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AES/EBU cable shootout
@donavabdear so a cable is not going to fix an error at the output of the circuit.   
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
My username is my name.  I am confused.     
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
@pindac In the performance motorcycle and automotive circles it often is. "Yes, I have injectors available for popular, rice, pasta and kraut, burner's."    I did mean to offend. If I did, I apologize.      
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
Roxy54 beat you to it, by a mile @lordmelton  Thanks though. I also enjoyed your perspectives on living in SE Asia and the PRC. Typing on iPhones sucks, and I often use voice to text.  
Does your system sound “better” after being away?
Absence makes the ears hear better, oh well I tried.   
Interesting Power Cable Experience
Be nice everyone has differing opinions..  
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
I am really sorry I started this thread/chain. Can no one stay on topic without wading into the political sewer and political biases? I had been warned about this place and how things end up in the weeds fast!   
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
@roxy54 no I had to give you purpose in your day today. 🤔    
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
Yes @roxy54 Not real good at typing on a iPhone . Thank god for your grammar and spellcheck here in this forum. You do that quite regularly. I love scrolling through the archives and reading up on people who post reply’s. Very telling of a person ... 
Prospectives on Chi-Fi
@mr_m I would say it is both. Who is doing and How it is done. In equal parts.    Quality is not who does it, but how it's  done.  
Amp change
Gold Note GaN amps are awesome and with the change is distribution you can get them fairly inexpensive. I bought 2 PA10 running in mono for $2600.00 Shipped. Love Italian gear.   
Songs with excellent advice?
Holiday in Cambodia Dead Kenedys. sailing on a sea of cheese, Primus. Don't Bogart That Joint. Little Feat. Apolitical Blues Little Feat.    
Another "Best" amplifier Question.
Gold Note PA10 with Schitt Freya Plus. Plus have a little left over $1385 for Gold Note and $750 for the Freya used….  
New Model Alert = Aurender AP20 Integrated amplifier.
Very interesting. Would love to hear it in my home.   
New Wolf Von Langa SON Owner!
Very nice speakers, enjoy!