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Recommendations for really well-recorded music for high-end audio system demo
@soix  Acoustic Alchemy -  Arcanum - Casino:  tremendous playing, clarity, freq range.                                                                 instrumental. The original CD version is much better than Qobuz. Regards, barts    
Time heals all wounds?
@davidrolon  I had a Sony carousel CD player for my garage/shop.  It played for many years and then it wouldn't read a disc, then it would a week later.  This went on for about a year(!) Then I finally had it and ripped it apart...down in the bow... 
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ADD or Audiophile?
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Audiophile frame of mind
@dhite71  Many good grill choices out there.  Bought an all stainless Weber natural gas grill as part of new patio, so nice to never have to lug tanks around.  Its been outside for 20 years now (covered for the first ten, till a bear decided he d... 
What is preferred/best contact cleaner these days?
Deoxit and forget it....... Regards, barts  
5 steps in developing hearing
Since the first time I heard the acronym PRAT all I could think was BS. Yeah maybe an acapella choir has PRAT...but how in the hell does ANY system playing the same recorded music have a different Pace? Rythym? Timing? Some one somewhere just tr... 
Need a 4 way electronic crossover
I am currently using a Marchand and it works as advertised, it doesn't do anything deleterious to the signal.  Having said that I would attempt to have the Sony rebuilt simply because you obviously like what it does. Regards, barts     
How you know your system is improving?
@hilde45  I would counter by saying that it certainly is an investment in your life and is paying dividends. Think of all the non-monetary investments you've made in your life...just a simple walk in the park is an investment. Regards, barts  
Audio Research Pre-Amp advice
@jrwaudio  I also have a LS15 bought in '96 with updated Infini caps (work done by Ward Fiebiger may he RIP). Changed the original Sovtek tubes after about 12 years! Put in Gold Lions, wow what a difference.  It has been relegated to the garage s... 
Townshend Isolation Products.
@tomic601 I bought the Hartley Reference from the owner of the company (Rich Schmeterer) amazingly the year was 1980 and the Hartleys cost $10,000 for the pair, I was 26 at the time. Rich an EE did a bread board of a three way electronic x-over... 
Townshend Isolation Products.
I balanced a nickel on top of each speaker facing the listening position.  Then I gave the Hartley Reference a real workout...tri-amped with 24" woofers. The nickels never moved, they stayed put for over a month and then I got tired of looking at... 
What if a high end speaker measures really badly?
I'm thinkin' someone switched out the real speaker graph for a recent DOW stock market graph! Regards, barts  
Andrew Singer Of "Sound by Singer" passed away yesterday
@stereo5  Well I guess we all have different experiences, My first (and only) visit to Sound by Singer I was not so politely asked to leave the store by one of the salesman, which I did. BTW, they refused to play any piece of equipment! I guess... 
Heavy speakers: How to be able to reposition?
You may have thought of this or already have one, but if not a Bosch GLM20 Blaze laser measuring tool makes speaker alignment very accurate and you don't need a second person person to hold the tape.  Measures to a millimeter (1/25th of an inch). ...