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Where Do I Go from Here?
I agree with others that attending an audio show or two will be time and money well spent. Hearing other gear will give you perspective and also help you rule out some options. I attended AXPONA this year primarily to hear a broad array of speaker... 
Impact of a DDC using SPDIF (not I2S)
Thank you for all the replies, this is very helpful. What I am hearing is that a DDC is most effective when the source is lower quality or if there is a genuine need to convert or split the signal to different formats. Given that I have a well reg... 
AudioQuest PowerQuest 707 Review
Thanks for sharing. A new power conditioner is in my future and I will consider AudioQuest.   
Relaxed/Analog sounding DAC for under $10k (used or new)
I have not sampled a ton of DAC’s, but I also gravitate towards the relaxed, analog sound over extreme detail. I recently upgraded from the Schiit Gungnir Multibit R2R DAC to a Merason Reuss, and it fits the bill. I bought this based on the advice... 
Gryphon Diablo 120
Which version of the coda 8 do you have? I know there are three versions with one being biased more towards class A, but then being having reduced watts in 8, 4 loads.    I have version 1 with 18 watts of class A, and 150/300 into 8/4 ohms. Bas... 
Gryphon Diablo 120
Thanks, it sounds like you did your homework. I would use a Coda #8 which should drive them handily. You can check out my virtual system. I am using KEF Reference One’s now and I really like them, but heard QLN’s at AXPONA this year and was smitten.  
Gryphon Diablo 120
Full hijack mode now, I am curious what speakers you replaced with the QLN’s.   
Diving into balanced
Go with 1 meter. Some are not super flexible and shorter cables can stress the connections.   
Gryphon Diablo 120
Thanks. The QLN's sound like a good fit for me as well.  
Gryphon Diablo 120
Not to derail, but we think alike as I have a Zenith and a Merason and I am thinking about the QLN 3’s, interested in your impressions of these speakers.   
Wireworld Eclipse 8 interconnect - opinions please
I'm trying the Eclipse 8 rca but it seems to be a bit dry and lacks dynamic, bass is too lean.   Hmmm, not my experience at all with these cables, though I am using XLR’s. After 200 hours I would not expect much more change.   
Low Cost AC Regenerator
@carlsbad2 This is not a regenerator. It is a voltage regulator.  Sorry for the slow response, thanks for setting me straight. I assumed that because the units can step voltage up and down that the transformer is being used for regeneration. In... 
Looking for a true upgrade in sound quality
A capable system indeed. Try the tweaks for the network, hopefully that smoothes things out. As for DAC’s I will second the Merason suggestion, I have a Reuss, very natural.     
Audience Front Row?
I will be interested in your results, please post once the cable has settled in to your system. I am a big fan of OCC, it is plausible that it makes a difference.   
Putting together a used/new combo system. (Long)
Given his tastes, skip the preamp and go high power integrated. NAD is great gear for rockers, I was one, and had one. I recommend a used NAD 375BEE, gobs of power, and darn good sound. If he wants higher quality sound he can bypass the pre later ...