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Parties interested in receiving useful information are invited to PM. This way we can share useful information without triggering others, having posts and threads removed, and having to scan past oceans of mindless blather.
No. Our ideological IT overlords haven't quite got to that one, yet. But they are programmers, and to a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail.
Hey Miller.
Just a thought here and no I am not being snarky or clever.

Surely a good idea would be to start up an audio Facebook group?
That way you have much more control over who posts, what is said, deleted etc. 

It's what we did with drag racing and reptiles. I know ,odd hobbies but there you go.

Facebook groups allowed us to shake the reins of autocracy and post much more freely, within the limits of Facebook rules at least.
And to boot out the more troublesome dissident aggressor's.

Just an idea.
Mods are doing there jobs and very well. Well, they could have acted sooner to prevent the spread of off topic opinions. This is an audio forum not a place for political and virus related opinions. Seems pretty simple.  No reason to attack them, others or this site.  
You might consider starting your own forum. Suggested name - My Way or the Highway 🤗
I'd begin with drag racing turtles, then maybe move up to reptiles. Safety first.
Just a thought here and no I am not being snarky or clever.

Its doubtful anyone would ever accuse you of being clever.
@millercarbon You could also sign up for Audiogon Insider, Threads are not moderated there.  email me at, if you need more details. 
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Nice Miller nice.
I guess you just could not stop yourself from showing your true colours.

Well played sir well played!
Kudos to Audiogon Admin for the helpful post
Helpful to who though ?

Certainly not the rest of the insider membership!

Abandon ship!
Post removed moderation of the Audiogon Insider's double secret probation club. Sounds tempting.

All the best,
Audiogon Insider: 
With less moderation than our public forums, the Insider™ forum allows users to discuss topics they might not otherwise be able to, with an elevated discourse.

So "less" censored- but by the same people, so good luck with that. "With an elevated discourse."

Be still my beating heart.
Greeting and salutations,

One thing I did find out, they actually run auto deletion software. So the moderators and the software, work to make us so very, very, happy... I was actually contacted by a person in Agon, that said they thought the moderators were NOT lazy and were doing a good job.  OK!!  Wow, I'm a new fellow, NOW. Changed my whole perspective, We'll see. BIG LOL..  I think persistence and perseverance, will hold them to a better "LOOK BEFORE YOU DELETE" policy.  No need for people to "report", just because joe blow posted.. Crazy, crap.. How do you learn anything that way?

Ok where do we go, I'm game, if we're all invited to the BBQ, that is..

I would be forever thankful if the highly opinionated agenda-laden blowhards would leave this site and beat the crap out of each other somewhere else.  
Because go away all you who I disagree with, that’s not an opinion, oh no not me, I’m not opinionated, not at all.

Arrogant. Closed minded. Selfish. Parochial. Ignorant. In abundance. But never opinionated. Surely not that.

Say, just how small do you have to be to not wonder even for a second if the other guy might have ... but never mind. However small it is, it towers so far above you'd need a telescope to see it.
The only thing I would need a telescope to see would be your..........oh forget it.
Thanks guys!.
I split my Bailey's spiked Cocoa reading those last couple posts.

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Is anyone capable of clearing mc's THC laced cloud of incoherent thought?  Please help.
Alright, I kinda apologize.  I fundamentally am a nice guy.  I like to build people up.  But I am tired of those with a different agenda on this forum. I understand why some of the nice people have left this site.  Many of us are tired of the egos.  Those only bent on breaking the post record.  Nothing helpful from this.  Thanks for those  like charles1dad and the other posters with class.
I can't believe anyone was mean to Uber??!! Seriously he's like the nicest dude on here good grief!
I could go for THC laced cloud of thought right about now. Coherent,incoherent,makes no difference to me.

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03-20-2020 5:21pm
I would be forever thankful if the highly opinionated agenda-laden blowhards would leave this site and beat the crap out of each other somewhere else.  

Why? I don't care how I get to see, hear, or find out? Really. If it's legal and it's safe, I'll give it a shot. Sometime the coolest things happen in stereo gear, when, you are at your wits end, then..... BAMB!!
I can see a FEW crazy post before the big event..Stuff drives me Crazy, go figure.

You have to scan past all of the mindless blather from us ignorant masses and put up with all the unfair, stilted police state running of this forum.
We have to scan past your obscure site quoting, paranoid, conspiracy theory, insulting mindless blather.
So I’d call it even.
If you’re So in a tizzy about how this forum is run and all the ignorance you have to put up with, quit. Simply quit. Why put yourself through the aggravation.
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Please don’t tell @millercarbon that we really DID land on the moon and return safely to earth. 
I heard through the grapevine Kubrick filmed the moon landing on the set of the recently finished, 2001, A Space Odyssey, and it was his wife who thought up the famous phrase, One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. 🧑🏻‍🚀 But I’m not 100% on this.
Chuck, Must be a real PITA always being the smartest guy in the room.
It's lonely at the top........very lonely.

Stay safe on your new quest.

Sarcasm. Clever. Maybe you are lonely too. Or if not no worries, keep on running around without a mask and you will be.
Chuck, Must be a real PITA always being the smartest guy in the room.
It’s lonely at the top........very lonely.
he is not always that guy. :-)

  • I always appreciate the attempt Audiogon makes to keep the forum civil and about audio.
  • I come here to talk and learn about audio
  • I don’t want to know your politics, could taint a good conversation about cartridge loading.

Ya have to hand it to Charlie listening to Jackson Browne instrumentals to avoid those not so whacked out right wing lyrics....
Used to be Baileys in coffee but somebody told me it was better in hot chocolate and I have been hooked ever since.
Sometimes though it is hot chocolate in my Baileys......
So miller, have you now switched back to the doom and gloom scenario? Because the last thread you started that got deleted, you were saying that this will all be over in no time at all because the antimalarial drug Chloroquine was being administered with a 100 percent cure rate. You know, and as proof you provided a link to some obscure site that verified it. It was similar to another obscure site you quoted in another now deleted thread you started. Remember, the site that was taken down because it was proven to be pure road apples?
Will your next soon to be deleted thread be the bearer of dandy fake news or doom and gloom fake news?
So hard to keep up. You are the fickle little scamp!

Hey uber,
Next time you do have a coffee with Bailey’s, add some Frangelico.
Called a Nutty Irishman.
Great after dinner drink. Or breakfast. Potato, potahto....
Sounds good I will give it a shot.

Have met a few of them already though, you know , Nutty Irishmen.