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Rondi H. D'Agostino Obituary
Good to know Dave and Troy. I've owned just about every incarnation of Krell amps And am good friends with ex employee Patrick.  
YouTube star Jay loves McIntosh MC 901 amplifier
In my opinion they look they they were rejected by a whore house for being too gaudy. But that appears to be the nature of modern Mac gear. To me anyway.  
Help on ancient Audionics CC-2s
Thanks for the kind words sargonicuse. I still have one CC-2. It is disassembled at this time. I sold the best one one to Marty. They do sound better in mono given the right speakers. I often used mine with Mirage MI's with good results. Alas my... 
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
Paul McGowen frequently uses the phrase snake oil. And he's a major seller of such.  
Vacuum Tube preamp with my KRELL KAV 250a, a no no......WHY?
I've used tube preamps with many a Krell amp over the years with no problem.If there is a problem the amp should detect it and shut down until the fault is removed. Years ago when I sold BAT and McCormack. The VK-3 would always shut down the McCor... 
New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?
I find that you only hear a difference in power cords if you really think you will.  
JBL 4343 or JBL 4344
I have a pair of 4343's in my main system. They are great. I am also planning to build a pair of 4345's.  
Opinions about Daniel Hertz
Well, if we’re just spending money, 30,000 Euro for an amp, I found a matching stove at .5 million... That’s probably how much we’ll have to spend to have a gas stove soon.  
Look at these beauties
@rwwear he can afford them.  Yep..  
What happens when the stylus tip wears out on a $12,000 cartridge?
You give it to me.  
Look at these beauties
Approved by Trump.  
Preamp - what's the purpose?
If you only have one source, no preamp is okay. As long as the source or amp has a volume control it will work. But some prefer the dynamics and/or coloration a preamp adds.  
Paypal drastic changes
Canada would never seize your bank account.  
Paypal drastic changes
luynes, The US is a republic and there is no democracy when the government owns everything.  
Preamp - what's the purpose?
Viridian, is your sound system outside?