New Synergistic Master Fuse

New From VH Audio,

Synergistic Master Fuse cost $595.00

I'll stick with Orange Fuses.



Are you suggesting that fuses don't "enhance or improve" sound quality?

Well then, you would be right. A fuse is just a sacrificial part which protects internals. And it is not in the signal path at all. Some audiophiles might disagree...



A fuse is just a sacrificial part which protects internals. And it is not in the signal path at all.

Fuses are often found in the signal path. I used to keep a fistful of spares when I had my Infinity RS1B speaker system.

I may try one with my Lumin X1 which presently has a QSA red/black fuse.


I dunno, probably similiar to someone who unplugs the cord from the wall?


Or a magnet treated  with 1 additional process and 1 surface enhancement. Tom

I suspect that all similarly rated fuses sound the same, but when you replace them, the contacts are remade and that's why they sound better.

But - and it's a big but - a lower impedance fuse will sound better than a higher impedance fuse, and impedance is correlated with the current (ampere) rating.

I use Hi Fi Tuning fuses {white} at £35 each. And they do make a difference. more mid and high. If you have not tried the upgraded fuses, why comment ?

I might try one of the new Master Fuses, but I’m quite happy with the Purples currently in my system. I know that there are several companies offering fuses for a lot more than $600, but that’s about hitting my limit, at least for the equipment I’m using.


My friend out west owns was a beta tester , just like the purple fuse is their best effort , BTW je Audio magic M1 fuse I have as well as others in your audio get together , and head to head  80% preferred the AM -M1 fuse .

it has betterBass, dynamics and organic  depth of instruments .ut it is $300 vs $200

imo a good compromise.  getting back to the New Synergistic $600 fuse The beta tester said yes it is better but a bit deceiving  the depth as well as soundstage Huge 

in some audio systems depending too on your tweeter  May wan5 a more grounded image depth ,sure the airiness can be nice ,but on R&Roll you  may want 

Thst grounded focus , he stated try the Audio  M1 if that don5 flout your boat then think about the $600 plunge.

Mastering92  could-not be more wrong . Having owned a audio store I had the same gear  with stock buzz fuses ,and then top Hifi tuning ,Synergistic , fuses 

a improvement on every piece of gear , not knowing which dac, preamp,or amplifier 

just look up metals resistance index , All power comes in through the IEC and That  Fuse , a steel zinc buzz fuse has a conductivity rating around 19

a top Hifi tuning silver gold fuse a rating around 65 that’s 3x+ the conductivity 

the stock fuse is a Huge bottleneck which = 3 x more resistance which = noise ,you can ignore the truth , but these are facts just look it up . When you put any non stock fuse inside says an amplifier like my Parasound Halo amp it has 4 rails fuses 

that is another level of detail and refinement and Clarity ,the hash sounding stock fuses present when compared directly too , this too depends on the refinement of Your Audio system, if it’s of say $6k including Speakers then. You may not have the Audio system that would pickup all the added low level details , but it will still be cleaner sounding ,For Sure .   The same goes for power cords ,wire is not just wire 

some people use Blue Jeans cables good enough and that’s fine for a moderate audio system but sonically there is much better  for many reasons ,if not so there would-not be such a Huge difference in models even within the same company. The point Is spend time  listening for a month  and comparing like we do at Our Audio get together to prove or disprove a theory , not everything is a night and day difference . Never Assume ,or go by 1 review look for many opinions ,and look for money back auditions which then cost you very little . If you have not spent several weeks comparing say 200  hours at minimum then , you can’t give a honest opinion .Any long time Audiophile knows once you spend to a certain point , $$ money wise the amount of improvements are diminishing returns . Being a Audiophile for most of us it’s a never ending journey , for tweaks or upgrades !!

Jason unborn wins. audiophile of the year again congrats .

many experts Thst back up their statements with -0 proof 

just conjecture, and speak out of ignorance . They offer Money back trials  put one Good fuse in your dac -The correct way  and within 150 hours you will for sure hear the difference in clarity and focus. Some people are just too cheap, or have such 

low cost systems like a receiver and $2k speakers expecting to hear everything in the recording , not happening , as I  stated before some things work in % points 

in performance increases. 

@audioman58 , some people bring absolutely nothing useful to a discussion. They don't know what they don't know.

I try to ignore them. Why they feel the need to post on discussions such as this baffles me. It only makes them look dumb.

Everything matters, and fuses can make a huge difference in the sound of your components. Is a $600 fuse worth popping into a $6K, $8K component that already has an audiophile fuse (SR Purple in my case) worth it? I don't know. Start upping the ante to $10k-plus components and then I can start to see the value proposition. I might try one, and see if it's worth it or not. I know all of SR's stuff comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Forgive @jasonbourne52 .... For he is square, and lacks hip characteristics. 

Place SR Master Fuse in thy Preamp and be done. Every other colored fuse leave as is. 


@coralkong : what about all the miles of very fine wire in the power transformers in each component? Plenty of resistance and high inductance there! Compared to that a half-inch of fuse wire is nothing! Add that to the fact that the audio signal does not go through the AC line fuse. Mark Twain said "It is easier to con someone than it is to convince them that they have been conned."

The Synergistic Purple fuses that I installed in my amps and pre-amp improved the sound for me. Some folks get angry when you don't hear the world only through their ears. 

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I have  hifi tuning only because that's what came with the speakers. I put in fuses from home depot. Absolutely no difference. None. Zero. Zilch. I'm just happy I didn't waste money.

The youtube demo was amazing.  With 6 fuses in each amp, I am hard pressed to upgrade the fuses. I bypassed the fuses in my two amps and the results were no less than outstanding. The sound stage improvement was the first thing I noticed, but after about 3 weeks, the bass improved dynamically. Not just my ears either. 

