Clean power and it's affect on sound quality

Been reading quite a bit about how clean power can affect sound quality by segregating the system from the dirty grid with power conditioners, high-end power cables, isolators, and even off-grid battery-powered systems.

I've noticed some changes in sound quality with regards to better power supply, especially with regards to the older house I was in vs. the newly built house I'm in now. The older home had a warmer tone due to 50 years of copper wiring being burned in. My new house is brighter because the copper wiring hasn't been burned in yet.

But one thing I also noticed is that when I recently changed the batteries in my remote controls from your typical Duracell batteries to the solar-rechargeable batteries I use now. The sound quality really improved. Dynamics were improved across the board, tonality was warmer...more golden, like a sunset vs. mid-day bright. The soundstage opened up as well with more airiness and clarity to the instrumentation regardless of my media source. I highly recommend using solar-rechargeable batteries for your remotes vs the standard OEC batteries that came with the remote. I think you'll notice a vast improvement in sound quality - being cleaner and warmer. 


Are you talking about a remote control that you hold in your hand? Your post isn’t making sense to me, or did you add that as joke?

If you are indeed referring to batteries on handheld remote controls, that is absurd and has absolutely nothing to do with the audio quality.


@ellajeanelle My post is written in a clear manner. Let me "shed" some light on it. Remote controls have everything to do with sound quality as they control the power and volume and in some cases inputs of my components. Sure I can use the power button, volume and input knobs on my components but then that short circuits the signal from my remote. And I’ve discovered that solar-powered batteries offer a warmer sound than the OEC batteries. 😊

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@carlsbad2 Crystals, if the chakras have not been properly aligned, can cause harmonic distortion. I have found that Audioquest silver thread spun Chrystals(TM) have a THD of near zero across the frequency domain.  Cardas Cable Oil works great to reduce nano-friction between the dermal and thermoplastic interfaces, thus making for a smoother listening environment. Which anyone can appreciate.  

Chanting OMs however is a bit too snake-oily for me. The masticating vibrations cause noticeable signal interferences to the auditory mechanisms attached to my cranium. 


bipod72 OP

The best thing to do is have your speakers face north.  The magnetic field from the earth will improve the sound and make you believe that you are listening to much more expensive equipment.  It also helps if you paint your speaker magnets with nail polish, but the polish must be organic, or it will make them sound like an AM radio. Be sure to use hot pink because other colors will make your speakers sound dull! 🤣

@ellajeanelle If I'm concerned about polarity issues, should I flip the speaker before facing them due North? Do hi-fi enthusiasts in Alaska have noise issues when the Northern Lights are at their most active? 

I will run fingernail polish tests on these new Cannibus Rex drivers I bought for a DIY kit. Since the drivers use natural fiber, I think your recommendation for the organic polish is a good fit. 



bipod72 OP:

The norther lights won't affect your equipment as long as your ceiling is purple, and you use non-metallic paint.

Any brand of polish will do as long as it’s organic just make sure to use west to east strokes with the brush to negate any magnetic fluctuations.

"The older home had a warmer tone due to 50 years of copper wiring being burned in. My new house is brighter because the copper wiring hasn't been burned in yet."

HUH? We need to "burn in" the house wiring?


 @ellajeanelle I'm beginning to think you are trying to pull my leg. I don't think purple paint will help the situation at all. 

@tablejockey I’m surprised that more audiophiles do not talk about this especially considering that we talk about burn-in rates for the cables, wires, speakers and components themselves. I would imagine a 1960s home with all copper wiring and mains would sound very different (all things remaining constant) vs. a 1990s home as the former has 30 years of burn-in time and thus the power is mellower vs. the newer home. This is why people enjoy a classical home vs. a very modern glass home as the former sounds warmer and intimate while the latter is more revealing and bright.

Just experiment!  You'll get there one day.  I'm too busy helping others with quantum physics until further notice...🤔

I'd like to add another under-appreciated tweak: half and half instead of milk in your coffee. Soundstage gets not only wider but deeper, and any hint of sibilance is completely eliminated.


hilde45: Why not add some LSD to that coffee also? The OP will be able to see the sound as well as hear it! No need for a pricey TV or premature depletion of those solar batteries...

@hilde45 half-n-half is definitely the way to go. I've noticed it makes the bass sound a bit heftier even when compared to whole milk. 


@ellajeanelle I might suggest psilocybin because it has a more natural sound and is a tad more mellow. LSD is the solid state version whereas the psilocybin is the tube version. Just don't do a hybrid LSD-psilocybin set-up. This will result in overloading the system and will permanently damage your speakers. 

