What a mistake. I have typical high frequency hearing loss with age - worse in one ear than the other. So I investe... 
Best Integrated that you've heard under $5k
Btw, just got back from a live jazz concert - Branford Marsallus - and the Stingray system sounds completely authentic. Very convincing. 
Best Integrated that you've heard under $5k
Haven’t heard Raven or Leben, but Manley Stingray is great in my system. Using 90 db speakers in a med-small room. Detailed, natural and spacious. 
"Power Cords-More Recent"
Have no experience with Audioquest or Morrow in my system, but Audioquest has sounded very good in dealer systems also. 
"Power Cords-More Recent"
Most of the power cords in my system are Cardas, Acoustic Zen, or Wireworld. At the $400-$500 range, they are almost equivalent in my system. I would recommend Wireworld from your list. 
What Integrated Amp do You use
Manley Stingray II. One of the best sounding amps I’ve had. Better than Cronus Magnum II by a lot in my system. Have fairly efficient speakers, 92 db. Also beats much more expensive solidstate monoblocks that I’ve had - Mark Levinson 436.On a par ... 
I have had different models of Audio Physic speakers. They all produced a wide soundstage beyond the speaker boundaries. I have tried many positions in a few very different rooms. The speakers just disappeared in a very wide stage. Most were older... 
Which amplifier should i buy
Another vote for tube preamp and ss amp. I have Cary SLP-98P F1 and modied SLP-05. Either one driving a Pass amp sounds excellent.  
HDMI ARC vs. toslink optical for stereo
I’m interested in what happens to the signal before it becomes optical. In the HDMI ARC case, thereis a conversion to optical the non- ARC case, the conversion is in the tv. Both methods yield optical into my dac.Which method is more... 
Stereophile's 2021 products of the year
Stereophile and TAS reviews are way more credible than the opinions expressed in this forum. All three can be useful, however. The fourth source, of course, is direct listening at a dealer. But dealer equipment is limited, and dealers are rare in ...