Lack of popularity of Chord???

Hello.  I’m wondering if anyone knows why Chord products are so rarely discussed on this forum.  I own and love a Chord Dave DAC/headphone amp, and I’ve considered including a Chord amp to go with the Dave, but I’m wary of this choice because Chord seems so unpopular on this forum.  Not that it is a popularity contest per se.  But is there something I don’t know about Chord products in a full size system?  I t would drive Sonus Faber Sonetto V speakers. I’d be grateful for any and all feedback.
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Thanks for the link.  It is almost all about Chord DAC’s, and I’m aware that these are highly regarded, owning several myself, but I’m interested in getting impressions of their stand-alone amps and other products.

Chord gears are very highly regarded in the UK.  I guess it's too much of a trouble for them to establish a distribution networks here in the States.
Chord gears are very highly regarded in the UK. I guess it’s too much of a trouble for them to establish a distribution networks here in the States.

chord is imported by the sound organisation based in texas and there is a wide dealer network in the usa...

or just type in 'chord qutest' into your google search bar, click ’shopping’ and many usa retailers selling it will pop up instantly
Lots of Chord gear and users out there. Pretty universally acclaimed. Users must just be happy and listening. There is an open position for a Chord shill here though if someone wants to fill that role and get people here talking about the products more. Not sure what much else there is to say. Good stuff speaks for itself all over.

I own a Chord Mojo. It’s written about all over and widely acclaimed and rightfully so.

BTW most very popular products do not get a lot of play here compared to other lesser known quantities.  They are already popular.   The high end site does little for them. 
I am sure the Chord Dave will drive those Sonetto’s quit fine.

who cares what folks here think?

If you like the Dave Sonetto combo that is all that matters.

When I went to listen to the speakers I now have they were hooked to a top tier Chord amp. Nice. Then switched over to the Chord 3350 integrated. Nice! 
Had my integrated with me. While it was no slouch the shortfalls were quite evident.
if I had the wherewithal my amp would be a Chord 3350.
Please contact us we sold chord amps for years 
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Popular does not equal good.  People who like to stack their components probably shy away from Chord.
British product not well represented or marketed here in the US, plus very pricey equals not as much interest as the brand probably deserves. Naim comes to mind also.
chord dacs, 2 qute, qutest, mojo, hugo are excellent sellers world wide, including the usa -- many many many sold and being enjoyed

excellent products, very good value - styling is unique for sure
Just because this forum haven’t mentioned Chord recently doesn’t mean this forum is antiChord.

IMHO Chord is commonly known (in audiophile circles) as a high quality DAC company with many positive reviews satisfied and satisfied customers. However, there is a lot of other DACs in the market as well. Also, digital audio is progressing rapidly which also leads to more competitive products.

Chord DACs have a non-standard look beyond the typical box shaped components. For me, the DAVE initially looks like something from steampunk, not my taste. While I could get around it’s looks if I wanted it’s performance, I’m not confident others could.

I own the Chord MScaler which also has garnered many positive reviews. There’s a special company synergy between the Dave and Mscaler - you should consider purchasing.

I wasn’t aware that Chord made amps. If you want to stay within a brand name, that’s a valid personal choice that many make. But if you want the best price to performance, you should probably research further.
Chord is probably one of the most popular brands of high end DACs.  It is expensive relative to products made in China since it is made in the UK but I think it is generally discussed frequently and is highly regarded.

They haven’t launched a new product in about 2 years so that limits appeal but the recent launch of the 2Yu should cause a small increase in discussion.  We are expecting a Mojo 2 this year.  
What is less popular are Chord amps, preamps and integrated amps.  They are relatively expensive, historically were quite bright and although quite detailed, use switching power supplies which limits the appeal.  The new Ultima line is MUCH more natural sounding but it is still brighter than other brands.  

I like them a lot but only with the right speakers.  With a pair of Wilson Benesch or Vandersteen speakers, they can be jaw dropping.  

