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Need Advice Asap - Terrible experience with a seller on Reverb (Iso Acoustics Gaia ii)
Have taken video of starting from pack details to unpacking untill tha product visible damages? Or just unpacked and saw took photos.   Anyway paypal is the only way. Have you raised the issue as soon you got delivery?  
Upgrade from WIlson Sabrina
Big speaker in small room, wrong room treatment may be. Consult G-Acoustics who are in India for proper room correction. Go far stand mounts like Borensen which is well acclaimed for excellent sound staging and imaging.  
30 watt amp and 60watt amp can be same? That too one is monoblock! Cannot be, not at all. Why you have to pay when he is pushing the product? For $300 one can buy decent amp. Man is testing your wisdom.  
Electric bill any high
Do a audit of all the wattage of Audio system, appliances and fittings. you get which is Guzzler. In Audio system Power amp/Integrated amp(exception digital amp) consume more power other almost negligible.  
Dog pissed on speaker
Try mild blow of Hair dyer for long hours, Try talcum, Chickpea flour, activated charcoal even Soda ash But don't forget brush it off/ careful vacuum or air blowing. Don't use fine powder but rough powder, if not readily available sieve it your se... 
Clean power and it's affect on sound quality
+1 I second it. But more peer should verify.  
Transparent Audio is anything but Transparent
There are two kind of fakes. One is OEM manufacturer also manufacture extra numbers and sends to some other wholesaler who sells it cheaper. The purchaser gets original part but no brand. Second is copy of some expensive and fast moving items and ... 
How do I switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet cables?
There is a thing called power line wi-fi adapters, TP-LINK is pioneer and better. Two is needed for one connection, comes in various bandwidth options sizes. Get one pair which more/suitable bandwidth. Moreover performance is defendant on tightnes... 
If it sounds 'great', everything is ok?
To enjoy music Ear is best judge. measurement is like putting thermometer to into every cm of steak for perfect temperature(and salt spice...), enjoyment is in eating the steak.   
Unscrupulous ebay buyers
What proof you have?  1. product acquired from manufacturer. sealed box 2. packing video. 3. Your seller positive score for years. Paypal will be biased towards buyer.  
An ad. !!!  
Is Imaging Worth Chasing?
 Imaging improve with subwoofer, speake with high crossover slope, stiffer cone material, lighter tweeter Material. placement and room accoustics.  
Sensitivity 86 v 90
Take home listening test. Have mobil app to test dB of speakers take avarege reading at standard condition.  
Best Speaker for a reflective room ?
Stiffle finish painting on walls. Furnishings, paintings on walls with or without absorption foam hinden. False ceiling there are many options. An acoustic consultant or your reasearch will open many vistas.  
Best sounding FM table radio ever made...
Not all station FM radio reception is not guaranteed at one's place unless it is near. No antenna will help, Only trial will tell. Use internet radio in eco dot instead.