I am planning on Purple ing my preamp and my Dac, If I went with one master fuse, where would be the best place to put it? 

When I rebuilt my power amps I sent all components out to be cryod. Included were  all poly  caps, active devices ,new circuit boards , brass hardware , internal Live Vibe platform on which the circuit board is mounted and tensioned thru the chassis, all the Audiopoints, all wire and the last butt knot least the power transformers in each...oh and the magnets.  It all matters , everything makes a difference.  Tom 


Oh, and most recently treated all wires and devices with Nano Flo inside and out of each and every longer available..but well worth the time and hassle. Tom

love the Purple in my PS Audio transport, replacing an already good I did not want to spend the $199 ...

I'll try the SR Mast Fuse in the Nordost QB-8 strip that powers my $90k retail system, replacing the Purple that's in there now which replaced the Orange that was in there before.

Each step was an improvement and I've got a $100 off coupon at Highend-Electronics. That and the 30 day trial makes this a no brainer...

@andynotadam , now THAT'S what I'm talking about.

You obviously have a system where the subtleties can be heard (observed?) readily. 

Not sure my system is worth upgrading from the Purples, but those, too replace Oranges, so.....

I'd agree....that's a no-brainer with the coupon. 

Please report back and let us know how it goes. 

The Purples need break in - maybe 50 hours on mine before they really kicked in though upon first installing they make an audible difference immediately.

Fuses, including the expensive audiophile fuses, are always a minor degradation to the sound compared to solid wire. Ignore masturba...92 and he may go away.


@carlsbad how true, remember back in very early 90's we were laughing about it till actually hearing what is all about. I cannot remember of any aftermarket fuses in the market either.  Same daring guy was also building power cables from Kimber 4and 8TC. Never blew up anything.



The new Master fuse is priced out of most audiophiles budget. I bought 3 of their purple fuses. That wasn't a bad way to spend on a system tweak. But the Master of 3 fuses is way touch for this audiophile. I'll stay with the purple haze fuses.

I would never buy an amp that I couldn't afford to replace.  And many of these fuses approach the value of the amp they are supposed to protect by destroying themselves.

I'll stick to my approach of no fuse and I'm prepared to replace (or more likely repair) the amp if necessary.


Synergistic welcome to ripoff city.Coming up with something to make a bigger profit ..

@ebm, I like SR's stuff.

At least the products I have tried. For the most part they do what they say they do.

YMMV, but I don't begrudge anyone who puts out a product, supports their products, warrants their products and makes money doing so.

In my experience, their fuses (especially the oranges and purples) are well worth the price of admission.

Time will tell on the new Master Fuse. I don't have any experience with that one.....yet. :)



Mark Twain said "It is easier to con someone than it is to convince them that they have been conned."

You're quoting Twain because he's right, right?

Given that, why are you bothering to try to convince people that they're conned? Do you have magic powers that Twain didn't know about? Or is this kind of a religious mission for you?

Anyone have some spare Synergistic fuses to send to Amir at ASR for testing? Amir will return them.

Does it cost synergistic THAT much more to manufacture the Master Fuse than it did their earlier models? Or was its price determined by the cynical principal of "whatever the market will bear"? Hey, I'm just askin' ;-) .

And I’m patiently waiting for a certain someone to reappear in observance of promoting.

I’ve purchased 8 SR Purples. Took complete advantage of thee buy two get the third for free promotion.

$200 is my limit for a fuse, period .... In fact, I’m done with. But if I did decide and that's not going to happen, again, in the Pre.

The increased pricing of each new Synergistic fuse is pretty strong evidence that the game afoot here is expectation bias, leveraging trite, shallow assumptions that you get what you pay for. and newer is better.

The money-back trial is just a math equation for extremely high-margin products.  If If the guarantee doubles the number of trials,  you don't care if some (or many) are returned because the net profit is massively increased.  And if you're marketing something as elusive as sound perception then once-bought, the product is often kept because it might be making a difference.

I seems that in every product category (yes, high end fuses ARE a product category), there's a desire to create a product in a space not yet occupied.  Elevating the price point 2x the existing "reference" is nothing new in high end audio.  And, in each and every case, highly energetic discussions occur challenging their cost vs performance.

For the "right" system, this $595 fuse might be the best bang for the buck invested to date in the system.  Or, not.  Only a listening test will determine their true value to the listener.


 I talked to Synergistic Research  yesterday asking if this master fuse could go in my amp or pre amp. The answer was no. They only suggest putting it in a dac.

  Some here might be getting ahead of themselves. 

Why, exactly what else was said? That’d be plus two for some ... more or less for others.

Fuses, the gift that won’t stop giving 😁

As it happens today I found a T4A SR Purple fuse and put it in my 10 Mhz Masterclock 12VDC power supply.

Absolutely amazing. Maybe had something to do with a full loom of Purples. Except for my power conditioner which has a Power House Zero 2 fuse (amazing).

So I’ll be getting a SR Master for my DAC and maybe one for my power conditioner.

Any news on fuse sizing guidelines? Same as Purple, go up one level?

US and European plugs do not contain fuses as the fuse is on the device itself. This is quite different from systems in the UK and the Commonwealth where the fuse is in the plug of the power cable AND in the device itself. This being the case, if someone in the UK wants to get the benefit of any of the fuses under discussion here, does he replace the fuse in the plug of the power cable, in the device OR in both the power cable and device (ouch!)? 

Synergistic  Research  response to me asking if I could put a master fuse in my lre amp and amp.

We would suggest in your Dac for best results


David Weintraub

Director of Marketing & Sales

Synergistic Research

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