Chord cables and Chord Electronics are two entirely different companies. Can be confusing since both are imported by the same US distributor.
I wasn’t aware that chord made amps.

it is true that chord makes amp and preamps, they were an early adopter of switching class d amps, implemented in their own unique way, and the amps are expensive, tus the limited popularity in comparison to their dacs

that said chord was one of the early, pioneering, exceptionally well respected audio companies -- original true bbc designed professional active studio monitors used in-built amplification made by chord...
it is true that chord makes amp and preamps, they were an early adopter of switching class d amps, implemented in their own unique way, and the amps are expensive

You said it. Class D & expensive! Who wants to buy a amp like that?
I bet 90% of the money they charge for the amp goes into milling those gaudy aluminum chassis.
They are just too exclusive in the US. I only ever see their headphones amps. I liked the mojo enough to look into their amps but the lack of opinions online turned me off. 
I would love to have a DAVE but never will. 
you have got to be kidding

the mojo, 2qute, qutest, hugo, hugo tt (1 and 2), and dave are plentifully (and positively) reviewed, in print, online, on youtube

there are at least a half dozen reviews each of the mojo, dave or qutest on youtube alone, maybe a full dozen on the qutest
Those are all DAC. Not too much about their amps or DACs used as per amps. 
Just my opinion. I have bought other stuff I could actuality demo at this point. 
I plan to replace my mojo for my headphones with something else from cord down the road. 
there are several more tiers — the Table Tops, Chorals, and reference.  DACS, amps, preamps, CD transports, M scalers.  I’m exploring the table tops and the chorals.  Lots of dealers, with definite exceptions,  who carry the portable products do not sell these.  You can find excellent online reviews of these higher priced items, but not that much on Audiogon.  Being also into headphones I purchased a Dave, then an M scaler.   Down the road from that now, and knowing how great the Dave is, I’m wondering if it might benefit from being paired with other Chord products.
i really appreciate the input!

my apologies for not fully understanding your original comments being focused on chord’s amps only... i didn’t read your comments carefully

you are correct, chord amps (aside from headphone amps) are not broadly covered by the usa review media... they are expensive and have the same ’house sound’ as the dacs it seems... utter clarity, excellent prat and speed, maybe a touch upfront, a touch lean... there is more coverage internationally...
No worries, thanks for the links. At their price it was too much of a risk for me not hearing them. 
I own the mojo and have demoed the Hugo TT with headphones (never speakers) which I will would love to own. 
At least on this board people (primarily from the US with a universe of choices) are looking for more value in their purchases.  IMO Chord doesn't really provide that.  Their products seem way overpriced given their insides, and better SQ can be had for much less money.  Their cases, probably expensive to manufacture, are pretty to some eyes, not to others.  
I'm not sure if I'm adding anything, but I was a Chord dealer in the 90s. At that time their advertising stunk. It was all about their skinny and cheap looking cables. We had every cable they made. The ONLY thing they ever sounded good combined with was Naim. When I visited Naim, I learned they were in bed together. No wonder.What I am saying, is anyone over 50 will likely think of Chord as a strange cable company, and not about hifi gear.
Ooh .. and what Melm said above me! I absolutely hate pretty hifi gear. Being in the industry for 20 years, I learned that means serious money! And the insides were often cheap as something costing a 10th. I wish all good audio came in inexpensive black plain cases. I listen to music, and not gear.
The Chord Company makes cables and is not affiliated with Chord Electronics, which makes the pretty gear.
Chord's greatest strength IMO is their marketing team. One of the best in the industry. 
The problem with chord amplifiers is that they are a form of switching amplifier that sounds bright and aggressive with most speakers but very detailed with the right ones. You can find a much better amplifier for a lot less money elsewhere.
Some people enjoy a bright aggressive detailed sound. To them, everything else sounds veiled. 
system matching and finding synergy across the chain in a way that suits one's tastes is the key to finding happiness in this pursuit
jjss49, I really appreciate your comments, and I appreciate this last one the most.
I had a Hugo 2 but didn't care for it that much and replaced it with an RME.  Now I've replaced THAT with a DAVE and an M Scaler, and that so totally rocks my world. Now looking forward to my new headphone amp.
it is true that chord makes amp and preamps, they were an earlyadopter of switching class d amps

