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Kickstarter project
That is not a project, but a genuine site where people share projects. Many of the projects have succeeded. Example is the Peak Design Travel Tripod. But people have also experienced failures, I believe. If you google around, you can check out the... 
Best 12AU7?
I asked for similar (not exact) recommendation from Brent Jesse and was recommended the Mazda Grey ladder ribbed. Been super happy with these. Brent Jessee - 12AU7 in stock  
The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!
@markmuse , Thank You sir! I commented and have a bunch of questions - sorry in advance 😁  
YouTube star Jay loves McIntosh MC 901 amplifier
Is "@emergingsoul" another account created by Jay? Either that or he is infatuated by Jay.  
The new Coda S5.5 amplifier: It's a "Petite Beast"!
@markmuse , I would love to see your system on the "Virtual Systems" page. You have a nice setup going there.  
@soix, Rhumba 1.3 has 1 fully balanced XLR input and output, while 1.4 has 2 each.  
PSB Stratus Silver
These were the first hifi loudspeakers that I heard way back in the late 90s, paired with some Krell monos. I was in awe of the sound. If these are in good condition, you might as well jump - if the price is right.  
+6 on the Backert Labs Rhumba. I have owned the Rhumba 1.3 since 2018. Roll some NOS tubes and your will be amazed by the sound quality. NOS Mazdas are what I sincerely recommend. Damn! I had to edit my post just to correct the "number". 5 peopl... 
Should I cash in?
I am in similar situation and am ready to upgrade. I have digitized all my CD/SACDs to FLAC or DSF files and ready to move from the Oppo UDP-205 to a dedicated DAC. I think I will most likely sell the Oppo, if I move to a new DAC. Unfortunately I... 
Could Class D really be that good?
+1 @arafiq Hmm... tell that to Dan Wright of "Modwright" and Bob Backert of "Backert Labs"! @grk both these companies have been creating products for quite some time and have CURRENT products in the market. In fact I OWN the Backert Labs Rhum... 
Best DAC’S $5k to $15k
@axeis1 , Munich HiFi 2024 starts tomorrow. Might be a good idea to wait and watch what new DACs are being released.  
Marantz vs. Oppo or Theta
@robert53, I am planning to get a streamer and was wondering how it would sound using the oppo DAC. Spoiler alert - you are in for a pleasant shock. If the streamer has ASIO drivers, try to use them; unless you are on a Mac.  
Marantz vs. Oppo or Theta
+1 @robert53  If you get a chance, try to rip the SACDs to DFF files and then use the Oppo as a DAC and check if you notice improvements. I found that, as a CD player, it sounds alright. But as a DAC, it is a completely different machine.  
Music first or sound first?
So true @pcrhkr .  
Proac K6 Signature, Sonus Faber Amati Tradition,Verity Audio Amadis, Kharma DB-9
That they closed is sad and a loss to the audio world, but it does not diminish the value of what they have achieved and created. +1 @toronto416 Speakers can generally go on for a couple of decade before needing to re-foaming or other issues, ...