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John Mayall has passed away
RIP to a great one  
1 song you never get sick of?
"Keep On Chooglin" by CCR....there are so many.  
Subwoofers and Seating Position for Klipsch Forte iv's
I replaced a pair of excellent subwoofers (I will not mention the name/model) with a single RSL 12S (placed in between my Lascalas) and am thrilled with the coherence and dynamics of the combination. With your room, maybe a pair. Good luck. Always... 
Comparison of various subwoofers for 2 channel audio
My single RSL 12S replaced a pair of well known subs, and it is an awesome match up with my Lascalas.  
McIntosh 2105 pairing with Klipsch Cronwall’s?
Then why the question, if it is paid for and has been shipped? ANY amp will match up with CWIV, impedance and efficiency wise. Enjoy it! My best, MrD.  
McIntosh 2105 pairing with Klipsch Cronwall’s?
Mcintosh solid state power amplifiers using Autoformers definitely have a sound to them (everything does), and I would try before you buy. You either like them, or you don't. Likely at the price it is selling for, there are many more amplifiers av... 
Vibration Control
I follow the damping/isolation prowess of Angela Gilbert Yeung, but long before that I started damping everything. Transformer isolation is a biggie, for sure. The top panels of gear are very "ringy" and "reverberant" sounding. Damp them with a Dy... 
How Long Should a First Watt SIT3 Last ?
@tonydennison You can buy on the Bay a Sonance Sonamp 260, shipped, for under $100, all in. A very nice amp at the price and would be an excellent back up for your Heresys. You could have been listening to music through your system this entire tim... 
Active Speakers Don't Sound Better
I own a pair of Audio Pro A4-14 (with mods and updates) and I am very familiar with Meridian and B&O powered speakers. At the time of release for each and every model that I was exposed to, I thought there was something to it, granted the Meri... 
Starting Over and I need your help
Hey, do we know the specifics of his meaning of "underwhelming". Most popular speaker brands are underwhelming. At reasonable prices, Klipsch Heritage, Volti, Daedalus, Tekton JBL and another handful are the brands that come to mind when you want ... 
Auditioning Used Equipment - Am I crazy ?
There certainly are a lot of online sales within our community, and much of it is $10K and above. To the seller, online was better for him, as he already had it packed. I wonder if that packed amp was sent to him as a trade in and he just left it ... 
Starting Over and I need your help
Before you change anything, maybe your expectations are just very high. Is your room set up properly? Maybe try near field listening. I have heard six figure systems that sound as you describe. Keep in mind, we are listening to recordings. If you ... 
Solid State Power Amps
@soix +1. How often do questions like this get asked here? Many  
Angela Gilbert Yeung Amps
I meant to say innards/entire you can see in the photos. You are looking at damping to the max!  
Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
soix, I was just talking about this on another thread. From the Hendrix "Blues" release, "Born Under A Bad Sign". Raw jamming with real studio highlights. A great system should portray the trio at their best (Jimmy was in his element), and the raw...