My experience with The Music Room

In short it was a good one.I purchased a set of Revel Salon 2 speakers in mahogany. I bought them sight unseen and l didn't listen to them but judging from there reputation l took a chance.My sales person was great,as soon as l paid they were on a pallet coming across country. They arrived right away in factory boxes and were shrink wrapped in waterproof material. I also noted that the strapping was nylon instead of steel and there were protective pads at all touch points.Best of all the speakers would have passed for brand new.The grills,spikes and instructions were in unopened wrappers.There was a nice thank you letter inside.l would not hesitate to buy from them in the future. I can only speak from my experience and it was great. 


They went to Chicago .They were delivered with a motorized pallet jack. Shipping was 800.00 l didn't care,they arrived mint

I bought my NAM M33, Cardas cables, and Triangle speakers from them.   TMR takes great care with the equipment and the customers.   Absolutely no complaints and I’ll buy from them next time.

TMR is located in Denver. I’ve had a tour of their facility there. It is truly top notch. Quite impressive. Highly recommend them.

My experience with the music room was with an employee named John , who promised to let me pay for a set of cables to use with my system and if they weren’t a match I could get store credit  for something else, well I decided to call in for Some advice, when I mentioned I was bi amping B&W 802D3 he with 4 Classe 25s he practically laughed at me and said what was I thinking, and that if I bought they Scientific Research cables and they weren’t match I would be out of luck, he would not explain what I was doing wrong or anything, I asked what was wrong and he mentioned something along the lines of doing business with people like me,  I still don’t get what is wrong with my system, I wanted to get rid of the 2 sets of Heimdells , but not sure what to do now

They are a fine outfit for sure but this is kinda becoming an infomercial...


Congrats on the Salon 2's!  They are so sweet and wonderful!  They love good amplification and reward you with every system upgrade.

My experience was similar buying KEF Reference speakers and stands. Professionally packed and promptly shipped. I would recommend TMR. 

Coincidently just this morning I pulled out of my desk drawer a Thank You card signed by Josh. He coordinated my PS Audio second hand purchase. Likewise my experience was professional, hassle free.

I am in the minority of customers who received 100% inoperable equipment -- a CD player -- from TMR. With the situation of my life then, I had no way to seek redress. Ok, so I ate the 1500 or so. It was just too bad, I guess.

I would not purchase from TMR again without planning the time to deal with the possibility of grossly inaccurate description of equipment.

But I am clearly in the minority here.


I traded in a McIntosh power amp for a more powerful McIntosh power amp.  I sent my amp to them and within 2 days of them receiving it, my new amp was shipped to me and there was a nice thank you note from Josh inside the box.  The amp has performed flawlessly for the past 3+ years.  Previously I bought a Conrad Johnson MF2550 amp from them at almost half price.  It looked brand new when I received it even though it was used.  I ended up selling it for more than I paid through TMR.  Highly recommended.  I only deal now with TMR and Audio Classics.

I’ve purchased full size floor standing speakers, delicate tube electronics and plenty of cables from TMR. All were 100% trouble free transactions and shipments. In my experiences, a great company to do business with. And yes, the sales staff are polite and have sent me thank you cards. I highly recommend them.

Two questions…

Was there a less expensive option than $800?

Did you also have to pay sales tax?

I have placed multiple purchases with TMR and everything went smooth.  Great prices and wonderful packaging.

In the past year or so I have re-cabled my system with Audience Front Row cables, all of which are from TMR. I also purchased my VPI Classic Signature table, Bryston 28B-SST mono's, and Cary DMS-600 steamer. All purchases went well, the customer service was exemplary, shipping was fast and all was received unscathed. If asked, they are willing to negotiate on their listed prices. I plan to consider them for any future upgrades/purchases.

I had traded in a headphone to them

I would have rated them a 9. When I saw them listed, I  noticed that they rated them a 7. Their ratings seem to be nicely conservative. 

@eurorack Did your cd player stop working outside of The Music Room’s window of return or was the cd player inoperable upon receiving it?  I returned a pair of Cardas Clear power cables to them because I didn’t like them.  No issues.

This is from their frequently asked questions section on their website; “…we do offer a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed return policy, along with a 90-day warranty, on every product we sell.”

@dbt The player was DOA. It never worked at all. The wording of the condition in their listing leads me to believe that problem(s) were known, but that is spilled milk. My fault is not acting within the return window.

My experience was unfortunate, I did a deal with someone there, I think it was a fellow named Josh, to trade my current amplifier and cash for a Mark Levinson 33H. This was through Audiogon. Was ready to go when I received a call that my mother was rushed to emergency and when I arrived she was in a coma and never regained consciousness. She passed a week and a half later. I let the deal rest (I literally didn’t even think about it) and when I finally looked at emails and Audiogon a couple weeks later I saw some scathing messages from them and they blocked me on Audiogon so I was unable to respond to them. I’m still blocked today, 20 years and approximately 400 positive feedback. I own the responsibility that I looked like a deadbeat for not responding but in my own opinion I would not just block someone from ever doing business with me again that has a tenured track record like mine. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over my years as an audiophile. It’s like changing your mind on a deal, which I didn’t, and the store never allowing you in the door again!