Why not add some LSD to that coffee also? The OP will be able to see the sound as well as hear it! No need for a pricey TV or premature depletion of those solar batteries...

@ellajeanelle  , now you're talking!  Count me in--I'm on board!

How about vibration isolators for the remote control, couldn't that help sound quality as well?


Sorry couldn't resist...😝

I thought this was a serious post, but if you aren't washing your batteries and speakers in Dawn every three months are you really even trying?

I built a AC current scrubber. I took a wire brush and braised it to my mains one for the positive and one for the common. Then I put them both together and attach them with hose clamps to some simple household vibrators. The scrubbing action has made The power feel so clean you can smell it in the air. If you have these things at home have a couple beers and hook it all up. It’s amazing the difference it’ll make in your system. Your mind will be so blown make sure that you have access to 911 to clean up the mess ! Enjoy 


If you shop around you can find solar batteries with much higher capacity than the originals.  I've found these to have much less blooming in the midrange.

I also prefer the sound of older wiring, especially when using fuses vs circuit breakers.  I remember back when I used to enjoy "mending those fuses".  I was 64 at the time.


This thread got me thinking about a post retirement gig-

audiophool approved Romex-

burned in/cry'ed spools, proudly labeled- "Assembled in USA, MIC sourced"

Tour the audio show circuit with bikini models handing out swatches  of 10/3?

PM, if onboard with cash-please.

Thanks fot this mircodose of pontification. Listening to “Here comes the sun”  while in the downward dog pose while trying not to pass gas will also explode your sound stage. 

Sad thing is there are boobs out there that might be looking at the aftermarket for possible snake oil remote control upgrades ! And maybe a few changing out their breaker boxes for older fuse panels. Finally It’s not looking for burned in but rather you’ve got to be ‘burned out’ 😎  

Is it remotely possible that the room acoustics in your old house were different than those in your new one?

Naaahhh. Must be the romex. 


@ellajeanelle You have an awesome sense of humor and a wicked sharp wit. Just so you know, I was dying laughing while I was taking my coffee this morning. Had to stop and wipe away the tears was laughing so hard.

Btw … I read in one of your posts that you said you’ve never really turned on to jazz as a genre. Jazz was difficult for me to turn on to also. It took a minute. I actually tried in high school because I thought it would be cool, and it just wasn’t happening. Lol


Jazz is one of my fav genres these days. As it turns out, Steely Dan was my entry point into jazz because their music contains so many elements of jazz. They’re still one of my favorite artists. And they led me into Miles Davis, Kind of Blue. The dynamics on that album are pretty fantastic. Please excuse my French, but I read in an article that’s someone described it as an audiophile wet dream recording, Lol. I have to say, It is on my system and I listen to it often.

From listening to that album, I turned on to Bill Evans, who is the piano player and then started branching out listening to some of his stuff and I found it to be pretty accessible also. He’s an amazing piano player. Incidentally, he played on John Coltrane’s famous interpretation of My Favorite Things.

As a side note, as my system has improved theu the years and become more resolving, another reason I love listening to the piano is that I find it’s one of the most difficult instruments to reproduce accurately. All the way from the upper registers all the way to the bottom. But the bottom especially. I was not able to do it until I lost the bass bloom, and it took getting the bass well grounded to do that and when it began to happen it was a game changer.

I was wondering if you’ve ever tried listening to Diana Krall, Live In Paris? It’s an easy listen and if you like it it may entice you to try some other artists. The sub genre that was easiest for me to learn to enjoy is Swing. On my system I can hardly listen to it without snapping my fingers as I listen because it excites me so.

In reference to the aforementioned tweaks, I’m considering giving the magic mushroom experiment a go. Wondering if it would give my solid state system an ever so slightly warm glow. I’ll let you know.

: )

I have two dogs and one is black and the other is golden. Whenever I listen to music I only listen when the Golden dog is in the room. Remarkable how just when he moves around the room things change.  The mids are more detailed and the high-end is softer absolutely lovely. When I listen to hard rock 'n' roll I invite the black coloured dog back into the room.


My speaker’s face west -.probably why the Dead & the Doors sound so good……

Well, the OP’s posting was long overdue. People just don’t understand the physics underlying power delivery to handheld remotes. It’s easy for the proudly ignorant to pile on, but the OP raises real issues that, FYI, have been the topic of research published in the Stanford Journal of Electrical Engineering. This may all sound incomprehensibly counterintuitive, but there is solid physics behind the OP’s observations. I’ve clearly heard the same sonic transformation in my own house. Google w/broadly general search terms along the line of "dielectric filtering and electroacoustic intermodulation in free-air transmission of battery-powered control signals."

