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Looking for advise and recommendations on a nice record cleaner.
(a) have an audiologist clean out your ear wax (and do a frequency sweep at the same time, so you get a baseline of how your ears are hearing) (b) ban your friend from your music room; he/she wasn't listening to the music, anyway!  
Speakers, speaker cables or I’m getting old…
You didn't indicate your age, but if you've passed 60, get your hearing professionally tested.  The result will help you decide which changes in your system are likely to yield results, and which are chasing futility, if you have the typical freq ... 
Help with XLR ICs.
You've got to be kidding me.  You've got to try (insert the brand I own here).  Or even better, you must hear (brand I've only ready about here).  First world .00001% problems.  
15k USD Speakers for Classical and Pop Extended Listening, Near setup, Low volume
Wool Blankets as Room treatment
Been using Pendleton blankets across a low wall for years.  Acoustic treatment that looks great, and can be grabbed if the heat goes off!  
(20 year old) 1.0 meter Kimber hero xlr and Audioquest diamondback xlr cables
If you've got Accuphase, don't cheap out on the IC; beg borrow or steal a few different (hopefully already broken in) and experiment.  Your ears are used to the Heros, but don't let that "comfort level" stop you from trying something else.  
Best HIFI Stores LA/Orange
Excel Audio, Newport Beach  
Annoying newbie CD/SACD player question
Try cleaning the laser lens first.  That may fix your skipping problem, if that's all it is.  
Finally...subwoofer that's aesthetically pleasing!
Aesthetically pleasing? Highly questionable.  
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
Only once. Boutique brand (Salk) which had no dealers; only sold direct .  No regrets.  
Using PA Speakers In A Home "Audiophile" Application!
Home theater, absolutely.  "Audiophile" stereo/surround?  Not so much. (Using JBL 212, 215, 225 and 18" sub w/about 3000 watts of power.  Hard to beat for home theater.  
Speaker Pairing - First Watt F8
+1 Klipsch Heritage  
"Hardly Used / Less than 100 Hours / Took out for pics only"????
Only used by a 60 year old granny on Sundays.  
Help me spend $100,000 on a new system
1. Find a good audio dealer in your area. 2. Pay attention to what he/she/they tell you. 3. Enjoy your new system. (remember: $100K doesn't go as far now as it did when you were young and had better hearing!)  
power cable
Be open to the possibility that the new cable may not perform better than your current cables on either component; just because it seemed like "a deal" doesn't mean that it was one for your system.