Gnaudio my experience with TMR is  good. If I have your finances I won’t even worry about it. Just move on. But thank you for sharing it.

I have dealt with TMR numerous times and have always been very pleased with the result. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy through them again. Their condition ratings are excellent. 

I have bought, sold and traded a whole list of equipment as I was working on putting together my listening system and room. Got great advice along the way when needed and even persuaded against a purchase for a lesser cost item that turned out to be the best choice. With their 14-day return policy and decent pricing, I felt I couldn’t go wrong and I was right. Shipping has always been right sized for the item and every item has been fully as described. I recommend TMR highly.

I purchased a pair of new Mission 770 loudspeakers from TMR a few weeks ago. I'll be trading in my previous loudspeakers as part of the deal. They have been great to work with so far. I'll get my old speakers packed up this weekend, following their very through packing guidelines. TMR is paying for shipping both ways and will give me trade-in value plus sales tax difference upon receiving and verifying my speakers.

I had the option of sending my speakers in first, but I wanted the opportunity to compare old vs new within the context of my room and system before settling on a decision. Ryan at TMR has been very accommodating and helpful throughout the process. I'd be happy to deal with them again if the need arose.

@gnaudio 'This was through Audiogon."

This could have been part of the problem and gap. Also, as per your post -  life brings all kinds of unexpected situations. Terrible things happen. I'm heading to the hospital right now for my father-in-law, just put on a trach and ventilator in ICU.  Given a chance to discuss, usually most people are understanding, and it can sometimes take a phone conversation to explain and humanize it a bit more.

In the case of TMR Audio, I always deal with them first over an email, online fill-in page, etc...always followed by a phone call or two.  I do find it helps.  Sometimes email and online messaging alone may not always be helpful. Words in writing can get confused and can lack emotion or empathy some times.   Hopefully you can get still get unblocked somehow, whatever the case may be. Best of Luck. 



@decooney i hope everything works out to the best outcome for you and your family, it’s never easy.

I certainly don’t blame them but I when I went to respond and it said I was blocked, In my own mind and experiences, I decided that may not be the best place to deal if I ever encountered a problem with something I bought there. I wasn’t going to go out of my way to plead my case to unblock me.

Im sure they are a great company and there are lots of fantastic comments here about them. It was just my experience I was mentioning and I was partly at fault for sure!

All the best to you!

I have purchased from MD many times.  In fact I just placed an order for a couple of power cords about two hours ago.

Enjoy you new speakers!

I have done a lot of business there.  Both buying and selling.  I have had nothing but a great experience with them.   I always ask for Jason Manning.  Great guy to deal with.

I like TMR and have had good experiences with them as a buyer. But before you buy a used item from them (or anyone), I suggest requesting the serial number of the item so you can check with the manufacturer on its actual age. I bought from TMR once and it turned out to be an older item than originally described in the ad. 

I have had outstanding buying experiences with both TMR (ML No. 523) and Audio Classics (ML No. 515), When I picked up the preamp at TMR, I was given a tour and accorded a listening with Wilson Benesch speakers and other high end components. The folks at Audio Classics installed my Ortofon A95, recently returned from Denmark after a receiving a complete overhaul, before shipping it to me. I would highly recommend both without hesitation!

@eurorack That was an unfortunate situation with your cd player.  I doubt they knew the unit was inoperable as something could have happened while it was in transit to you.  Mail services don’t always handle our electronics with care.  You would have been good to go if you returned it within your return window.  I know issues arise with electronics, buying new houses or cars.  What’s important to me is, how does the Hifi dealer, home builder or car dealer handle my warranty issue.  TMR will take care of you within the warranty window.  That’s all I can ask for as they have no control over something that stops working unless they knew it before selling it. Kinda hard to prove they knew?

I bought a Cyrus i7XR from TMR in the fall.   It was steeply discounted as Cyrus discontinued it.  Because of their return policy I decided to try it for a second system.   Turned out to be a great amp , service was great too

I have both bought and sold from/to them several times.  Each transaction has been trouble free. I couldn’t have expected or asked for more.

Last week, I purchased a Clearaudio Double Matrix Pro Sonic record cleaning machine from TMR. It was an open box unit that appears top have never been used. It was discounted very well and I used $200.00 of my rewards points. Shipping via Fed-X was fast and uneventful. Another satisfied purchase for me to chock up with TMR.

Quite often, 'open-box' items were unsealed just so they can sell it below the list price, as some vendors/manufacturers will not let retailers sell their new gear for under that. Once the box has been unsealed, it is no longer 'new' and the retailer can sell for a better price.