Chord amps are not class D, they are class AB with proprietary and smart switching power supply.
I believe that all good audio products have robust conventional linear power supplies. Chord is anathema to that. I know that the OP has clarified that he is asking about their amps but the Dave is a great example of what I am talking about. John Atkinson can drivel like Pavlov’s dog (or a comatose patient) as all he wants to talk about are the "impeccable" measurements but much like a Benchmark product, the lack of a beefy heavy-iron power supply dooms the product to listener fatigue and lack of body, lack of "there there". Time and time again, the products that sound the most organic have beefy power supplies. I have a twenty year old Classe’ CDP.5 cd player that all these years later can stand toe to toe with the very best digital players and I attribute this to the fact the coming from a conventional amplifier specialist, Classe’ built it with a huge power supply. I am currently THRILLED by an eight watt SE amp that weighs almost 70 lbs! Talk about heavy iron.
Like the much-missed Victoria’s Secret "Miracle Bra", imho a lightweight amp with a switching power supply is little more than a cheap trick. Cheap, amusing, and sure to lead to dismay and let-down.

I been a Chord amplifier owner for many years and have just upgraded my previous Chord amplification to the new Chord Pre 2 and Ultima 3 mono-blocs. I also still retain a really quite old Chord multichannel amp and previous generation stereo amp and DAC (with separate Roon bridge).  Chord does not tend to hold its value well and the visual design is quite marmite (obviously I’m a lover).  It also uses a switched mode power supply which to some users represents a definite no no. It’s reputation is of being bright particularly on the older designs.  The latest models (Ultima) represent a total electronic redesign which is well explained in the Chord advertising literature as being fast and modern.  A number of High end European manufacturers are going the way of switched mode power supplies (e.g. Soulution) ~ so watch this space, as they say.   In spite of all the protest I am a great supporter of Chord Electronics which to my ears augment my dCS Rossini DAC (and clock), Martin Logan Renaissance speakers and Transparent cabling rather well.

chord (the electronics company, not the cable company) has a long and illustrious history, and also a penchant for thinking things through from first principles and not following common trends, conventional wisdoms

i have not had chord preamps or amps, they were certainly early adopters of switch mode amps and power supplies, in fact their quite successful and excellent dacs ship with outboard smps’s but of course, there is ample filtering inside the units

that way i see it, it is very nice a company like this exists in this space, cool stuff, cool thinking, excellent sonics speak for itself, cost of the gear is often high, but one can sense the excellence within... a value add for the industry and end user choice

Other positives to Chord Electronics designs relate to my varying dalliances with other amplifier brands; with eventual departures (including Leak, Quad, Conrad Johnson, Audio Research, PS Audio, Theta and Japanese brands of their time.).  Chords build quality is fantastic although I must admit a six month lead time on the Ultima Pre 2 seemed excessive.  The power amplifiers design is based on Class AB but designed to stay in the Class A region longer than traditional designs. (If interested there is are white papers available for this and justifications for using switched mode power supplies.. . see "".  One of course is a pair of 480W monoblocs in a smallish chassis with no transormer hum (why should there be as there is no transformer?). They  do get warm but no more.

Yes of course I'm biased its a UK brand but I really do know I'm going to get first rate support locally.  


They should have a Hugo TT with either 0 or 1 headphone jack. I don't care about headphone amp in the TT. That raises the price. Would love to own a XLR out Chord DAC, but they are out of budget range. And as someone above mentioned - it's about system matching.