Related: Without electronic assistance, I’m completely deaf. But I found that switching to solar-powered batteries in my left-side hearing aid restored my ability to perceive a truly holographic soundstage from my Wilson Alexx V’s. This was especially impressive considering that I still could not hear a large portion of the nominally audible spectrum, say, from 60Hz through about 9KHz.

But even more remarkable was the fact that, when I swapped in the Tesla X-Series photovoltaic batteries, my left ear’s response became ruler flat from around 9500 Hz through 40KHz (no, not a typo!). In fact, when listening to 192/32 recordings, the imaging became rock-solid, despite my being able to detect sound in only one ear.

So don’t mock until you can fully duplicate the OP’s test conditions. I hear rumors that Synergistic will soon be marketing modestly priced inverterless-solar handheld-remote batteries for well under $1000, an expense within any audiophile’s reach.

This has been a truly remarkable conversation.


The power grid supplying my house is fed from a nuclear plant.  No wonder, regardless of how I upgrade my power supply or cable, the effect is not notable.   

The only gear I have that uses a remote is the CD deck, but it (the remote) has been setting in a drawer, sans batteries, for 20+ years because I do not like remote controls.

Will that remote be OK, or should I purchase other/additional remotes and stuff them with solar-rechargeable batteries?

If more "stuffed" remotes are better have you performed a "stuffed remote" shootout to blah, blah, blah?



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+1 to all the great recommendations on how we can objectively improve the the subjective goal of our objective - great sound.

I think we have some opportunities to explore:

Will sound quality in your system improve with age time as the house wiring "burns in" and do breakers vs fuses affect that. My uncle’s home is completely off-grid and I would be interested in testing my system on his full solar powered home vs the nuclear vs the fossil fuel. As we all know the grid can be dirty especially when those electrons travel into our systems unabated.

As with all tweeks suggested in this thread...try it out

As @emergingsoul suggested with his golden vs black dog experiment. Would a golden doodle be better than a retriever? Does a brindle mutt result in muddy listening or a "best of" typology that pure breds can’t duplicate?

My one caution in all of this is not to smack your head as Deep_333 suggests as that may cause increased tinnitus flaring and deep cranial ringing.


I do listen to jazz.  I have even attended the New Orleans Jazz Festival twice, but its' not my go to genre.  I mainly went for the entertainment and atmosphere.  I do consider Jazz to be one of the most difficult genres to play with an instrument though.

I only have a few Jazz CD's.  Mostly Al Di Meola and Jean Luc Ponti.  Not the traditional Jazz per say but were categorized as Jazz when record store were prominent. 

As far as piano is concerned, I do like it.  My favorite is Rick Wakeman and some classics. I agree with you in that piano is very difficult to reproduce and have it sound believable (live).  These two are among my favorites.  Just plain beautiful! Rick Wakeman - Sea Horses - YouTube       Rick Wakeman - Catherine Of Aragon (

@ellajeanelle Are you talking about a remote control that you hold in your hand? Your post isn’t making sense to me, or did you add that as joke?

If you are indeed referring to batteries on handheld remote controls, that is absurd and has absolutely nothing to do with the audio quality.

ellajeanelle, haven't you read "Margins Of Reality"?  The remote is influencing the system by being influenced by @bipod72's consciousness whose consciousness prior to influencing the remote, influenced the batteries thus connecting all the influentially conscious connections into one seamless consciousness!  See?  Easypeasy.

@bipod72 rather than using Cardas Cable Oil and chanting OMs try my method of filtered bacon grease and playing prayers from the Dip tse chok ling monastery to help clear up  those masticating vibrations causing noticeable signal interferences to the auditory mechanisms attached to your cranium.  Either that or a bottle of good Scotch always works for me.

@vitussl101 Since it is my 52 birthday this weekend, I may opt for a decent bottle of bourbon for some old fashioneds but a 10yo Scotch can always tempt me for late-night listening sessions to soothe my soul. 

@bipod72 , well Happy Birthday, and enjoy some Bourbon, maybe with a BLT sandwich tonight.

Whatever you're reading, put it down. There is no difference in sound with 'clean' power.

……just when you thought you have heard it all. This one takes the cake …..this has to be a joke . Your older home’s sound was warmer because the copper cables are 50 years old and burned in compared to the wiring in your new home ? The batteries on your remote have an influence on your systems sound ? Dear god you must be kidding !