YouTube star Jay loves McIntosh MC 901 amplifier

Just released, a really good 19 minute video explaining the MC 901 amplifier, which is used to biamp tube amplifier to the mid range and Tweeter and the solid state portion of the amplifier to the BASS drivers. jay is in love with this amplifier and believes it’s woefully under priced for the value received. One of the best amplifiers hes ever heard and that says a lot coming from Jay who’s heard so many amplifiers.

Only negatives were that it does run hot and is kind of heavy and you need a special amplifier stand but those are hardly meaningful concerns. The overheating that he experiences is because he’s in a small garage with poor ventilation and in Florida which I hear gets very hot.

McIntosh is now in love with Jay as this is probably the best review that’s been done and there aren’t many on this amplifier because it’s unusual and people don’t understand how the amplifier works. It’s quite simple, tubes do better at the upper end drivers and solid state does better for the lower end drivers. Not too many people really dispute this

I use the MC 901 and they are amazing amplifiers. I’ve upgraded some of the tubes and curiously McIntosh says it’s unnecessary because they’re amplifiers make crappy tubes sound just as good as really nice tubes. Jay mentions this in his video. I need to upgrade more tubes but going to a few better tubes helped so I’m not sure where McIntosh is coming from.

He says he’s gonna keep these amplifiers for the long term which for him is 10 days but I could be wrong



Jay usually luvs whatever he gets. He has some very hi end gear but I question his objectivity. The relationship between dealers and brands is well known.


So now he's a "star"?

Please remember that this is the same Jay that called McIntosh gear mid-fi just a few years ago. His opinions have about as much substance as soap bubbles. 

That said, I'm sure that it's a great amp, and I'd love to have it.

By all appearances, "Jay" is a used audio equipment dealer. He hypes gear on his YT channel, then sells it as he moves on to the next. He'd clearly rather be a YT star, though.

We're in a culture where contradictions don't matter. Say "A" one day, say "Not A" another? No one seems to care. Hell, even throw in some nonsense about Hannibal Lecter in your videos, Jay. It's all about keeping attention, and the truth is a mere casualty.

Youtube stars simultaneously rise and fall but advertsing dollars are the constant sky.

Still trying to figure out where the Laboratory (Lab) is. Jays Audio Lab.....mmmmm no lab in sight, no laboratory method in sight just a name then i suppose.

I'm not a fan of his review's he loves what he's selling next.

He also comes across as one of those audiophiles with a, I know everything attitude. 

...he loves what he's selling next.


...reminds me of a used car salesman


I am not enamored with him on all his picks , but the Gryphon amp by far his best amp by a long shot. That one I can agree with I’m on but very $$ expensive.

@ditusa -- No, I disagree.  Used Car Salesmen at least have some ethics.


I hope I live long enough to see YouTube "Stars" and "Influencers" (which in my humble opinion is the most worthless, brain-dead, narcissistic non-job title ever created -- and that’s saying a lot with the hilarious job monikers of the last 20 years) disappear into obscurity with a very much welcomed EMP.


Of course, Jay, and the countless other "expert" Social Media Hi-Fi reviewers love McIntosh and every other product or brand they highlight...they are being paid to love it and gush forth with words that would fill a thesaurus. Paid either under the table, over the table, or with products they get to keep. Send me a new $50,000 amp/preamp, $100,000 set of speakers, and $20,000 DAC and Transport every 2 months for free and I, too, will, "Love you long time, Soldier Boy".

This Mac + Sonus Faber pairing must of caught his eye in Munich. Remember he acquired the 901 a few months ago but his speakers were not bi-wireable. Now he has all the pieces of the puzzle he needs. If a room with all the treatment installed and this amount of money sounded bad that would be a huge surprise. The 901 is a masterpiece of a power amp. I applaud anyone with it in their system. 

I have followed Jay since his first days posting here on A’gon. I have no idea where this negativity is coming from.


+ 1

The negativity is extreme, mostly based on reaction to a few YouTube posters that get extrapolated to everyone. It is very similar to all prejudiced and racist tirades. 

Other adjectives for these sermons:

envious, intolerant, skeptical, sanctimonious, presumptuous, superior, pretentious, self-assertive, disdainful

But, then again, they may be right. What do I know?


I too followed Jay when he was here since his beginnings. Jay does not know the difference between a sax and a tuba, nor is interested in how these instruments are played (musicianship, composition). This has been my primary criticism with Jay, and he has admitted it. I have learned to accept this, as Jay is not alone with this. He is providing entertainment to his followers (I am assuming) and no one else is talking about this expensive, esoteric gear as he is. Whatever you and I say about him, he has come a long way. He is the ultimate equipment (gear) junkie, so more power to him. MrD.

There’s an old thread here on Agon, where he talks about all the amps he has had and there’s been A LOT! Jay figured out he could make some extra bucks on YT and the thread has closed at his request.  With almost 21k of posts, there’s a lot of fun and educational posts there if you’re interested.

So Jay’s out with another video about this amplifier. Still loves the amplifier.

Don’t understand why he doesn’t clean the front Chrome panel in the front because it’s all smudged up. It could look a heck of a lot better

Do it with A microfiber cloth and may be a little distilled water because that metallic finish looks awesome if there’s not a single teeny tiny scratch. Keep it pristine jay. Maybe try some different tubes for the fun of it

I’m infatuated by the MC 901. Jay facilitates my passion and I greatly admire his energy and interest in the very best. If he begins to pursue tubes I think his Channel Will skyrocket. Within two years I predict he will have 1 million listeners and will soon have celebrity visitors. Jimmy Fallon has all kinds of mcintosh gear. He’s probably a subscriber. I would not be surprised if we begin to see talkshow like panels in his lab at some point. I don't think it's ever been done before


"Within two years I predict he will have 1 million listeners"

He presently has 26.7K subscribers and just a cursory scan of his videos he is getting less than 10K views on most videos with a few up to 17K so getting to a 1M will be quite the feat.


people don't understand that once they post video on youtube, they're youtube starz!!

People don't understand that once they post video on youtube, they're youtube whore?

He polished the front of the 901 McIntosh amplifier it looked horrible with all the smudges. Is now two timing with Dagostino and the gauge on that amplifier is oversized and actually annoying to look at a very overpriced amplifier I don't know why they don't do tubes that would be kind of cool

In my opinion they look they they were rejected by a whore house for being too gaudy. But that appears to be the nature of modern Mac gear. To me anyway.

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